Lenovo 500 Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones – Outstanding Sound Quality, Durability, Design.

Two different rubber ear pieces so this can adjust to different ear cannals. Has a play pause button on it. Also the cord is pretty good length so you can use it on the computer speakers if you like. I used it on my ipod and i was just fine with it. I liked the bubble shape of the phones stays in my ear better and does not hurt like some do.

Overall, these lonovo headphones are a good inexpensive product. I’m most impressed with the sound quality at all volume levels, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this, but. . But there are two issues:1 – i’ve tried wearing the headphones with all three size ear cushions. And the things just don’t fit correctly. I think it has to do with the unique angled earpiece mechanism over which the cushions rest. They’re intended to angle towards the eardrum. For me, it just doesn’t fit properly. The plastic shell that covers the sound-carrying wire came off without much trouble. And it shouldn’t come off at all.

I thought lenovo only built laptop computers. I received these headphones to review. What’s in the box?: you receive the headphones, plus two sets of ear cups beyond the set already on the headphone. You also receive a silicon separator that can be used if you would like, plus some inserts (warnings, etc). Aesthetic?: these are fine, basic looking headphones in black. Not much to admire frankly, but functional with the flat cable and simple controller. Use?: first off, i used this set with a ios system. Here are the specifications for the Lenovo 500 Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones:

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  • Metal finishing on housing
  • Ergonomic design
  • All-in-one control box supports all Android devices
  • Tangle- free noodle cable
  • 3.5 MM audio jack

They’re not marked right or left so if you’re a true music freak you know this is bothersome. They also don’t stay in my sons’ ears. The plastic insert is soft but there are no additional sizes so they just fall out of his ears. Because there’s no clip they wind up falling to the floor when he’s walking. For the price they just weren’t that great and the sound quality didn’t seem to be all that. I just can’t imagine where they’d be comfortable unless you’re truly doing nothing but sitting still because as soon as you move they fall out of your ears.

You will not find better earbuds for this price. I have bought dozens of $20-$40 earbuds over the years, and they have all been a waste of money. Most have no bass and do little to isolate noise. They also break in a few months. These, however, isolate me from noise considerably well. I use these to block out lawnmowers, screaming kids, loud videogames, and basically all of the constant noise in my living room. I often can’t hear people talk to me with these in, and i don’t have the volume up at an uncomfortable or dangerous level. And as for the sound, i’m sure you can find better earbuds if you can pay over a hundred dollars, but for the price, these are outstanding. The highs don’t squeal in your ears. The mids are clear and punchy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The “extra bass” in the name isn’t a lie!
  • Three Stars
  • Boom? No Boom!

Good sound quality, clear and deep not too tinny. Angled in-ear buds fit well. The negatives: the cable seem fragile. A little wiggle and the sound goes in and out. Built in mic has up/down/mute buttons, but when testing with my phone only the mute feature worked. No instructions or details of the product was included in the packaging. Not sure if product is defective or i’m not using it correctly. There is a nice silicone thingy to wind your cord around. Not bad for fifteen dollars.

I love the lenovo 500 extra bass in-ear headphonesas one who uses earbuds frequently, i believe i have a baseline for judgment. These are definitely top shelf. Let me count the reasons why:–their name is apt, not merely for marketing: they’re best understood as in-ear headphones, rather than simply earbuds. Their performance is at a level a step above expectations for this commoditized product line. –the sound quality is outstanding. As their name says, their bass quality is notable. –the workmanship is notably strong. The cord and jack and of high quality and durable. The earbud covers are snug fitting, flexible and appear durable as well. The design of the earpiece is a bit unusual; it manages to be snug for sound quality, yet comfortable for the wearer.

I’m not like super experienced with earbuds, but i’ve owned more than a few brands in my day. The critical components of a good set of earbuds is pretty obvious: sound quality and sturdiness followed by price. (for me, it’s also the color, as i love pink, but beggars can’t be choosers. ) and if you are judging lenovo earbuds by those qualities, well, they end up firmly in the middle. They are about $20, so that puts them in the ‘modest priced’ category – above the ‘i just need a pair to ignore that kid on the plane and i left mine at home’ set. And for a $20, they are decent. Quality is ok – not sure what they mean by ‘extra bass’ because i don’t hear it. (am i already deaf or do i not have the ear for that?.’ear for it’?) i have zero use for the microphone, but the play/pause button works for the ipod classic from 3000 years bc (aka, the one i bought in the late 2000’s), so there’s that.

These are not great earbuds, but for the $20 price, they are average. Soft ear tips and angled ear pieces are comfortable to wear for long periods. The volume and pause buttons work properly with my samsung android phone, unlike most headphone controls that only work on iphone. The flat wires don’t tangle as easily as thin round cables, but are still lightweight enough not to bounce around uncomfortably when running. Sound quality is mediocre, however. Bass is strong, but midrange lacks clarity. For about the same price, there are more popular brands with better sound quality (especially midrange clarity).

