M H Audio SOWND Audio – High Fidelity [HD] 3, Worth it!

I usually don’t like wearing headphones, but these were comfortable. I usually wear it to the gym to run and it works perfectly.

Sownd audio – high fidelity [hd 3. 5mm noise canceling earphones – made for iphonethe earphones don’t have an active noise cancelling function, but due to the 3 size rubber ear tips the fit great and reduce the overall noise around you. Sound is good, better than i would expect for the price. However, the microphone doesn’t live up to the expectations. Even in almost silent environment i have to hold it in front of my face for people being able to hear me during a phone call. ]

Best earphones that i have ever bought.

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“Highly recommended for commuters
, Fantastic quality! The price makes them even better.
, I thought for the price these earbuds were very comfortable and sound was good

For the price this is as good as it gets.

For such an inexpensive item, i’m surprised how great the sound is on these. I have ordered several pairs for my commute and the sound is great, even with the extreme white noise one has to contend with on a city bus. They also really do a good job of keeping your loud music in your ear and not leaking out to bother other riders around you (a pet peeve of mine) so you can be a good public transportation citizen.

Pretty good by just don’t pull on the cord much.

The quality of sound for the price is remarkable, can definitely recommend these.

Absolutely love these, use them everyday will not go back to the old ones.

These are a no brainier for the price. Although they can’t compete with my higher-end over the ear phones or my ear buds for sound and build quality, considering their comfort and price these performed satisfactorily as a spare set. They have flat response – and despite a bit of roll off in response on the low end and overall sensitivity – these sound pretty good and are nice and light.

I’m very surprised by the quality of these earbuds- especially when i only paid $7. I have a hard time with earbuds, but these are really comfortable. I was skeptical about the comfort and quality when i saw the price, but i am definitely ordering more.

Good quality for a cheap price.

I bought these to use with my ipod shuffle. Blocks out more ambient noise than the ones that came with it. I especially like the cord, which is flat and doesn’t tangle like others i’ve had. The price is so good, that i didn’t think they’d be very good, but decided to risk it. I’ve ordered another set, because my husband likes them so much.

I purchased 2 and both of them failed within two weeks. I had a one before that i accidently broke. I liked the sound so i ordered 2. This time the sounded fine but failed be losing sound in one ear. I like the sound but they broke to easily.

I’ve got to give these five stars because i forgot them in my workout shorts, which were then washed and dried and these babies still work.

. Rivals apple’s earbud sound quality.

Real person review: so for the price these aren’t too bad. I needed a ‘noise isolating’ pair for airplane rides etc. I don’t go often enough to justify 100 plus noise cancelling (yet). These are loud, on my iphone 6plus i can only turn the volume up 2/3 the way up. This is also the range these loose their sound quality. I found a comfortable range between 2-7 (max 10) that they sound good and do block most outside noise. You can’t hear a finger snap a foot away at 7 with the buds pressed in.

The earbuds feel cheap and often get too sloopy, it has a nice sound.

I thought for the price these earbuds were very comfortable and sound was good. Within about 3 weeks one side stopped working though, which is the reason i can only give three stars. They did tend to fall out of my ear when walking around, so i had to find another ‘sport’ pair (which for me is mowing the lawn). The new pair were not as comfortable in my ear as these, but at least they stay in and both sides produce sound.

Excellent sound quality and perfect fit for my ears, they come with smaller and bigger ear pieces if you need them as well. I wish it had a button for volume, but the microphone and pause/play/skip button works very well. If you want inexpensive and quality headphones,i highly recommend these.

I got these headphones for my dad as a gift because he loves watching sports on his ipad. They were super cheap so i might as well give them a try. They fit really well in his ears (super comfortable), has great sound, and they’re great for working out.

For the price, the headphones are fantastic. They are priced very cheap and are of a higher quality of sound and material quality than other products that are double the price. Before i purchased these, i had sony ear buds that were around $15 that are great inferior to these in every way. The cord is made out of a very durable plastic and the ear pieces fits very well. I am very happy with my purchase.

My friend is having a seizure, please help.

These are great cheap headphones with excellent sound quality, and they’re also comfy and light so they don’t fall out easy. I bought as a back up pair but now i use them interchangeably, since smaller lighter headphones can be more comfy then the larger ones.

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