KZ ED9 Tunning Nozzles In-Ear Headphones, Very nice!

I just received my earphones and i love them. They are clear and i enjoy using them for audiobooks.

These are really quite good for cheap. The shipping from china can be slow but that’s just part of the price you pay for the price. Also the microphone version of these aren’t available from a us based seller last i looked. They feel heavy in the hand put they are secure once inserted. They punch way above their price-class for audio quality. I prefer the gold filters, the longer brass ones over-bright and lacking bottom-end for me. They sound like you don’t have your earphones seated right, i think it’s from the little hole in the side. But the golds are nice, bassy without being overkill, and still clear up top.

At the time of writing, i’ve had these ear buds for about a month. For the price, the sound quality is pretty good. I typically used the shorter nozzles in the buds themselves and they worked fine. The mic worked fine and was clear as far as i could tell. I had no complaints when using the mic in discord or in overwatch. However, the right ear bud has already gone out, at least in some form. The mic and button still work, but i’ve tried it on three devices (my pc, iphone 5, and n3ds) and the actual sound for the right bud only worked on one, the 3ds. Even on that it had to be pushed in but not all the way. I’m not sure why it went out so soon but my only guess is because the rubber that wraps the cords is a bit gripy when wrapped and having to unwrap them whenever i take them out of my pockets probably did it. So in short, the buds are great but it looks like they’ll start acting up after a less than ideal period of time.

Key specs for KZ ED9 Tunning Nozzles In-Ear Headphones with Microphone:

  • Bass and balanced tunning nozzles, with different musical styles
  • Innovative T-shaped driver unit, make soft feel of sound and better extension of vocals
  • New vibrant PEK diaphragm, has purer vocals, dynamic texured bass
  • Musical instruments level acoustics copper housing
  • 3.5mm gold-planted jack with 90-degree angle; 3.9-foot flat tangle-free cord

Comments from buyers

“tl:dr decent quality but started going out in one bud after around a month
, Worth the wait.
, Great sound.

Came with lots of earplug sizes and the build quality is good.

Great sound, i use it all the time. It’s small size lets me take it with me wherever i go coupled with the sabaj da1 dac. They seem to be out of production so i would get a pair asap. You can’t go wrong with these.

These are to ear buds what superlux are to cans. I’ve been looking for a cheap pair of exceptional sounding earbuds for quite some time. Can’t wait to burn them in a little more. I’m a little worried about how frail the wires are in comparison to the surprisingly heavy build of the body, but we’ll see how they hold up.

Simply outstanding audio quality. It’s like a symphony in your ear.

Brought more expensive earbuds that did not sound as good.

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KZ ED9 Tunning Nozzles In-Ear Headphones with Microphone
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