Panasonic RP-HV108-K Ear Bud – Great price.great buy.

Loud, comfortable, and durable. They are a great pair of earbuds for the price and have a nice in-line volume control.

It’s fine for a back up, but not for the primary use. Sony earbuds were a better quality/value.

This is one of the few pairs of earbuds that have _actually_ lasted. Personally, i’ve been a huge fan of panasonic products for the past 10+ years, but unfortunately _every_ manufacturer has stopped producing quality ear-buds and have since gone to in-ear-monitors (iem; aka noise-cancelling products) and these don’t work for me as i will literally wear earbuds continuously throughout a 12-hour day including (and most importantly) walking around and therefore _some_ ambient noise is required. These do the charm and the added volume control i’ve found to be useful; (in limited circumstances) although it will also tend to catch/tangle when inconvenient. Overall a solid purchase and much better than the alternatives available; although this vendor’s previous offerings were outstanding.

For the xpense, rightful purchase. Volume control though somewhat limited at lower volumes. Range would be expected to ‘mute’ commercials. Overall db range of control is limited.

Ear buds produce true sound over a wide scale and in-line volume control is a great supplement for a radio which has a digital volume control with steps which are a bit large.

They don’t quite fit in my ears correctly and fall out often. The sound quality is fine and i like the volume control.

  • more reliable than expected
  • Good audio, symmetric cable length, survives daily use.
  • Good for my uses

I bought 4 of these thinking that with the low price i purchased it at, the quality would be such that i’d need 4 to throw away as the daily wear-n-tear destroyed them. I am still using the first one of the bunch, almost 2 years now. They have been wound tight at least twice a day, 5 days a week, and despite this tension, still work just fine. There are no audio drops outs or static from cable movement, and the analog volume slider does not produce static either as you slide it around (good pot work). Sound quality is average, but it at least doesn’t exaggerate the low-end like other cheap earbuds.

I love these volume-control ear buds.

The volume control actually did not amplify the sound volume a lot, but was perhaps designed more to reduce the sound volume instead. I had hoped for the earbud with stronger sound volume amplification. I tried it out on my portable cd player; excellent sound quality. Excellent product for the price.

The sound on these is decent and the price is okay. Within a month or so of gentle use the sound on one side goes then the other side goes.

Wanted a plastic earbud headphone with volume control to replace an old set of sony’s. The volume control is a bit more difficult to use, and doesn’t have the range of volume, when compared to the sony. But, for the price, this is a good earbud.

Features of Panasonic RP-HV108-K Ear Bud with Volume Control (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Powerful sound with Neodymium magnet
  • In-cord volume control
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz

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These are designer ear phones that stay put in the ears unlike other buds that keep falling off. There is an inline slider type volume control you can see exactly at what level thae volume is. This is a nice feature as i can adjust volume on my ipod without taking it out from my pocket and exhibiting it to a would be thief. The frequency response is pretty good, panasonic rates it at 20-20,000 hz but i cant tell all i know is the bass and treble come in pretty clear.

Use with my tablet and ipod works great.

These headphones produced great quality sound, and they lasted me for 3 years. They did finally get a short in them but, i didn’t take as good of care of them as i could have. I would definitely recommend these headphones to anyone. Very durable, excellent sound quality.

Because i can’t get a pair of head phones to stay in. These pop out just like the others. But they were cheap, have good sound quality and the volume control goes from zero to rocking the house.

I was looking for headphones of this type, with a relatively long cord and volume control. These headphones fit my requirements perfectly, and are of quality build.

Mostly purchased these for the volume control. I have these paired with a moto g (na edition). The volume control is necessary as the moto programmers decided to only provide 10 increments for volume control with their phone. These earbuds provide the necessary fine control for volume between ‘off’ and ‘too loud’. My only issue with these is they don’t center naturally between the tragus and antitragus of the outer ear which can sometimes result in occluded sound. With a little adjustment, however, they sound just fine.

Powerful sound with Neodymium magnet

I am the first to admit that i am not an audiophile primarily because i cannot afford expensive ear buds. I do appreciate great, crisp sound, however, & a great fit. So many ear buds will not remain in my ears; they fall out. I ordered these panasonic not knowing what to expect. They stay in my ears, & they sound great. I highly recommend these ear buds.

It ‘clicks’ a little at certain frequencies. But it’s a cheap headset, so it’s kind of expected.

For the price of this headphones you can’t get that any were. . So affordable with volume control this headphones are louder than you expect them to be. They got home way early than i expected. This puppy’s kick loud sound.

I put foam pads over the buds and they fit much nicer. They stay put and have great sound for the price. The volume control is convenient also.

These lil earbuds pack a lot of sound and work greatthey do tend to get tangled easy 🙁 but otherwise they work great and item came quickly and well packagedi recommend them to the avid music listenerthey fit my ipod perfect.

Looks like they’re discontinued which is ashamed because they’re really good.

In-cord volume control

These headphones were exactly as described and they fit in my ear well. I would recommend anyone to buy these.

I’m always losing my headphones. Therefore, i purchased several more just to have a few extra ones around, which can be handy.

These are great little earbuds for the price. I’m sorry they are being discontinued because its getting harder and harder to find earbuds without the great protrusion that sticks in your ear —- ouch.

Great product, great price, the volume control is really useful. When you are in the street and you can[t listen because is too noisy the volume control is the answer.

Very thin wires so i don’t expect these ear buds to hold up over time. The volume control has very limited range. I only use for listening to voice recordings so i can’t comment on music quality.

I am allergic to rubbery ear pods including the thin grey band around apple’s early earbuds, so i looked for some with just plastic, such as these. I listen primarily to audio books, and these work great for that, the volume control is a very nice feature. Sound quality is great for spoken word but for music you can do better. Good lasting power, i had the first pair for a couple of years of daily heavy use (they finally broke when they snagged on a door knob and got violently yanked out from my ears. ) and ive been using the second pair for about 7 months or some. I do recommend them, for the price, features and durability, they’re great.

Frequency response 20Hz –

The buds arrived on time and in perfect condition. Mistakenly, i ordered them with dragon speech recognition software which already included the hardware. I returned them and was treated with courtesy and much helpfulness.

For the price i could not expect any better. It as a volume control that is very helpful. I got them earlier then i expected.

Decent sound quality for the price and overall these are well worth the money. They feel a little flimsy, but have survived multiple cord snags without breaking and have stood up to being stuffed in my pocket everyday. The volume control, however, is useless because at any levels lower than the max volume the sound doesn’t come in evenly between the two sides. It’s very noticeable and even makes that functionality annoying when i accidentally bump into the volume controls.

Nice price for great sound quality. I use these on the subway so the volume control gives me the boost to hear clearly without the sound being broadcast out/leaking out to bother those nearby.

The sound quality is ok, and the price is good, but they don’t fit in my ears well at all. At least the cord is nice and long. (ok, after using them all day, they *do* hang in my ears ok. The don’t really feel like a good fit, but they haven’t fallen out.

The headphones are cheap so you can’t expect much sound quality but they’re not that bad. The volume control is kinda of worthless because it doesn’t move smoothly so it’s hard to make any accurate volume changes.

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