Pioneer SE-CX8-T Headphone – The bassiest earbuds on the market. Basshead ecstasy.

Nice, crisp bass without sacrificing mid or high range sound. Had them over a year now and still working perfectly. The case is durable and protects them well. Only downside is the protruding nub meant to hold them in your ear tends to make my ears sore after wearing them for a long time.

Sound and base quality are great. They are a bit heavy and pull uncomfortably unless you give your self plenty of slack around the ears. Noise canceling works great as well. At 114$ it does well to compete will comparable ear buds in terms of sound quality. A little uncomfortable at times and so i can’t give it five stars.

These earphones have more impact than anything i’ve put in my ears. It’s pretty ridiculous what they can do. You can feel them vibrating if you hold them in your hand. I have to reduce my bass eq well below what i’m used to or they start tickling the inside of my mind. One issue with engaging the bass exciter is that you have to bring them up to a moderately high volume for it to kick in. If i’m casually listening at low to mid volume levels, nothing shakes and i have iems that have more pleasing audio (and bass) for quiet listening. That said, these iems sound good. They lean toward bass without equalization. The mids are somewhat recessed and the highs are present but not annoyingly so like in many v-shaped sound signatures. If you really love clarity or just prefer the sound of balanced armature drivers over dynamic, you might lean toward the se-cx9 instead. Here are the specifications for the Pioneer SE-CX8-T Headphone:

  • Featuring the “BASS EXCITER” vibration element that that generates a low-frequency vibration and offers a new sense of deep bass reproduction
  • 9.4mm dynamic speaker unit
  • High-quality aluminum housing
  • Designed for optimal fit and comfort
  • High-quality, tangle-free cord with in-line microphone and volume control for smartphones and MMCX connectors

At first this worried me because i heard static from the left ear but it just needed to be adjusted. Omg best earphones in the world. I am a base head and yes the bass is there. Lots of let downs in my life as far as earphones promising bass. If you want real bass, these are the ear phones/buds for you. You will not be disappointed. Less expensive than some klipsh i had and way better. On a side note, my father is an audiophile amd likes clearer sounds amd pure. He was blown away by the clarity.

If you’re looking for bass this is a monster. It outperforms the sony xb90ex, pumps, beats, sony 7550,rha t10i, sennheiser i80 and everything else. I got the xb90ex after the cx8s and i thought the sonys were fake. I’d heard so much hype about the xb90ex and they were pitiful in comparison to pioneers cx8. The bass exciter works and works well. Somehow the bass doesn’t cloud the mids and treble. My brain felt massaged after listening to these things. Good with dubstep, hip hop, anything really. I’m blown i even bought my xb90ex.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bassheads – Buy Them
  • Bass Monster!
  • My TRUE thumping BASS earbud search is finally over.

But i wanted graphite black not black and red.

These are comfortable fitting ear buds that came packed in a very good zippered carry case. Also comes with an extra pair of tips. The cord has an inline microphone. I used these on a train ride with my ipad. Sound was great and i could not hear any outside racket from the train or crowds on it. They will work with an ipod and has an inline answer button for a smartphone.

. Incredible vibration on bass heavy tracks at louder volumes. If there is a bass heavier earphone out there i’d love to know it. These will literally vibrate on a hard surface if you keep playing music. Not the clearest headphones ever. But they are obviously bass for basses sakes style headphones. They don’t want nor care about clarity. Shockingly these little things don’t distort at loud volumes. Build quality is nice/comfortable and i love the copper finish. Not many copper colored things on the market. I think for the price and sound. If your a basshead, these are a must have.

You can’t compare to any at her earphones because you can fell the bass as it plays your music. You put these in your ear and will think you have subwoofers next to your ears.

Once i fitted them in my ear, they would not move. And i didn’t want them to move because these are on a whole other level compared to whatever you have. I like my other headphones just fine, granvela and ggmm and panasonic. But the sound on these is so much more clear and the bass is amazing, not overpowering, but right there rattling your brain, in a good way. They were marked down to $135, but if i knew they sounded this good before, i would’ve paid the regular $200 price.

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Pioneer SE-CX8-T Headphone, Bright Copper
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