Philips SHE2675BP/28 In-Ear Headset With Microphone, philips in-ear headset

I’m pretty happy with the sound quality – people i talk to say they can hear me much better than with any of the bluetooth headsets i’ve had – and am actually ordering a replacement today. However, the reason i’m replacing the one i bought. I’m giving this another shot, and if i have the same issue again, i’ll update (and find a new product).

I was looking for headphones that would fit a little more like the apple ones that come with the iphone and have a built in speaker as well i’m a mom so i didn’t want to get ones that would block out all sound but just enough to take calls and work out. I have been very pleased with my purchase and people who are on the phone with me hear me well i have had no problems. I saw some reviews that the color was not as red as they had hopes but mine were just fine. Made perfect match with my red and white phone cover.

Key specs for Philips SHE2675BP/28 In-Ear Headset With Microphone (Red):

  • Twin vents bring greater balance and harmony to your phones music experience, while the intergrated mic picks up your voice clearly, the headsets soft ear buds let you enjoy many hours of music and call in comfort
  • The special shape and luxurious materials used for the ear cushions ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort. They prevent audio leakage and enhance bass performance too.
  • With the integrated microphone and call button you can use this headset for music as well as calls from your mobile phone. Enjoy handsfree calling, while easily accpeting and ending calls from your headset.
  • Specially designed vents that channel the air balance the high tones and bass for a more rounded listening experience.
  • Soft, flexible part protects the cable connection from damage that otherwise would occur due to repeated bending. 3.5mm stereo connector for Blackberry, HTC, iPhone, LG, Motorola and Palm. Extra 3.5mm stereo connector for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

Comments from buyers

“philips in-ear headset
, well, heres my story
, Stunned by mic sound quality — beats Apple’s by 10 miles!

The buds stay in my ear while others i have purchased tend to fall out. When using during a call, very clear. Definitely will purchase again.

Decent cheap headphones, but the remote doesn’t have volume control, only a way to stop and start music/answer phone calls. I would rather have volume control.

My boyfriend had these headphones and got them wet and they were never the same. I bought him some new ones and got myself a pair, too. They are great and we both prefer the shape of these headphones compared to the in-ear ones. Also they offer a great sound – in addition to comfort – for the price, you can’t beat it.

This doesn’t provide quiet listening. People can actually hear the words to the music i’m listening to. Sometimes, i just plug it into my laptop and turn the volume up so i can hear it, but still not have to put it in my ear.

The sound quality is more than worth the price, and the mic is nice and clear. I bought a few pairs for when i inevitably sit on them, but my first pair is still working after half a year.

Bought these to comply with hands free cell phone laws. Works great for this purpose mic might be a little too good, my sister complained she could hear my kids too well in background. I use apple headphones for music/audiobooks, and the philips sound is not as good as the apple. For price they are excellent and i have recommended them to multiple people.

These are my favorite and go to headphones. They are the only headphones that don’t fall out of my ears when i run and they also don’t hurt my ears. The apple earbuds and the in ear earbuds kill my ears and fall out constantly. I’m disappointed that they discontinued these, but happy that they’re still available online. If you have issues with other earbuds like i do, i would definitely recommend these. I also had two-day shipping and received these in one day.

I’ve been using these headphones for about 8 years. I love them they are my favorite they last me about 7 months to a 1 year and a half. They feel comfortable and they work when playing music. My favorite headphones i use everyday.

The sound is definitely not the best, but they work fine. I can listen to my podcasts, answer a call, and go back to my podcasts without taking my phone out of my pocket. I was happy to find a name brand with earbuds that don’t go into the ear canal. And those seem to be the vast majority of earbuds they make. )update:these earbuds only lasted a few months before one side decided not to work anymore.

This is my second set of this model of earbuds. I had the first set for several years, but after a while i think the wire broke (fatigued, perhaps) from constant use.

I like the headset and i already had 3 of them. They all failed after 2 to 3 month. Once one of the speakers failed the other time the ear rubber did fall off.

