Panasonic RPHS33D Headphones – Perfect

I really did not expect much from this pair of headphones, based on the low price. But i was pleasantly surprise. Very decent headphones for sport. I am riding the bike in the park and this worked well as it did not block 100% of outside noises. The earhooks help keep the headphones on even when running. I used it mostly for riding. I used to wear philip headphones (with earhooks like this one) with rubber tips inserted into my ears. That style blocked out most of the noise and it got a bit unsafe sometimes. As i sweat, the rubber tips came loose and i had to dry them before putting them back in. With this headphones, i donot have that problem.

Good sound, good fit, good price, good product. They stay on even why i sweat hard while working out or jogging. Equipped with my arkon sports armband holding my android phone pumping tunes from pandora or di. Update: pros and cons after owning for a year. Pros:great go to headphones for people on the go. Sound better than my pair of cheap earbuds. Cons:i lost one of the small lime green rubber rings that surround the piece that goes in my ear. This is unfortunate as it helps hold the small perforated plastic screen that covers the speaker. After losing and finding it once no problem.

These headphones are excellent for the 2 most important reasons: 1. Sound quality: these headphones sound great for $9. Cost: these headphones are very inexpensive and the sound quality is pretty good for such cheap head phones. They also have a fairly long cable and fit bigger ears, like mine. I’m a very sweaty dude at the gym and they’ve sounded good or better since i got them. The first pair have just failed after 1. 5 years of use and abuse at the gym, and i’m now on my 2nd pair. The 3rd pair is still in the packaging.

The sound is really nice and clear and i find them very comfortable. This is my second time buying this same style, my first ones lasted for years and finally gave out. For the price you can’t beat these.

I’ve killed about 3 pairs of headphones at the gym because i always sweat a lot. I figured my next pair should be made for working out. I found these and was a little shocked at the low price, i thought they might be cheap and suffer the same fate as my previous headphones, but i was wrong. I always get an excellent loud sound no matter how much i sweat. Plus the over the ear design keeps them from slipping off while running or doing any cardio activity. Before buying these headphone one concern i had was that the cord might be too short, i’m 6’3′ and i needed a cord that would be long enough to allow me to leave my mp3 player in my pocket while wearing the headphones and these did the job and still have some slack to spare. One last note: if you want to run outdoors and wear sunglasses, the over the ear design of these headphone will interfere with the sunglasses. If you’re looking to use headphones while wearing sunglasses, i recommend looking elsewhere.

I run in the rain most of the winter. Sure, i’m on my second set, but only after totally abusing the first set for about 18 months. Combined with the ipod shuffle (also used with massive amounts of sweat and in the rain), it’s a killer combo. Note: don’t use the ipod nano with sweat/rain: i hear it dies pretty fast.

  • Great sound, but the hooks are too big for my ears so I had to modify them a bit
  • Best in class
  • Decent, good for work out

I have tried many different kinds of headphones for running, most mediocre, some horrible, none great. I don’t care so much about audio quality, i’m just looking for a pair that is comfortable, stays on during a long run, and holds up to sweat well. I’m willing to sacrifice sound quality and a little comfort to get ones that stay on well and last for a little while. That’s exactly what you get with these. Not great comfort, but not painful. I haven’t run a marathon with them- normally i’m running for about an hour, and at the end i can feel that i’ve had them on but they aren’t distracting during the run. Even sweating you can still hear them fine, and i used them for almost a year (11 months) before they failed. That’s way better than most that i’ve tried, and probably good enough that unless i see something else with stellar reviews, i’ll probably get another pair to replace them.

I purchased these headphones and was expecting them to be better than the ones i currently had. I use them mainly for the gym and i found that ear clip is too big for me and you can’t really adjust them. The sound would be better if the ear piece fit in my ear better, like if i push them into my ear they sound great, but they don’t stay in. I would have returned them, but they didn’t come directly from amazon and i had opened the package and didn’t think i’d be able to.

