Marshall M-ACCS-00096 Minor Headphones, Remarkable for classical music and remarkably comfortable

Well i must say i am very surprised, i have to say these marshall minor earphones are just as good as my bose earphones. I can hear every sound of music just like my bose.

There are the best fitting, highest quality in-the-ear headphones i have owned. However, the gold ornamentation has fallen out of two pairs. Obviously a defect in manufacturing– does not impact the sound quality- but i love the look so this is frustrating.

Great ear buds, after getting the correct fit, there are 4 different sizes they do not fall out and do not hurt like some other sport buds. The sound is good and the construction is great. Compared to the iphone buds these are about 30% louder and more clear. I use them when i ride my motorcycle and they stay put under the helmet and are loud enough to hear music when i am riding.

Key specs for Marshall M-ACCS-00096 Minor Headphones, Black:

  • Compatible with any 3.5 mm music player
  • EarClick secures the earphone into position in your ear
  • Equipped with microphone and remote for use with your cell phone
  • Tangle resistant fabric cord
  • Includes stereo adaptor and interchangable earpads

Comments from buyers

“Sound Good, People can hear me but Box is terrible.
, This was a good buy for me.
, Beautiful and sound great! However, fit is very uncomfortable.

Great headphones, for the price it’s 50% off from marshall official website including shipping to mexico city.

I did not like the comfort or fit of the item, but this was just personal preference.

These are very good earphones. They do indeed stay in place a lot better than others, just don’t try to put on a helmet since they will slide out. I like how they do not have a seal with the ear canal, which makes you more aware of the actual levels you are pumping into your ears. Finally, the fact that they look like marshal knobs is just amazing.

Awesomejust a little big,it’s a good headphones to listen rock n roll.

I never thought of myself as having small ears, but these earphones dont sit well in my ears even after using the smallest tips that came along with it. As its prone to falling out, my listening experience wasnt that fantastic.

Very satisfied with headphones, good price,well made,sound is outstanding,quality workmanship shows as they are holding up well to normal wear and tear. I would recommend them to use.

Great sound and they stay in your ears. Marshall makes great audio products and these little ear buds carry on the tradition. While also staying in the ear securely with the additional rubber tip on top.

Of course when i purchased this item i did not expect good sound isolation since this doesn’t totally plug your ear canal. But i did expect it to sound better than those out-of-the-mobilephone box-headsets. I rated this 3 stars because it did not really separate itself from those headsets, except for the bass part. It worked okay on my g2x though when i plugged it on my nokia n900 i started hearing hissing sound. This might mean they’re not universally compatible with all the phones out there. Aesthetically speaking they do look nice, loved the rope-like fabric cord, though the gold accents started to darken after exposure to sweat. I just felt it’s not worth it’s current price.

The marshall minors have a good sound. I’ve had trouble getting them to fit well but i guess this takes time to figure out. I was disappointed that the line has no volume control such as comes with the apple earphones. All things considered i like the original apples that came with my iphone as they are easier to fit to the ear and have more control over the iphone.

Let me start by saying that i started looking for headphones (earbuds to be more specific)after i purchased a plantronics bluetooth for use with my cell phone. I’ve gon through 3 different type, sizes and weights. They just killed my ears, never found a set that didn’t hurt after 10 minutes. Then came the plantronics with earclick. Light, comfortable fit and i could ware it all day and never a problem. So i said to myself, ‘self, you need to find ear buds with this earbud technology’. The sound is way better then i expected (the bass is so nice). No more stuffing buds down my ear canals. No more itch and they don’t pop out every time the cord gets pulled. And did i say they sound great?. Your not going to mix the next rilling stones project with these, but they are just the thing for the mp3 player (or cell phone aparently, they have the mic and control button. If you hate ear phones (the earbuds you push doen your ear canal) but want that nice full sound with bass, buy these, worth every penny.

Glad i purchased these before they exploded in price. Worked great till they were violently ripped off my head and mauled by a pomeranian i was looking after. I guess she liked them more then i did.

Best headphones i owned, they sound great, i like the innovative shape, buds don’t fall from the ears. I like that the wire is not covered with plastic but with a mesh. The only (minor) con is that you have to find a good system to coil them otherwise they get tangled and it’s rather hard to untangle them because of the shape of the buds.

Didn’t fit my ears as good as i wanted but quality and durability are very good. Worth the money if you are looking for a a new style of headphones with nice sound.

Very happy with these phones. For me at least, they are extremely comfortable and non-fatiguing, to the point i forget i have them on. I am happy with the build quality, and impressed by a very good soundstage which puts more expensive units to shame. Some music with with a high dynamic range can push these phones into distortion, but that can be tempered by ramping down the equalisation.

These are every bit worth the money. There is great sound quality and high end cordage. I have had these for several months and have done phone calls gaming and music, as well as in ear monitor. In all cases they have functioned as desired and even above. For a relatively low cost(on the nicer end of headphones) this was a good buy for me.

So far i really enjoy these. The reason i bought these are they are in ear, but they do not rely on being in the ear canal to hold them selves in. Sound quality is about as what would be expected from a $45 pair on headphones. And the marshal name, iconic.

I have really small ears and hate the kind that stick into the ear canal. Never make my ears itch and the sound quality is awesome.

I saw a pair of these on display in a store and instantly fell in love with the aesthetic of these, i found it difficult to walk away from these. When i listen to music i prefer my apple buds because of how they feel in the ear and and leveled off clarity it produces. These minors are similar to them in that they feel the way when wearing them, but feel more secured in place because of the nubs at the top. The sound of these are absolutely wonderful. Compared to the apple buds they’re more ‘bassy’ and not as ‘trebley’, resulting in a full sound. I honestly sat for an hour listening to different songs because i was now able to articulate more sounds in songs that i wasn’t able to hear before. The remote button is also a nifty accessory. The only main thing that i don’t like about the minors is that they don’t come with volume buttons on the remote. Also the feel of these take a little getting used to. These are definitely a must for music lovers and those with an affinity for marshall amps/products.

Very good sound for buds and very good idea in regards to how it gets fixed in your ear. Earbuds always fall from my ear, but this one does not. Not to say that the jack looks awesome =p.

I purchased these earphones as an alternative to my bose earphones. I just did a sound test of both, and feel both have similar quality of sound. However they each have a different sound. Preference for each sound will depend on the music and the listener’s preference. I’ve had problems with the bose canal earphones because they do not fit my right ear well, and they have minor comfort issues. Both marshall and bose earphones may fall out of my ears while working out. The marshall’s are more comfortable, and fit better than the bose. I can wear a head band and this makes the sound in both earphones better, and they never fall out with a head band. Without a headband, under casual conditions, the bose may be considered better, especially at low volumes. The marshall’s handle high volume better, with better bass control & treble balance.

Very impressive sound quality and comfort. I’ve tried many earphones and these are by far the most comfortable. I’m glad i didn’t go for the ones costing 3 times as much since these do the trick. And with a call answer button to top it all off. The cord seems to be better than any others i’ve seen and absolutely refuses to tangle and i’ve already put it through the paces. These are the best earphones on the market and at a great price. The gold color really stands out and i’ve gotten lots of compliments on just their look alone.

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