Philips Peripherals and Accessories Philips SHN2500/37 Noise-Canceling Earbuds : Work really well for blocking out noisy co-workers

This is my first noise cancelling phone. I could not notice much difference. I would say that the earbuds do 85% of the noise reduction. What most bothered me is that when i turn it on it increases a lot the volume, if there is something playing, if not, you listen a noise that speakers are on, so basically it adds its own noise while cancelling others. Have not tried it on a plane yet. The case for the aaa battery is big and heavy and a little clumsy.

I have used these phones while mowing the lawn and i can hear the music better than with just plain earbuds. Whether the effect is due to an increase in volume or from some ‘filtering effect’ is unknown to me. The buds fit comfortably in the ear and produce decent fidelity. I wish there was some sort of volume control on these phones since you have to carry around the hefty battery pack and control module which is distorted (smaller) in size comparative to the earbud size in the promotional photos.

Philips SHN2500/37 Noise-Canceling Earbuds (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Deluxe noise canceling earbud headphones
  • Active noise reduction
  • Small neodymium magnet
  • 1.2 meter cable
  • Audio jack, adaptor included

This headset comes with three sizes of plugs, which is great since i apparently have tiny ears and most in-ear headphones are very uncomfortable. I have used these on several flights, including a deafening turboprop flight and they work quite well for the small size. A lot of the noise reduction is passive in that they are earplugs, but there is a good amount of active canceling. I didn’t want the size of over-the-ear headphones, and while those will always deliver a quieter environment, given the size and price of this set, it fits my needs very well.

Why the low price?i highly recommend for this price. Problems you may solve if you pay more for another product:no auto off, you can easily forget to slide switch off and run down the battery. However, the battery lasts a long time. I’d say the noise reduction is subtle but important — takes the edge off on plane flights. It is the difference between before and after your ears pop, only in reverse. But, i mainly listen to podcasts. But these work as advertised.

I bought this for use on flight. It works perfectly without any issue. The initial noise isolating earbuds already reduced majority of noice. I couldn’t hear any of the engine noise once the noise cancelling feature is turned on. The only downside is that the design is not comfortable to move around. The battery case is too large and has no clip. So probably not the best for running or when you need to move a lot while listening to music. The package was opened when i received the product but everything seem to be intact and no sign of previous usage.

Philips SHN2500/37 Noise-Canceling Earbuds (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : The sound is not great, but they are not designed to give fantastic sound. They are intended to cut down on background noise (like on a plane) and they do a pretty good job of doing that. I have used other products of this type and have better results and worse results, but by that same token, they are pretty inexpensive and lighter than some of the alternatives. I have used them for about 10 hours on the same battery, and have been pleased by the performance. I will keep them in my gear bag for use on trips.

I really don’t know how many of these i have ordered since first finding them, but i like to have at least one pair, if not four, handy. In all honesty, the noise cancellation consists of an increase of volume with some white noise in the background. It may sound cheap and cheesy, but it works. Blocks out all noise including our barking dogs and any noises that i may have to endure on an airplane flight. I am able to sleep with them without any discomfort. Pick a playlist and i’m all set. Since i do sleep in them every night with my ipod classic, i do wear them out crimping the wires when i roll over or such. But at this price i have no problem or complaint replacing them every 8 months. I sleep on my side, which i wouldn’t be able to do with other noise cancellation headphones and the circular ear buds are too big for my ears. These come with three different sizes of cushions, all of them comfortable and soft.

Comparison to previous philips noise-cancelling earbudsi assumed that after 5 or more years, philips had improved on the design of the hn060/37 earbuds (improving the noise cancelling circuit) that i bought long ago. I purchased 2 units, and have subjected them to rough treatment—one is still working. The old hn060/37 is extraordinarily robust—ideal for the bustle of traveling. All of the cords are ‘armored’ in a woven cloth sleave, which adds rigidity and minimizes tangling. The hn060/37 includes a volume control and a neck cord. The neck cord is particularly handy—you can just leave the earbuds dangling when you need full hearing during boarding, etc. I often clip my mp3 player to the neckcord where it was handy to start/stop or change volume. My only problem with them is that it is easy to loose the ‘rubber’ earbud tips, but that’s a problem with any earbuds you wear for many hours at a time.  philips hn060/37 noise-canceling earbudsdescriptionthis item, shn2500/37, is not an updated improved version of the old hn060/37. It is constructed of cheap plastic with very thin cords—it does not look as though it could survive more than one or two airline flights.

I bought these earbuds specifically for audio books. They work very well, concentrating the sound into your ears and eliminating most of the ambient noise. I’m not sure what the noise cencelling switch does except amplify them further, but for my purpose they work fine.

I bought these units as i am software contractor and my latest gig has me working beside a woman who likes to ‘pop’ or ‘clak’ her gum as she chews it. One of themost annoying sounds on earth to me. Anyway the phones are attractive and work fine but as mentioned in other reviews the length of the cabling is an issue. I am sitting and using these units but due to the length (or lack thereof) of the cable from the phones to the battery box i find that the battery box keeps falling off my desk and hanging thus pulling on the phones. My solution was to tape the battery box to the edge of my desk with scotch clear tape. It works and for the price i paid i am not going to complain, but a bit more length would be welcome. I could add length myself and may end up doing just that. I will reserve judgement on the noise canceling feature as i find it a bit hissy, but. On an airplane it may be just the type of ‘white’ noise needed to block out unwanted engine roar. 03 $5 less than when i bought them and at that price i have to give them 3 stars.

