NICKSTON 6pcs: 3 Pairs S/M/L Left and Right Side Ear Stabilizers Helper Eartips : Five Stars

I found the smallest pair fits me the best.

I love on ear headphones because they stay on my ears even when im walking/ running and the audio stays sealed in my ears. I love in ear headphones because they also seal in audio to your ears, but they tend to start slipping out of your ears after a while of use. The ear stablilizers put an end to your in ear headphones coming out of your ears, which can be very annoying. The ear stabilizers are a very good investment. Not only did the seller send me this product in a timely manner, i also got extra ear tips as a gift.

I use them in my plantronics bluetooth headphones and they fit much better. My headphones actually feel much more comfortable with these on.

  • Comfortable but do not quite fit on earbuds
  • very close to beats tour wingtips decent replacement
  • love this product! does exactly what it was designed to do! and the seller of the product is also excellent!

6pcs: 3 Pairs S/M/L Left and Right Side Ear Stabilizers Helper Eartips for in Ear Earphones

  • 6pcs: 3 Pairs S/M/L Left and Right Side Ear Stabilizers Helper Eartips designed for improved in-ear stability and a lasting comfortable fit.
  • These eartips use the ridge of your ear for added support that provides a strong hold so your In Ear Earphones will not fall off. Beneficial for sport activities such as running, jogging, gym, exercising or simply lounging around with not having to deal with your Earphones falling off. Soft material which is Water-washable, antistatic, removable and replaceable.
  • In-Ear Earphones are not included !
  • Check Product Description for Additional Information and Common Compatibility

These were as stated on the site, but they just don’t fit the current headphones i have very well.

The only pro i can say about these is that they are pretty comfortable, compared to another similar product i purchased these felt much less conspicuous in my ears after several minutes of use whereas the other product pretty much always feels noticeably present and pushing against my ears. They do work just as well as the other product in keeping the earbuds in place nicely. I have two cons about these. First, they don’t quite fit well on the ear buds i have (urbeats), the base section that sits on the earphone is so large that it distorts (pushes out against) the rubber eartips so that the shape of the eartips develops small folds which i would guess affects the quality of sound, but i’m not an audiophile so whatever difference in sound quality doesn’t bother me much. The other con is that they look terrible on the earbuds, they appear as large white bulges and completely erase any aesthetics of the earbuds because white rubber is just about all you will see. So if it’s even slightly important to you how your earbuds looks in your ears, i would avoid these. Also, carefully read through the product description for earphone compatibility, these did not work with scullcandy 50/50’s nor either of the apple earphones, and while my urbeats were listed as compatible as i just mentioned they still didn’t quite fit.

Measured up to the beats wingtips that come with beats tour earbuds, and these are a slight bit larger. Also a bit thicker and tougher than the wings that come with beats. But, they do fit as expected, and work just fine. Good replacement if you lose the wingtips from the beats tour. Note – they probably will not fit with other earbuds. I only use them with the beats tour.

My earphones kept falling out when i walk and listen to music. But now i can move and shake my head as much as i like and they don’t fall out.

The stabilizers work well on my skull-candy headphones and they keep them from falling out while i workout. I only give them 4 stars because they are a little uncomfortable and a little trick to first put on the headphones.

Great fit my bose headphones just right.

Because of this product my skullcandy’s stay in my ear. Now i could twerk to miley cyrus without having to worry about losing my music.

Do they work for any earbud headphones.

I got these because my beats tour buds kept falling out of my ears. These things work amazingly well. I still often have trouble keeping the ear pieces snug inside my ear, but with these attached i no longer have an issue with the cord pulling them all the way out. Even if you’re not sure they’ll be helpful, it’s so inexpensive you might as well give them a try.

This ear stabilizers just work.

Good product but really should be around 5 bucks. Theres just nowhere else to buy them.

I received a pair of beats tour earbuds a little over a year ago and after trying out every tip provided, failed to find one that fit well enough to stay in for prolonged periods. While i loved the sound that was generated, i was seldom able to fully enjoy it because i would constantly have to push the headphones back in. I’m had these stabilizers for a few days now and after going for a vigorous walk and using them while walking around my home, i’m glad to say i can finally enjoy my beats earbuds to the full effect.

My earphones were always slipping out of my ears. With these i can walk and jog without any problems.

They work well, keeping the earphone in place.

Fit perfect on beats tour 2.

Worked great for beats tour.

These ear pieces are a little awkward, but they work very well and keep the stupid buds in your ear.

The do their job, but they irritate my ears if in too long. 3 sizes offered, so it’s nice to be able to have options instead of ‘one size fits all’.

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6pcs: 3 Pairs S/M/L Left and Right Side Ear Stabilizers Helper Eartips for in Ear Earphones
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