Modohe Lenntek Sonix3S Earphones – Awesome sound, even better customer support, wished it lasted longer

I have had a difficult time finding comfortable earphones in the past, though i’ve tried several different styles and brands. My son purchased a similar pair of lennteks. I tried them on and was surprised at how well they fit and how good they sounded. My son then told me that the left bud on his original lennteks did not work after about four months of use, but lenntek replaced the earphones without question. The fact that lenntek offers a limited lifetime warranty on these earphones of reasonable price helped me to make a decision to purchase a pair for myself. So far, i have not been disappointed. Comfortable,good sound, lightweight, tangle free wire (with microphone that i don’t use),won’t break the bank , convenient for gym and other activities and limited lifetime warranty. Try these; you can’t go wrong.

These are decent earbuds for the price, but they are not as good as the lenntek sonix 3, which have unfortunately been discontinued. I got these to replace my sonix 3, but they are a little smaller, the design is not quite as nice, and the braided wire only covers the bottom portion of the cable. I do think the eartips are comfortable though, but they do require a little tweaking to get the right fit. The mic seems to work ok, but i would love to see a 3 button remote on this. Overall, i’m satisfied, but not blown away by them. Audio quality review:low:these do have some bass, but it is minimal compared to other earbuds i’ve used. It never distorts, but i would like to hear a little more of the low end. Mid:mids are very clear and seem to more punchy then other earbuds. Mids are definitely not suppressed. High:highs needs a little work.

I bought this product in a two pack from costco’s website to replace the earphones that came with my iphone 3gs. At first i didn’t feel that these earbuds had a lot of bass but after reading through some reviews of other earbuds i have come to realize that the sound is all dependent on how you have them positioned in your ear to make good seal. This is my first pair of in-ear earbuds; i’ve only used headphones and earphones prior to these. Anyway, now that i have angled and pushed these earbuds a bit further into my ear canal, the sound is much better. I did however have to tug on the cord slightly pulling the earbuds out a bit to get optimal bass output. It seems the positioning of the earbuds is very specific to achieve the desired sound. The bass sounds smooth; not over-powering. And this does not come at a cost to the higher frequencies. I can still hear all the highs very well. The sound of these earbuds is far better than the standard apple earphones.

Best comfort of any in-ear headphones i’ve tried, includes >$100 beats and bose. Sound is slightly less quality than the >$100 buds, but comfort and good sound make these my favorite ear buds.

Had a pair and lost them so ordred another pair. Great for any deive that needs an earphone.

I have owned these headphones for the past 6 months and i can honestly say that i have no regrets. The build quality of these headphones is superb. They are constructed of metal, rubber, and cloth. The metal housing provides for a robust shell to keep the internal functioning properly. In the past the biggest issue i had with other headphones ranging from $30 to $120 was the integrity of the cord. Other cords would strip or even become detached from the housing unit. The lenntek sonix, on the other hand, have solved this issue. The cord is a combination between tough rubber and finished off with a cloth overlay. To reduce cord noise while listening to music, lenntek only uses rubber on the top portion of the headphones so that when the cord rubs on your clothes it does not ruin your listening experience. The sound quality is descent but by no means bad. The highs and mids are colorful and crisp. For people who like terrific bass response in their headphones, this pair is for you. The bass is there but it is not overpowering like most headphones. This pair does a fantastic job in reproducing the sound and so i recommend them to any music lover.

  • good choice for earphones
  • Awesome sound, even better customer support, wished it lasted longer
  • Lenntek Sonix 3S

These earphones are excellent and highly recommended. The only caveat: when i purchased them, the product page advertised a ‘lifetime limited warranty’. It turns out the warranty is only for 1 year.

I’ve been a longtime user of lenntek’s products, having the sonix 1, sonix 3, and now the sonix 3s. First off, i want to commend lenntek for their incredible customer support. After using my sonix 3 for about 6 months, the sound went bad on the left earbud, so i decided to send lenntek an email to try and get a replacement off of the warranty. Not only were they very helpful and quick to respond (same day response), they also decided to send me a new pair of sonix 3s (the one this review is for), so awesome job to them for that. Back to the product, these are an exceptional pair of earbuds. The alluminum casing gives it a very high end look/feel, something that the plasticky klipsch image s4 doesn’t have. In addition, comfort is off the charts. I’ve wore these through long 5 hour gaming sessions without any discomfort. The noise cancellation is exceptional, so i would not recommend it if you are running (as you won’t be able to hear cars). The sound is on par with more expensive earbuds such as the nuforce ne700, klipsch image s4, creative aurvana, and even the bose ie2, all of which i have own and worn through.

I purchased a set for my wife. I liked them and purchased another set for myself. We use the earphones on our laptops.

I have been an audio engineer/producer for over 40 years. These lennetk sonix35 earphones are the best set of earbuds i have ever owned with an amazing full range audio profile. I will never buy another brand.

Features of Lenntek Sonix3S Earphones with Microphone Premium Aluminum Earbuds

  • Features –
  • Sonix3S Premium Earphones w/ Mic
  • 4 sets of ear seals (XS, S, M, L)
  • Sports hook to wear the wire over the ears
  • Manufacturer’s 1-Year limited warranty

Features –

Sonix3S Premium Earphones w/ Mic

4 sets of ear seals (XS, S, M, L)

Sports hook to wear the wire over the ears

Manufacturer’s 1-Year limited warranty

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Lenntek Sonix3S Earphones with Microphone Premium Aluminum Earbuds
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