These do what they say and low cost. They cut noise very well and sound great with the active noise reduction on or off. I use them on planes, in the gym, everywhere i listened to my i-pod and don’t want to hear outside noise. I don’t suggest running with them because the noise box will bounce plus you can’t hear cars and such.

I bought these earbuds to help combat some of the sounds that were bothering me at work. I’m a cubicle dweller and there are some noisy folks in my neighborhood. I wanted to block out voices, phones ringing, photocopier noise, etc. These earbuds work pretty well and are reasonably priced. I find them comfortable to wear and they even help block some sounds without the noise canceling turned on. The rubber cups work like earplugs, so i can listen to my music at a lower volume and yet not be bothered by external noise. I do hear a little ‘white noise’ along with the music when the noise canceling is switched on, but it doesn’t bother me. With noise canceling turned on i think the music sounds better, the volume is boosted a little but not super-loud. I’ve also tried using these in the car and they block out traffic sounds, open windows, etc. I am happy with this purchase. If i’d had very high expectations i would have bought one of the top-of-the-line, super-expensive sets of noise canceling headphones. I just wanted something comfortable, effective and inexpensive, and these earbuds delivered that nicely.

I’m sitting here at my laptop listening through these headphones as i type. It’s true what else is said here: great fit for my ears (closes out some outside sound just by fitting nicely – almost like earplugs). And i like the noise cancelling – it’s not magic or anything, but at the sidewalk cafe i sit at, it significantly reduces the sound of passing cars, letting me listen to my music. But the battery box and ‘noise canceling’ switch is really annoyingly placed smack in the middle of the cord. I didn’t understand why this was a problem until i bought the headphones, but now i see: the battery box is just heavy enough to fall off the table, or out of your pocket, and it pulls the headphones with it – right out of your ears. Fine if you’re sitting at the table, but you’ll have to find a place for the box (about 1. 5′) on the table, cause it can’t hang free. That design flaw alone would have made me return these if i had paid more than i did. But at $25, i can’t complain all that much.

I wanted a low cost, comfortable, small, and lightweight set of noise canceling headphones. I was most worried about them not being comfortable, but the kit came with 3 sizes of ‘caps’ for the ear buds, so they fit comfortably. They certainly don’t do the same job as a $90 pair of over the ear headphones i had previously borrowed, but they are far more comfortable. As a comparision, with regular earbuds i had been listening to music in flight at a volume setting of about 22-24. With these and the noise canceling on, my in flight volume setting is about 5-7, and they are much more comfortable.

The sound is good; however, i’m a bit disappointed in the noise canceling feature. The container for the noise canceling circuit and battery is bigger than my mp3 player. When i turn it on, the volume increases and there is a noticeable hiss–to be fair, in situations where there is constant background noise, the hiss is not very noticeable and the electronics do improve the sound. It works, but it is cumbersome–only worth while on planes, trains, and automobiles.

These earbuds give superior sound quality with my walkman typefm receiver type cell phone and ipod nano. The bass response isespecially impressive when the noise reduction is activated. While i was not that impressed with the noise reduction feature,i still think these earbuds are superior in terms of sound quality,just about the best i have heard and a great improvement in fidelityover the earbuds that come standard with either the nano or thecell phone. The price is very reasonable for this level of sound quality and iwould certainly recommend them- just don’t expect much in the way ofhigh frequency noise reduction.

So i was looking for earbuds with noise cancelling for all the plane trips for work and for mowing the lawn, jogging, etc. Always want to be able to hear what going on around me. Fully enclosed headphones make sense for the plane but not much else so these seemed to be the perfect match and all purpose. I read user reviews and decided to go with these. Yes, they block out background noise, and the 70% figure advertised is just about right. The highs are crisp, the lows are nice, could be a little better but at this price point, fantastic. The medium sized rubber plugs fit me fine and stay in quite well, but when very active, occassionally need adjustment (rare). So, if you want full noise cancelling earbuds, these are not for you. If you want very good noise cancelling and very good dynamic range with out paying as much or more than the device you plug them into, then these are for you.

These were good, but they can not compare to the bose qc 30 that is the best headset i have ever owned.

The circuitry does not work well enough to be called noise cancelling. I’ve used them in a huge variety of situations (talking, airplanes, sleeping, background music), and the noise cancelling introduces about as much volume in static as it eliminates in noise. Aside from the noise cancelling electronics, the earbud design is excellent. The sound is fantastic, and it seals well to the ear, muting outside sounds many times more effectively than its active noise cancelling. I’ve found a small amount of discomfort wearing them for extended periods, which can be solved by putting them in up-side-down and running the cord behind my ear. Don’t obsess on the noise cancelling — it doesn’t work, although it might be *slightly* better to turn it on in a noisy environment, since the quiet hiss of static is often more pleasant than whatever noise you’re trying to get away from. It’s still well worth the purchase.

I used these on an airplane and did get the benefit of a relatively inexpensive in ear type noise cancelling headphone that worked well. Two issues with the design:1. With no volume control you have to rely on the power of the device and in my case i needed to crank up the portable dvd player to the max to get the sound i wanted. This would be alot better with a volume booster especially considering the fact that there is a on/off switch on the cable for the noise cancelling with a battery. Why not add the volume boost?2. There is no clip for the noise cancelling block making the headphone drag on the cable. I had to use the seat tray to hold the block to avoid the unnecessary weight drag.

Replaced a pair of sony headphones with these. Use mostly when i’m cutting the grass; reduces the lawnmower noise to a friendly level. Don’t have to turn the volume up nearly as much as the sony pair. Battery case goes in the breast pocket or tucked under the ipod armband. Not fashionable but hey, they work.

These work very well for my transcription job.

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