Nokia OEM ORIGINAL HS-47 Stereo Earbud Handsfree Headset : Excellent value for money

If you need one then this is excellent value for money.

I bought two from the merchant and i when i got them, i noticed the headsets are not nokia-branded oem as advertised. One of the two headsets was not working, but the other one was working perfectly. I told the merchant of my situation. I wanted to exchange the non-working one for a working one. At that point, i was already okay with the working non-oem unit, but still preferred oem. The merchant did not replace the broken one and instead gave me a refund for both headsets.

Nokia OEM ORIGINAL Nokia HS-47 Stereo Earbud Handsfree Headset for the 5300 XpressMusic 5200 7373 7390 6300 E61 E62 E90 BLACK

  • OEM handsfree to guarantee reliable and high-quality sound for both phone calls or music play.
  • This small light convenient unit has an in-line microphone for easy talk.
  • The practical answer/end button makes it easy to manage calls.
  • The earbud hands-free kit adds safety convenience and privacy to your cellular experience.
  • Compatible with any Nokia cell phones with with a specific 2.5mm lineout jack.
  • You can listen to tunes on the music player or from the FM radio of your music enabled cell device.

Nice item, good price, works great. Cant really complain about anything. I just hope its at least a little durable. So far its living up to expectation.

I got this headset with my nokia 5300 (xpress music). It is nice for long phone conversations when i don’t want to hold the phone to my ear and i don’t want everyone else to hear on speaker phone. If i used it more often though, i would buy something wireless. I don’t really get the point, but at the microphone the wires are not at equal length. I don’t know who the genius was who thought that up. 2: wires are annoying even if they were even. Nobody wants to walk around everywhere with wires going into their pocket to their head. As you can see, my main complaint is the wires. The sound quality on this thing is actually pretty good. As far as i can tell, the people on the other side of the phone conversation can hear me clearly. Get it if you don’t mind the wires. If you do mind, spend an extra $20.

Ta vacilon los oem son lo mejor en precio, y la calidad es la misma.

Nokia OEM ORIGINAL Nokia HS-47 Stereo Earbud Handsfree Headset for the 5300 XpressMusic 5200 7373 7390 6300 E61 E62 E90 BLACK : Excelente articulo, llego en el tiempo estimado y articulo llego con las especificaciones estipuladas en la descripcion del vendedor.

This is the only headset that will work with the netgear skype phone see: netgear sph200w wifi phone with skype.

Before buying this i was so confused with all the conflicting reviews. None clear enough as to if this thing needs an adapter or what?. Its simple, if you have an e71 this headset and plug work a-plus. If you have a e71x you may want to steer clear of this headset, seems people having the e71x give troubled reviews. I have the e71, it is great, no extra plugs to order or problems. Out of the box, plug it in and it syncs perfectly with the phone. Sound quality is great, e71 users go for it, you wont be disappointed.

Pros – price makes it a valuable addition, good quality workmanshipcons – only one. The rubber gaskets are good to fit snug against your ear and keep it in place. However they have slipped off rendering the ear bud useless because it can slip off easily without the ear bud. Putting the headset in your purse, pocket, etc. Is begging for problems because this cause the gaskets to slip off. I suggest some sort of glue to keep the gaskets on. This is a major flaw, otherwise i would give it 5 stars.

These are good earbuds for my nokia e71. I can make calls and listen to music on them. Never had an issue with hearing people or the music. However, the rubber material on the earbuds. If you lose that rubber part, it makes it painful to put the headset into your ears.

There are plenty better headphones out there, but these happen to work with my nokia 6300. Even after trying an stereo phono adpater, regular headphones would only work on the right. These headphones were inexpensive and actually work with full stereo, microphone and antenna (for fm radio). They do not sound the best, and they are not the most comfortable.

I really like the black headphones i tried to find it in a lot of store and i found it here, thanks.

These really don’t stay in my ear. They fall out even when i am sitting still. If your ears fit well with other ear buds, they will probably be ok for these.

Product acquired fills requirement of intention for purchasing. Searching of product was valuable and very informative. Did not take much time to make decision as product description was clear and understandable.

Using this headset with an ipevo s0-20 skype wireless handset, voice is very clear both ways. Given the price i can only recommend the headset.

This is not the seller’s fault, this is my fault. I failed to do proper research on this product. But the nokia hs-47 headset is not compatible with the nokia e71x for at&t. Just wanted to warn any e71x owners out there thinking of buying this.

Its handsfree i use it when i drive. I can hear clearly with them,hopefully they will last,even though i am not sure.

But hurt my ears after long use. Very thin wires made me nervious. Was afraid i was going to pull them apart.

The nokia hs-47 works great on my nokia 6263 cell. The earbuds produce a clear sound. People tell me the mike is very clear also, without the tunnel sound heard on many headsets. There is a switch on the mike that when pressed answers or hangs up a call. I would recommend the hs-47 to people who want an inexpensive solution that sounds very clear, for hands free cell phone usage.

Exactly what i was looking for.

The seller was pretty quick at sending the merchandise. I would purchase from this seller again.

I got the headset from this seller and i was extremely happy. The music and videos i watched sounded very clear.

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Nokia OEM ORIGINAL Nokia HS-47 Stereo Earbud Handsfree Headset for the 5300 XpressMusic 5200 7373 7390 6300 E61 E62 E90 BLACK
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