I run 5 miles a day 7 days a week. I have tried expensive ear buds and many others at different prices and none of them hold up. I have concluded these are the best for sound quality, lasting and holding up. My first pair lasted about a year under these extreme conditions and i live on the gulf coast. [this is excellent i love these so much i bought 4 more pairs in case they quit making them. I bought these and 2 other different more expensive ones to test and these sounded the best.]

The buds keep popping out of my ear canal. They do stay hooked onto the lobes though. Not as good as the sony’s i had a while back. I’ll update when i work up a really good sweat and see if i feel any unexpected shocks.

These are great for wearing while working out. The over the ear style keeps them in place a whole lot better than ear buds without. I sweat a lot while working out, and the water resistant construction keeps these working well. The cord is sufficiently long enough to be able to keep my music player in my shorts pocket without any issue. I didn’t give these five stars, only because the sound quality isn’t awesome. But to be fair, these are more for their function while working out than anything else.

Features of Panasonic RPHS33D Headphones

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  • Frequency response – 14 Hz – 24 KHz
  • Lightweight, sport clip earphones
  • ShockWave sweat and water resistant design
  • Neodymium rare-earth magnet for rich and powerful sound
  • Comfort fit design with Elastomer hinge for comfortable fit
  • Only weighs .71 ounces

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I just finished using these on a run in the rain. Audio quality was acceptable for the price range, they fit securely on the ear although they seem somewhat large. Cord feels really cheap and is pretty short, but its not that important.

I have better luck with the ‘full speaker’ type of headphones that sit outside the ear canal like these. I find the the type that plugs into the ear uncomfortable. My first use of these resulted in my having to lower the volume a bit on the mp3 player which indicates a bit better response compared to my other sweat-proof sets. 2 months and quite a few miles/hours, these are holding up well and stay on the ear during various running/hiking/work-outs. Will be buying another pair as a spare.

Wore out my old pair after a year of hiking and running. I suspect they just got filled with gunk after a while. Easier to just buy new ones than to try and clean them i suspect. I love these because i can hear outside sounds which is important when running or hiking (cars, falling rocks etc). I also love them because they don’t actually stick in your ear, they just sit in the right spot and sound great.

These earphones have excellent, very full sound and there is little-to-no cord noise. The right-angle plug is great too, since i wear these plugged into my phone in my pocket and straight plugs usually get destroyed this way. But as other reviews have indicated, the earhook part is much too large and kept slipping off my ears, so i had to modify them:since the earhooks are a kind of flexible plastic, i was able to modify their shape and close the size of the loop by heating them carefully with a lighter along the ‘straight’ part of the hooks where they join the rest of the headphone. Don’t let the flame touch or it will burn or melt the plastic, and keep it away from the speaker itself.But if you move the flame around near the plastic until it’s heated through, the hooks become malleable and if you squeeze the loop gently and hold it until it cools, you can alter it to fit better. My method was to kind of ‘push’ the straightish part back and also to close up the angle where the hook goes into the curving part. I did only headphone, made sure it fit, then bent the other to match. It took maybe 10 minutes to do and is permanent. Obviously, this is not recommended for children. I’ve had no problems at all from them after modifying their shape, and with more weight toward the back of each earphone they are better balanced and no longer tilt forward on my ears.

The sound is perfect for jogging or any outdoor activity. The bass is not as low as higher quality headphones but the sound is sufficient for the use intended. I sometimes use these headphones on the plane when watching my ipad. They do not drop off your ears when exercising and the sweat resistance means they are still preforming as good as when i first purchased them. I love these headphones so much i purchased a second pair just in case panasonic stop manufacturing them.

These headphones stay comfortably on your ear during workouts like biking and jogging and because they are not inserted into the ear canal, i can reasonably hear my surroundings. Now you give up sound quality, but the trade off between safety and sound is fair one for me. I had these over a year and use them on average a couple time a week and they show no signs of wear.

Frequency response – 14 Hz –

Dislikes: the fit is very loose on my ears, and so the earbud portion of the headphones tends to slip out of the ear opening while doing active movements, such as cardio and vigorous exercising.

