Philips SHE7005A/28 In-Ear Headset : Reasonable sound for the price

These were great headphones until the sound quality started to make a crackling noise. I don’t know if it was from me playing music a bit too loud, which i don’t often do, or moving the wire that caused it, but it was annoying enough that i had to search for another option.

I loved these headphones cause they’re perfect for android. I didn’t want to detach these from my phone for no one thing.

These ear buds sound great, and feel great. It may just be my ear, but the left ear bud seems to slowly work its way out of my ear. The app is okay and fun to use for a day or two. It should also be noted that the app works for other brands of ear buds not just philips.

Great headphones for the price. It didn’t blow my mind, but i never expected it to. Great backup pair of headphones to make calls or listen to music if your nice pair is no where to be found.

  • Philips gives control over Audio, but cheaper earbuds might do just as well.
  • Not bad, a bit bright
  • Cheap, does its job, don’t expect them to last long.

Philips SHE7005A/28 In-Ear Headset for Android (Black)

  • Made for Android, compatible with devices running Android 2.3 or later from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG
  • Customize your headset to have full functionality of controls for your music/calls on your android device with the free Philips MyHeadset app
  • 8.6mm micro-efficient speakers deliver big sound and clear bass
  • In-line control for mic and pick up
  • Soft silicon ear caps in 3 sizes -superior comfort and fit

The philips she7005a/28 headset is a decent pair of headphones for a person on a tight budget, the sound is fair and the durability is good. I have taken these headphones through hell and back the past few months and they are still alive and well. I have seen many reviewers complain about the lack of bass but the pair that i received at least are fair in the low end. Like any other headphones the she7005s need a burn in period in which you simply play sounds (white noise, music, etc. ) on the headphones to warm up the drivers and get them primed for listening. After the burn it the headphones are not bad especially with the mic. A few complaints about the mic, sometimes can be unclear and sound may become distorted to the person you are talking to, sometimes, most of the time they work fine and i usually use this on the train so the environment is loud, but the other person seems to hear me well. Sound quality and durability are fair for the $10 price tag on amazon.

Very good brand, nice color and good quality earbud, excellent functions and arrived as i spected, no complaints, i recommended always.

High audio quality, excellent mic. The best at a very affordable price. The ears buds fit perfect although you have more options.

Philips promises better bass on these earbuds, and in that regard they deliver. The bass is not only louder (which is what most companies give you when they promise better bass) but it is also deeper and broader, a more satifying experience in terms of audio. This is something i have been looking for, as most headsets made for hands-free devices compromise the audio qualities in favor of speech. The philips delivers on both. *however* while i was initially quite happy with the earbuds, thinking that at last i had found some which were as good for music as for voice, as i used them i noticed some noise. Noise is not uncommon in low-end ear buds (or headphones) but this was different. The noise was not coming from a loose connection or poor speakers. It was picking up ambient noise on the microphone (which is on the cord and hangs around chest level when worn)now, these are designed to be a hands-free device for use with mobile phones, so the microphone is an integral part of the system. It does, however, compromise the audio.

The headset looks good but the quality of sound was not up to my expectation. I also have a motorola headset of which the bass quality is excellent. The bass of philips headset is comparatively weaker.

Decent sound, but i use headsets every single day. After a month, the mic doesn’t always work: when i answer the phone, people cant hear me, i have to unplug the headset to speak. ) i don’t blame the headsets tho. Seems to me, all the companies make em as cheaply as possible. I get shocked when they work properly past a month anyways. It gets three stars because i would buy em again, because they’re cheap. I was really upset when i paid $25 for a set thinking if i paid more, they’ll last long. And whenever you try to contact companies for limited warranties, you get the run-around.

Works well with my android maxx. The head phone app doesn’t function well though. Still works well enough to use for phone calls and listen to music.

The headphones are perfect – good volume, the app is nice as well. They come with spare rubber parts as well – that’s helpful in case you lose them.

Bass was really good with these. Did not fit in my ear well so i gave them to my daughter.

I bought them like 6 months ago and still working as a new, i love them.

Could not ask for better sound quality for the price. The mic works great and eliminates most background noise.

This philips she7005a/28 in-ear headset for android has a microphone and on-off switch on the rubbery, no-tangle cord. The overall cord length is about 48 inches long and there is a little sliding piece to adjust the length of the split cord. The headset comes with three sizes of silicone earbuds which are comfortable, stay in place on the headphone and in the ear, and block outside noise. I am impressed in general with the sound from little earphones these days and these are no exception. The sound is clear and well-balanced and the bass is not muddy. However, when the music is off, there is a bit of constant white noise that is not noticeable when listening to music. This may be produced by the device it is plugged into, rather than being ambient, from the earphones themselves, from air moving over the microphone, or from the cord moving and coming into contact with objects, but it is difficult to be certain of the source. The app is for telephones with android 2. 3 or higher and can be downloaded here:philips headset android 2. It allows you to answer calls, control the volume, and adjust the quality of the sound. According to the philips website, some but not all of the app functions work on kindle and some other tablets but i didn’t try this. The headset can also be used as earphones to listen to music on devices that aren’t android telephones but there are better earphones for that. Here are some specifications from philips:acoustic system: closedfrequency response: 19 – 21000 hzimpedance: 16 ohmmagnet type: neodymiummaximum power input: 25 mwsensitivity: 107 dbspeaker diameter: 8. 6 mmcable connection: two-parallel, symmetriccable length: 1.

Works as well as any ear buds.

Sound fair for the money, very uncomfortable to wear.

My earphones are great i’m glad that i chose them. Great sound and bass quality, and also for a great price.

They’re perfect for my small ears. I don’t like big bullet looking ear phones. Theses are perfectly discreet. I even wear them at work at no one knows i have ear phones on. I can even sleep with these (which i do since i listen to nature sounds to help me to fall asleep). I don’t know what i will do if they discontinue these headphones. I bought two at a time just in case. And they’re perfect for any type of android phones. I had a galaxy s2 and switch to a s4 and they work great.

I bought 2 pairs, so great that my family members stole both pairs ha.

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