Klipsch Image X7i – WHITE In-Ear Headphones : Very comfortable & great sound after you find the proper fit

This is my second pair of klipsch iems but they are better than my last set. Great bass tonality and wonderful highs. The mid tones are rock solid as well. I would recommend these to anyone looking to hear the best in music. The also mask the outside sounds quite well.

These headphones are brilliant, the x10i’s are slightly better, more depth and colour. The x7i’s are brilliant headphones. I have gone through so many sets of headphones, that i could almost open my own 2nd hand headphone store. My humble verdict, is that the klipsch brand are superior headphones. The only thing i can’t fathom is why people would want to buy expensive headphones and then go and listen the muddled sound that comes out of mp3’s even the ones at a high bit rate of 320. When i first sampled the x10i’s in the store i was nearly floored by the quality of the sound, i had not heard headphones so brilliant before. So i bit the bullet and bought them, they were quite expensive. To my dismay when i got home and connected my ipod they sounded not much better than the cheap headphones that come with your phone. Then i thought about the songs they played in the shop and how crystal clear and full they sounded.

Klipsch Image X7i – WHITE In-Ear Headphones

  • Ceramic design offers elegance and durability
  • 3-button remote for full music + voice control on select Apple products
  • Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear and enhanced bass
  • Full-range balanced armature drivers deliver deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs
  • New flat, tangle resistant cables

Would give 5 star except it seems to break after a year.

Satisfied with the earphone. However since it is a used and opened piece, the earphones collecte dust and some glitches were to be found on the earphones. There is one pair of ear buds that is missing which should be five pairs as indicated on the box. It lacks a bass punch though. Overall i am pleased with the sound quality and it seems you can listen to these earphones over a long period with comfort and ease.

Fantastic deal on an excellent sounding pair of headphones. These do a great job of preventing my fiance from listening to me on a daily basis.

Klipsch Image X7i – WHITE In-Ear Headphones : I have owned several klipsch sound reduction ear buds. I am very pleased with the sound purity for the price. Clearly beat out the larger name commodity ear buds. Yes, blue tooth offers conveniences. But do not need to worry about battery life.

Only had these for a week but the first impression is quite good. Here’s what sounds good on them. So pretty much anything that isn’t bass heavy music like house or hip hop. Having said that, if you don’t ming having a balanced bass sound then you can use these for that type of mucus as well. The highs are spectacular on these. It makes for a super cool open effect when you’re listening. And they are super comfortable. You can’t even tell when you’re wearing them.

I was looking for an upgrade to the stock issued white iphone ear buds to use at the gym during my workouts. These ear buds were recommended by elijah wood on twitter and had good amazon reviews so i tried them out. These buds come with several rubber tips, a nice carry case and a 2-prong adapter. I listen mainly to dubstep and rap and a little to pop, techno and r&b. Sound quality: the sound is amazing compared to stock iphone ear buds. The bass isn’t as strong as i was hoping for. I have to really cram these buds in my ear canal to get a good bass experience. But with a good cram, the bass is there and sounds nice. The noise cancelling does work. If i need to eat a snack with these buds in i can hear all my chewing and smacking. When i’m running i can hear my foot falls on the treadmill until i jack the volume up. During workouts: these buds are terrible for running. The combination of bouncing and sweating pops these buds right out of my ears no matter which rubber tip i have on. I have tried each tip with my run and they all suck.

Excellent sound quality for me, i had owned 4 pairs of the s4-ii but always doesn’t last long, either side stop working, had twice ask for replacement, love klipsch so decided to try this, so far working good just a little bit uncomfortable sometimes as cord is too heavy and just drop out from my ear if do a lot of movement.

The flat cable is pretty resistant to tangles and twists but is more susceptible to wind noise. It comes with interchangeable ear buds so you can pick the best fit for your ears.

It started with a decision to buy a good pair of headphones for once in my life. Over a year i used the skullcandy ink’ed 2, listening to them all day every day at work. Finally, i felt i deserved better. But i wasn’t sure i could appreciate better. Could my ears really tell the difference?i bought the klipsch r6m. $100 didn’t seem too much for this experiment. Much lower and i would confuse the data. I needed to know if i could tell quality from crap.

Their response is as flat and accurate as the old etymotics were (before the wiring broke – they were too flimsy for my use), which means they sound terrific. After a year of use and some unfortunate lurches from dropping my phone, they still work very well. Very glad about this upgrade in quality and sturdiness.