Music listening has been polluted in recent years by subs and tuned headsets that push the bass to dominate the rest of the musical spectrum. For some genres, such as edm, it might increase the listener’s pleasure but for others the booming of the low frequencies clash and muddy the rest of sound. Music listeners who have developed their tastes listening to the enhanced sounds are thrilled to find out that there are actually a wide range of sounds hidden in the music. Would the lenovo headphones open my ears or simply boom?happily, placing the headphones into my ears, i was thrilled to discover that these drivers produce a heavy bass response to be sure while not muddying the rest of the frequency range. There is none of the booming associated with other bass-enhanced headsets. The treble response is excellent but the mid-range could use a boost; some of the music sounds scooped – enhanced at both ends but lacking in the middle. Should be an easy enough adjustment on your particular device. The flat cable seems fragile but has held up well so far. The headset has a control/mic installed near your chin on the earpiece cable and it does everything promised: change volume, pause, skip and provide a microphone for use with your phone. The fit can be adjusted by the variety earpiece tips included in the package and they provide good deadening of the outside noise.

This is just an average headphone at best. The build quality is decent but the sound is mediocre. I’m not overly impressed with it. The headphone comes with a bone shaped silicone cable organizer, 3 different sets of silicone earbud tips (s/m/l) and warranty paper. The angled earbuds and silicone tips are quite comfortable to wear, even for long hours. The earbuds don’t seem to fall out easily (if you wear them correctly by pulling your ear a little as you insert each earbud deep into your ear canal). The flat cable is tangle resistant but a little kinky when it’s first out of the box. There is good strain relief for the cable on the earbud end but none on the stereo plug end, so longevity of the cable at the plug end could be an issue. On a positive note, the straight plug is small and should fit through most phone cases without any problems. The control box is on the right earbud wire and has three buttons and a mic.

I ordered lenovo 500 extra bass in-ear headphones for my husband to use while he works out. While he loves the sound quality, there were a couple of problems. First, the headphones just do not stay in well during work outs (something i didn’t realize when i ordered them, so that could be user-error). The second, however, was device-error. From the moment he took them out of the plastic, the control switches that are built in do not work. He read over the directions and tried a couple of different things, but no luck. So at this point, i’d say buyer beware. Great sound but not all parts function.

In addition to the amazing sound quality, these headphones have features i didn’t expect at this price: start/stop/volume controls on the right lead which control my android phone and tablet, and tangle-resistant flat wires. I have used a lot of in-ear headphones and recommend these highly.

They don’t stay in my ears and pop out easily. I’m constantly putting them back in. Right side seems a little less volume than the left side.

Nice, loud clear sound and good controls. The earbuds are hard to change but if you turn them inside out and put them on a finger, it’s a lot easier. Clear mike, toothose earbuds are installed at an angle to fit people’s actual ears, too.

These headphones are comfortable and straight forward to use. I find the flat wires unwieldy as they tangle easily and there isn’t an advantage to having flat wires that i can see. The extra bass isn’t really noticeable to me although the overall sound was good, but nothing exceptional (and i love lots of bass). I listened on my kindle to streaming music on pandora and amazon music (can’t adjust the sound settings with either one) and so i did not test the built-in microphone (which i tend not to use). The controls at the center for volume and pause are hard to feel when not looking so you need to know what end is higher or lower volume.

I spent some time with these lenovo 500 extra bass earbuds over the weekend, and i was pleased. The sound was clear the bass was bumpin’; the perfect companion for your smart phone. The assorted size tips ensure a descent fit so they stay in relatively well. Good value – if your house is like mine, you go through a lot of earbuds. Ours get lost, the cat chews them, or they somehow make it into the washing machine. Therefore, i never buy expensive earbuds. It is a challenge finding quality in my price range. But for the price you can’t beat the sound of the lenovo 500.

For the amazing price these little earbuds are great. I think they even cut out noise. My husband borrowed them from me and loved them, too. They fit ears perfectly and the sound quality was good. My husband said he wanted more base quality but i didn’t sense that for me. But i think that i would not notice the lack of base quality. Easy to tuck somewhere for travel and they work for me.

I like the fact that they include the hook to hold the cables and keep them from tangling. I like that they come with several different connectors for different ear sizes, and i found them very comfortable. I also asked my spouse to test. She said that she found the sound was tinny. I then compared my current skullcandy over-ear headphones to these in-ear headphones. When there is silence, the headphones are not silent – they conduct a low hiss/buzz. I was testing this on a lenovo computer, by the way, with great built-in sound. She also felt that none of the ear sizes fit her. Overall, i guess i’d give them an average review.

Good enough for what i wanted them for.

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