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These are probably the most durable set of earbuds i’ve owned. They are finally wearing out after several months of daily use. They sound great and are really comfortable, plus the in-line play/pause button is easy to press without being overly sensitive. I’m not crazy about the appearance and wish the yellow parts on each were tougher, they’ve split and loosened over time. I also have never been able to lay on my side and listen to these without getting some weird feedback sounds, but i think this might just be me, and taking one side out solves this problem. Like many, i can’t give up the dream of the earbud holy grail [cheaper than dirt and great looking, durable, with amazing sound and so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them. so i’ve tried about a dozen other similarly priced pairs in the time i’ve had these (including:jlab jbuds, 2 skull candy models, the horribly uncomfortable iphone ones, yurbuds focus, mqbix flat cable, jvc gummy, and ifrogz) and the monoprice 110152 have outlasted every other set, they’re more comfortable and sound better than the others. ]

I bought these for about $9 and am so impressed by their value per dollar. They are a little bass-heavy, but not unpleasantly so, and this quality also comes with a more defined midrange than some $50 to $100 headphones i’ve previously owned (grado sr60i, aiaiai tma-1, logitech ue 4000). Treble is nice and detailed on jazz and classical songs. The soundstage is expansive and the isolation is pretty good with some cable noise when walking. They fit my ears perfectly, unlike many other earbuds i’ve tried, and come with three pairs of inserts for different sized ears – both the large and medium fit on me. I love these and will be purchasing monoprice headphones again in the future.

Monoprice 110152 Enhanced Bass Earphones with Built-In Microphone and Play/Pause Controls for Cellphones – Retail Packaging – Yellow

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  • These ported earphones feature a noise isolating design which means you hear your music (or phone call) and not all the noise of the outside world
  • The low-end response is enhanced to provide a rich full bass experience that transcends the 10mm driver size
  • In addition to outstanding sound quality These earphones can function as a hands-free earphone/microphone for your cell or smart phone

They fit comfortably in my ears. I’m not picky about sound, but the quality seems too be just fine. And i love the button for the microphone.

The switch between these and my old earphones was just o. I don’t even know how i survived on my old ones anymore. If monoprice gets me addicted to quality like this, i don’t know what i’ll do.But seriously, these are some really wonderful earphones without the $200 some people with questionable priorities spend on earphones.

I love these earphones, they’re great for the price. They last me a long time and they’re harder to break than some headphones. Though when they begin falling apart, they fall apart quickly.

Monoprice 110152 Enhanced Bass Earphones with Built-In Microphone and Play/Pause Controls for Cellphones – Retail Packaging – Yellow : I’ve tried several earphones and these are one of the best.

Sound quality is that of higher priced ear phones.

Nothing speciali was thinking they are much better but sound is on nothing special and sometimes connection is losing between earbuds and phonejust ok:-) 🙂 :-).

They definitely muffle outside sound well. However, you can really hear the sound of the cord being rubbed or moved. These are good for their price.

They are okay for some cheap headphones.

These are my go to earbuds now. Great range and depth for music. Hands free microphone works well enough for dialing into conference calls on the bus on the way to work. I bought 4 pairs to put in a drawer so i never have to scramble to find them on the way out of the house.

These have worked out really well. I fully endorse the rubber tipped earplugs, they are truly the pinnacle of earbud technology. Plus, with monoprice, you know the price is right. Sound quality is on par with any other set of earbuds i’ve ever used, and they keep the endless noise from my oppressive, cost-cutting open plan office down to a minimum.

I bought these back in 2014. I don’t even take exceptionally good care of them, i usually just shove them into my bag or purse, pull them out when i need them. When the cord tangles up it’s not even that bad. These have always been my favorite because they work well for music and audio books, which is great because my prior pair didn’t do the latter very well. I don’t know, seems weird writing a glowing review about earbuds, but they’ve done such a great job that they needed a shout out.

Love these my teenagers take em each time i order em.

The customer support is great. My headphones broke when i stepped on em but the company was nice enough to send me a new pair for free. They do tangle some what but that’s about the only con. Comes with smaller and larger ear buds as well.

I will compare these earbuds mostly to the 9927s which are a slightly altered 8320. These have 10mm drivers vs the 14mm drivers in the 8320. The soundstage is still very good–way better than most iems, but not as good as the 8320s. Iems typically have 8mm drivers or less, which negatively effects positional location in quake live dramatically. Sound quality of the 8320s(9927) is amazing, and these sound just as good. They have a slightly warmer sound signature, so i changed the signature in creative’s console. They have a tiny(and by that i mean teeny, as in not razer crap) of too much bass for my preference. The build quality on these are fantastic, way better than the 9927s. The cord feels solid, and the ear buds fit comfortably in my ear. The 9927 hurt my outer ear and feel like very cheap plastic, these do not.

These are some good ear bugs they have good bass good high’s good mids and when somebody is calling you you can hear them very well and very clear and i will highly recommend them.

For the price, the are really great. The sound quality is quite decent. I am not an audiophile, but i can enjoy music with these. They are quite comfortable too. I am sure you’d be hard pressed to find better headphones for the price.

For the price, they are great. The control piece in the cord does not have a volume adjuster.

I but three pair once a year so when i lose them/wash them in the washing machine/etc. I have another pair at the ready. They are snug enough to keep out plane noise.

They sound good and they are pretty. I would have liked volume on the mic (although not advertised so i can’t really complain) but that’s my only complaint, hence 4 stars.

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