Like all panasonic products ( and i have purchased many), you get more than what you pay for. Good sound, comfortable, fit in ears. Since purchasing i have had several people ask where i got them. Unless you want audiophile phones, these are great. And the price is not indicative of the good design quality.

Hello, i have two sets of these clip headphones. The standard (in the ear) phones constantly fall out when doing stuff. These are very comfortable and do not move unless you get your cord caught on something. They have excellent sound and are easy to put on and take off. They do not hurt your ears like other products. If you are highly active, run your lines behind you and stick the ipod in the back pocket. Then the wires are out of the way in front where the activity takes place. Great product and excellent delivery service.

Got these to replace my ipod earbuds, which have gone all staticky with sweat. I’m not an audiophile necessarily, but these have perfectly adequate sound which i’m quite happy with. Only problem is that the frames are too big- i’m a 5’8′ woman, and no dainty maid- and the buds do not fit comfortably in my ears. To be fair, though, no buds have ever really fit comfortably in my ears, they might just be queer-shaped. I think these are really built for men, and big men at that.

These are the best that i have heard in this category of headphones. I am a musician (bass player) and an avid listener of music. As such, when listening i want to hear all the instruments and the panasonic rphs33d dose the job. I have tried at least 8 to 10 other brands before these including sony and none can compare. The most surprising thing about them is the bass and the loudness. With others i had to turn my walkman all the way up to appreciate what i was listening to. With these i have to back it down to below half and can still hear everything as i like. I walk a lot for my exercise and in the gym 3 to 4 times a week and encountered no problem where with ear buds i would constantly have to adjust or they fall out. I am very careful with the way i handle my things so i have no issue with the quality and workmanship. Frankly, i am thinking about buying another set.

Just got these yesterday and immediately took them to the gym for both a strength and cardio workout. Long enough that i might think about using a rubber band or clip to keep it tidy. I was surprised how big the ear hooks and ear speakers are. I have medium size ears and had no problem with them. They were more comfortable than headphones i’ve had to stick into my ears, and they stayed where they were supposed to. Much to my surprise, i have to agree with other posters about relative sound quality. These are my best sounding workout headphones. (for travel i use bose qc15 noise cancelling headphones which have spoiled me. ) i was listening to an audio book and not music, but the voice was rich and clear and i had no trouble hearing while i worked out on a stair climber and an elliptical trainer.

Lightweight, sport clip earphones

I can never use the ear buds that usually come with a ipod or mp3 player so i have to use the type that really hug your ear. These are still are a little too big for my ears, maybe better for men. From the picture you can see the large arch other types are smaller arcs that are more snug. But i’ll wear these out before i purchase another pair.

I’m pretty active and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. These ear phones provide me with good music/good fit to help faciltate my workout/run. They easily wrap around the ears and have water resistant earbuds. For me the fit is perfect, thus the sound is amazing. I previously had the philips shs3200/37 flexible earhook but it seemed to be big for my ears so sound seemed to ‘escape. ‘ i wasted so much battery on my ipod since i had to raise the volume to compensate for the bad fit. You don’t get too much bass out of these ear phones but it’s under $20 so you can’t complain.

These earphone fit into my ears just fine and i love the color on these ear-buds (orange); however, i agree with the other reviewers who gave this product a low rating (1-2 stars) in a sense that these clips don’t hold onto my ears because they are too big for my tiny ears. I wouldn’t recommend going out to do rigorous exercise (or even jogging) with these earphones if you have small ears (i would recommend jvc, in case if you don’t already know them and/or hate them), it’s for folks with average to large ears—they should be fine for at-home use or walking for small-, average-, and large-eared people alike, but maybe that destroys the purpose of these earphones being designed for sports. Anyways, the sound quality is better (pretty good, actually) than the old ear-bud clip headphones i had and replaced with these. I’m still quite satisfied with these earphones.