Honestly one of the best headphones i’ve ever had in my life, not even exaggerating. I don’t like bud earphones because i feel uncomfortable, so i decided to go with this headset because of the reviews. I was not disappointed, i can hear calls very clearly and listen to my music at various volumes with out an issue. The mic is on the left ear though rather than the right, which was a change from most of the headphones ive had but it didn’t matter because everything was great. Have had them for a couple months and they still work fine.

Great headphones, good sound. No metal screen to come off like some other brands.

So aparently i got 3 of this little guys i couldnt be happier, with this headsets the day i got them, gave one to my little brother, one to my mother, and one for me. They worked just as good as i was expecting them to work. Really comfortable, really nice looking headsets. They were really making me feel happy that i spent my money on something really good. Until like a month and a half later, the left one stopped working. Same happened to my little brother and my mother. Two days later the right one stopped working too and by the same time my brothers and mothers headset suffered the same destiny. Im actually giving 3 stars to be fair. They worked flawlessly and for the price, a month and a half is more than what i expected(not really but is ok) funny because they all died at the same time in the same order. But they will only make you happy for a month.

Cheap price, decent head phone. I listen to am radio, so i don’t need anything high quality. Not for music lovers though.

Bought these to sub in for a missing set of apple earbuds (w/mic, came with iphone and i use them to talk on iphone, ipad and macbook), and, just, wow. When i’d talk using the apple earbuds i’d have to hold the mic up right in front of my mouth so the other person could understand what i was saying. I expected these philips buds to be similar or worse. I could have both hands free and just talk, and the listener heard everything perfectly. Especially surprising given that the mic on these is slightly lower down the wire than where apple places theirs (this mic fell almost to my clavicle). While i did, very slightly, miss having the convenience of raising and lowering volume on the mic itself (rather than on the device the earbuds are plugged in to), it’s an easy tradeoff for getting back a whole extra hand.Even after i eventually find the wayward apple earbuds, those will becomes the backups to these, not the other way around.

I didn’t review this right away, because pretty much all ear buds in this price range seem okay at first. This pair has outlasted any i’ve purchased before. I’ve had them for months, and they’ve been yanked out of my purse after getting tangled up with everything else countless times (i’m usually pretty hard on ear buds). The sound is still good with no crackling, and i’ve never gotten that little ‘shock’ to my ear that has happened with other brands. This includes more expensive ones, especially the apple products, which tend to ‘shock’ a lot. I will definitely buy again, but i don’t know when since these ones seem to be taking all the abuse i put them through. The only problem i could’ve had, but really didn’t care, was they were not the color that was described. I picked the red, but i would call this color raspberry as it is definitely not red.

These are great if you need cheap headphones for $10. These are discontinued and that’s a shame because i don’t want those headphones that go in your ear. Anyway, the reason i gave it 4 instead of 5 is because the sound quality is mediocre. It’s good for $10, but when you have $300 headphones sitting at home, the quality is eh. If you are looking for a headset with earbuds and not the ones that go in your ear. This is the best choice, especially for the price.

I am not a fan of ear buds that stick completely into the hole of your ear.

By far these are the best earbuds i have ever had. This is my second purchase as i lost my first pair. Anyway, the reason why i love it is because they are very form fitting in your ears. I have very small ears and every ear bud, headphones, etc. I don’t like the earphones that you stick in your ear cause it just feels like something is poking into your ear. I don’t like headphones because my head it too small to fit them. However, these earbuds fit perfectly in small ears and even when you’re sleeping, it is not uncomfortable. I usually had to sleep with earbuds because my apartment complex was loud. These earbuds drowned out the noise yet i was comfortable enough to sleep. The one drawback is that it doesn’t have a volume control. I have an iphone and all of the other options (ie, play, pause, stop, next, and previous) all worked. I would definitely recommend this for people who have smaller ears.

I love this ear headset because it sits out side the ear, no insertion.

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