Monster Harajuku Lovers Space Age In-Ear Headphones Featuring Interchangeable Gwen Bodies : Super cute setgreat lightning deal!

I purchased these headphones with the cyber monday sale, and let me tell you, it was worth it. When i got the package, i was amazed at how cute they look in person. The headphones themselves are light, yet the cord is a little stiff so that you know that it will hold up. I was instantly annoyed with the retractable device on it, so i took it off with a little elbow grease. Having removed the device, the headphones stay in my ear perfectly and the sound is fantastic. Great product and totally worth buying.

Was a great gift for someone i know, hope they are enjoying them, they liked the packaging and acessories, haven’t heard of a problem yet.

There was a small heart shape container where you can take the headphone on the go. Best gift for friend/girlfriend.

And buy more monster product. My best love body colour is red and green:).

  • Super cute and sounds great!
  • Very cute!
  • My 14 year-old loved them!

Monster Harajuku Lovers Space Age In-Ear Headphones Featuring Interchangeable Gwen Bodies (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • 5 clip-on body colors let you create, express and work your style
  • 5 Interchangeable Gwen bodies.
  • Heart-shaped Carrying case.
  • Heart-shaped compact case keeps your headphones safe, shiny, and new
  • Includes 5 sets ear-tips.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

They are extremely cute, and very japanese, i liked it a lot. They are easy to carry, and fashionable.

It’s very good product, and very good seller too. And u can change it to different colors, it’s soo cool.

Very interesting design, and high quality manufacturing. The sound is good, but i haven’t put it through the paces when it comes to durability. The little detachable bodies are fun, but can fall off or be annoying- i remove them most of the time but the actual earpiece is cute enough by itself.

This headphone looks much better in person. Its so cute but subtle, feminine looking but not screaming girly. Great sound quality as well.

Pretty damn excellent ones a that. So cute and versatile matching any outfit. Great sound and carrying case is a plus.

They conform to your ears and no sound other than your music comes through and youdon’t have to have your music up loud.

Cool looking, satisfactory performance. Luxuriant accessories and colorful replaceable bodies, but could be better if it is line-in remoted controlled.

I had seen these and thought they were really cute but a bit too pricey for me. The lightning deal sold them (and so many other things). The style is cute for my teenage daughter and the ability to change the bodies to different colors is nice. They also come with a nice assortment of earpieces. My daughters have a hard time finding earpieces that fit comfortably because they are often too large. This had a set that fit perfectly. It was a nice gift that was well received.

Well the sound quilaty can’t compare with the beast earphone i am using. But is one is much easy to carry around, looks really cute and the bottom part is not easy to lose and most importantly are this one is much cheaper and doesn’t say monster earphones all over the place.

Sound quality is great and i barely hear any outside noise. The headphones themselves are cute and kind of resemble earrings when in the ear. Only thing i wish you could change the head along with it, not just the bodies.

Great deal, excellent product, valued seller, highly recommended a++.

The sound quality was very good. They were adorable for the girl purchased for. She loved that she could change the color of the body.

It has four different coatthat is a surprisei love itit’s wonderful. I really love it very very very much.

I purchased these as a gift but just ended up keeping for myself. I unpacked everything and you get a handful of really handy extras. I like the different size soft ear pieces that in a range from small to extra large. You also get a carrying case, extra little plastic bodies and the retractable cord device. I put them in and plugged them into my ipod and the sound truly is amazing. It good bass, good tones and a good quality sound. Im happy with this purchase monster is a great brand and i got a great deal.

I bought this for a girl and she really likes it, its very cute and even comes with different bodies, so if anyone think of buying for their loved ones i really recommend this.

I like the design of this headphones. Then i found the sound from this was amazing, too. I really recommend this one.

Its lovely, my girlfriend loves harajuku, but you need to buy comply headphone tips so that can wear more softly.

Good quality headphones, my daughter loves them. When she has them in she can not hear anything going on around her.

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Monster Harajuku Lovers Space Age In-Ear Headphones Featuring Interchangeable Gwen Bodies (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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