This is about my third set from various manufacturers and these are pretty nice. I tend to go for lower price and replace more often because i am hard on headphones. These are waterproof and have robust cable connections to the earpieces which are the usual failure points in my experience. Good value and performance overall. Comfortable for me, but i always preferred the over-the-ear design.

I like to run alot and my ipod headphones kept failing out of my ear due to my constant sweating. I tried another pair, sony i think it was and same thing happened. Then i bought these in walmart and fell in love. I’ve had dropped them in water, stepped on them, covered them in sweat and still they sounded amazing. Sadly enough i lost them and bought these. I was happy to see it wasn’t a glitch, these have also proved to be made of the same quality. They stay in place and are durable, what more can you ask for.

Good sound quality for the price however you should buy 2 or 3 of them cause you’ll loose one of the speakers for sure in a matter of 6-9 months. I only put them 4 stars instead of 3 because i believe you get better sound quality for the money and if you have used headphones before having one of the speaker die in that timeframe is somehow the norm.

Looks cheap from a distance but sounds unbelievably well. Works very well for the gym too and sweat proof. If you’re looking to use this in the gym, get an mp3/phone arm band for your music player so the wires are neatly tucked away and you can have a good workout. I’ll definitely recommend this to anyone.

ShockWave sweat and water resistant design

I have had these 2 x’s before and they are the best. Sound quality is good and they fit my ear great. I bought some sony ones and they do not fit well. I bought two pair this time at this price.

I’ve tried expensive in ear phones, ear buds, around the head products and these work the best for their purpose. The purpose i find these earphones useful for exercise. While walking, running, or in the gym, they stay in place, work fine and are reliable. No, they dont’ sound like my over the ear, sound canceling headphones. But they cost less about 5% of the price of those. I’ve bought about 3 pairs of these. I keep leaving them in the gym. The good thing is that the price is rightin sum, they work well, they don’t fall apart, and they don’t cost much.

Fit great and stay in your ear when you run or bike. Good for active people who like to listen to music when they’re out and about.

These are great earphones that wont break the bank. If you plan on working out using these earphones that they will be perfect. I break earphones about once every year to two years from sweat and what ever stupid thing i end up doing to accidently break them. They are comfy which is very important to me and wont fall off if your running or working out. Dont get me wrong occasionally one earbud might get loose a litte but wont fall off. Now dont expect to get these and think you have the greatest sounding earphones on the market. You need to spend at least 100 dollars for sound like that but these sound great for what they are. They have also been very sturdy after a year of heavy use and still look and sound like they are brand new. They are light and small which goes great with people on the move or if you want to put them on under a knit hat in case your running outside in the cold. Panasonic is a great brand and so are these earphones.

I am a woman, and the buds are a little large for my ears. They get uncomfortable sometimes if they aren’t perfectly positioned. I haven’t tested out how well they resist water yet. My last pair, from another company, had two pairs of soft bud covers included, in two different sizes. When i replace these i’ll look for something softer or with different sized buds included.

Maybe i used it too much; but they fell apart a month of use. Especially the part that fit inside the ear. I did like the fact that the fit was not too tight around ear and i can hear outside noises.

Neodymium rare-earth magnet for rich and powerful sound

The cord is extra long, which works out really well for me. I usually rest my phone on the elliptical and watch something on netflix while working out, but i can’t do it with just any cord because towards the end i get lazy and almost always have ‘hanging arms’ and hit the cords. With these, that doesn’t happen to me. Most ear buds hurt my ears, but these are a perfect fit.

I will give the item a 4 for quality and the discount price i paid. I just did not prefer the item did not fit snug on my ears i have avg size ears. If you have large ears i think this item will work good for you. I have had a hard time finding good ear phones.

My wife bought these for me because i kept complaining of my other ones bouncing off my ears. They fit pretty well, the ear straps work well and they are not a snug fit but they retain well not making them uncomfortable. The sound quality is good, they are not $200 pair headphones, you get what you pay for. They work great for me and i love them.

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