Great pair of headphones — 6 months after purchase they still work well. Imo the sound quality is pretty good and i haven’t had any of the build problems that others have had. Both sides still work and i’ve dropped them multiple times with no problem. In fact, i even have a cat who likes to try and eat them regularly and still there’s very little damage. To those reading the bad reviews and thinking about purchasing a pair of mid-range headphones, it is a good idea to assess how often you will be using them, where you keep them, what kind of weather conditions you’re using them in, and if the investment is worth it. Most headphones, with regular use, take an absolute beating. People here are saying 2 years it seems. That’s actually a pretty long time for something you wear on your body in the rain and wind and snow and sun, with the motion of your body constantly tugging on the cord. And then after that, most people will shove them in their pockets or their bags to be squished or folded or put through the wash on accident. In my experience audio equipment is often fragile by nature.

Only people who don’t appreciate real music. Klipsch has been doing this years before beats became trendy and fashionable. You won’t see people wearing them around their necks like an accessory but in their ears tuning the world out.

Note: i bought these headphones 2 months ago. After using them heavily in traveling and running, i decided to write down this review. I owned a pair of bose mie2i headphones which i bought almost 2 years ago. Very good sound quality, but after two years of heavy use the cables started to break so i decided to give a chance to this pair of klipsch x7i. Once i started to listen to random tracks i was surprised. I found some instruments in many tunes that i haven’t heard before with the bose mie2i. For such a small pieces of hardware i am amazed of how rich and powerful they can sound. Not only sound quality is better than mie2i but also the x7 are made of better materials–the ceramic is way better than the plastic bose use. Cables also feel stronger and never tangle. These are more expensive than bose mie2i but you really get a better product.

I have owned shure, bose, sennheiser, klipsch, and a whole bunch of other brands. I bought these to replace a set of sennheiser cxc 700 active noise canceling headphones that i bought. The sennheisers were nice, but they were not loud enough, and they did not do a very good job of keeping out the noise. So i bought set x7i headphones, and boy am i glad i did. I ride a noisy bus every day and i can barely hear anyone or anything other than what is playing in the speakers. These things do a great job with sound reproduction too. Update: after only 3 months of ownership, my left ear bud stopped working. I used these at least 3 hours every day and i took really good care of them. I sent klipsch an e-mail requesting an exchange. I have not yet heard back from them, but i will update. $180 is too much to spend for disposable headphones. I sure hope that they will exchange them. Update: klipsch sent me the information that i needed to return the headphones.

Let me preface this by saying i’m not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. I’m coming off of two years of suffering through having to use iphone earbuds after my dog ate my etymotic research hf2s, biding my time until i could drop some decent cash on a pair of noise-isolating iems. I had been eyeing this pair and finally went for it with the prime price drop. I’ve been so long removed from having a good set of headphones that all i know is i’m pleased with hearing my music through a good set of iems again. You won’t get critiques of clear mids or deep bass here. I’m just a guy who loves music and needs to be able to plug in at work without leaking too much or destroying my eardrums. For me it’s the perfect combination of style and function. Haven’t encountered any caveats with fit, the wire, remote or anything.

Musical and uncolored; articulate. Some reviews have said it lacks bass, but it is there if the source material has it. A good ear seal is required for optimum bass, and these are extremely comfortable and lightweight so achieving a good, comfortable fit is easy. The klipsch oval silicone pads are very comfortable. What they do not do is exaggerate the bass, or any other portion of the musical spectrum. My only negative is that the flat ribbon wire tends to be microphonic, so minimizing cable movement is required. Give these a try and find out the reason why one should spend over $100 for a set of earbuds.

Comfort and sound quality is one of the best earbuds that i had used. However, cable noise is quite evident if you move a lot or you use it for sports activities. However, i kinda regret getting the white colour as it gets dirty quite easily.

A little crisper than the s4, but i can’t tell if that was because the s4 was a knock-off or not (ok driver, flimsy build). Very nice mid-range detail, highs are good (i’m 60 and probably can’t hear them so much anymore. ) you have to jam these guys way in to get any bass.

I’ve owned klipsch speakers for years and bought my 1st pair of klipsch in-ear headphones more than 5 years ago. They are still in perfect shape, but were recently used by my spouse and never returned to me. I got the opportunity to trade up to these wonderful headphones and they are awesome. They block out most of the outside noise and lock you into what they are sending into your ear, clear crisp, sharp music. Highly recommend these to anyone.

The headphones were great till the mic stopped working around 15 months after purchase. This will be my last klipsch purchase.

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