KingYou In-ear Earbuds Earphone, Great

These are the best ear buds i have ever had. I have had the same pair for 2 years, i use them all the time and they are just starting to wear out. I wish they would have bring these back, they work great.

Great headphone, work great.

These are your typical example of a basic wired headset. Certainly a cut above anything that might have come with your phone in terms of sound quality but nothing really stands out here in terms of the construction or sound as being particularly excellent. I tested the audio quality with a number of bass heavy songs and while i was not left disappointed and found that the sound quality was definitely more than acceptable (easily sounding better than anything you’d find at the big box store for, at the time of this posting, less than $15) you aren’t going to get miracle headphones for this kind of money. The cord is a generous length and the cord material is a good rubberized soft touch plastic. The remainder of the headset seems to be all plastic but nothing that stands out as cheap – but at this price point you won’t find aluminum drivers or anything fancy in terms of the build. Volume is good, certainly it can get louder (on my phone) than i would want to listen at for any length of time and i didn’t detect any obvious distracting distortion. For a budget wired headset for what they cost i think they’re pretty good. Note that i received a product sample for the purposes of an honest and unbiased review. I always take the cost of the product into consideration when writing my reviews in these cases. I was not required to write nor do i ever promise a positive review.

Key specs for KingYou In-ear Earbuds Earphone with Mic Premium Stereo Headphone Crystal Clear Sound Ergonomic Comfort-Fit iPhone, Android KS01(Black):

  • low boss,good sound, New Design Headphone, Ear-Bud form factory
  • Excellent sound quality and super clear sound Universal,hands-free stereo earphone set for all audio devices
  • Soft silicon ear pieces sized (S/M/L) for comfortable and secure fit
  • Excellent design, natural simplicity, creative fashion, comfortable sense of hearing experience
  • Designed by kingyou to work perfectly with all your Apple Devices, Android Smartphones, Windows Phone, MP3/MP4 Player | PC | Notebook | Portable Music Players

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“these have very nice sound.
, Five Stars
, Three Stars

It isn’t the earbuds, it was the user .

They actually fit my small ear canal and are comfortable.

Best buy for the buck, i’ve spent 5x as much and not gotten the quality or the durability.

The earplugs themselves are very comfortable, giving great sound, however, as most retailers put an extra pad ‘just in case,’ in with the product, these earplugs didn’t have them, so the soft part for ear came off on one side and i have nothing to replace it with. Therefore, due to manufacturer error, i am going to have to go back to another store and start over again.

I used multiple kingyou ear phones for android phones, my iphone 4, iphone 5, and iphone 6 in the past few years. I love the design and quality of kingyou ear phones. Whether you use kingyou ear phones to listen to music or call for a short mobile phone conversation or a long conference call, you can expect the loud and clear sound as well as comfort of using the products, best of all, kingyou ear phones cost less and last longer. I will continue to use kingyou products myself and recommend them to my friends and family with no hesitation.

Outstanding communication from the seller. Comfortable, great sound and fit perfectly.

Let me start off by saying i *hate* silicone style in ear buds. In the past decade, i’ve tried dozens of them (from high end beats, to mid tier models. To the cheapest of the cheap. The ones i never managed to return, give away or break. . Just side idly doing nothing in a box by the front door in case i can’t find the standard ones which came with my iphone. With these style headphones, my biggest issue has been getting them to stay in my ear. I’ve tried countless sizes and types of silicone inserts, and nothing which would stay in like the stock white iphone buds. In the few cases they managed to stay in, the sound often sucked. Either very tinny, or so much bass they crackled.

The plastic case the headphones come do not offer the product any protection and the case is difficult to close. It’s not over-packaged, however. Basic headphone design, with an interesting twist in the earbuds. Making easier & more comfortable to wear. The headphones are lightweight and easy to carrysound & usage: 4/5 stars. Bass heavy sound but clear on the high and mid range notes. The headphones provide good balance and are better suited for electronic or hip hop music. The headphones provide passive noise cancelling of an adequate level.

Good sound for the price and stayed in ear without much discomfort.

When i was asked by kingyou to review a couple of pairs of their newest headphones, i was a bit hesitant. If i’m being perfectly honest, the price point was very low, and kingyou wasn’t a brand that i’d heard of before, so i had pretty low expectations about the quality of headphones before they came. If you’ve never heard of kingyou before either, i’m pretty sure you’ve probably got some similar feelings going through your mind right now as well–but hear me out and read my full review before giving into your first impressions. For around $15, these headphones legitimately blew me away. I’ve got around 20 pairs of headphones ranging in price from around $25 to around $300, and while i’m not going to sell your some spiel about how these blow all of those out of the water, these represent a great value for the money, and i’d encourage you to put your hesitations aside and take the chance on a brand you hadn’t otherwise heard of. The sound is what really impressed me for the price–usually when you’re listening to a pair of headphones under the $20 mark, huge compromises are made in the sound department, generally resulting in a super tinny and raspy sound. If you’ve listened to headphones you get handed on an airplane, or as some promo gift, you probably know what i’m talking about–they sort of work, but you’re not really listening to music at that point, you’re just kind of listening to a distraction of sound–it isn’t a very rewarding experience if you really enjoy music. These kingyou headphones actually offered a really good seal with the replaceable earbuds, which resulted in a comfortable fit, but also with a good seal generally comes the ability to better reproduce the low end of sound in an ear bud, and wow, these really did a great job of that. The bass is legitimately booming–which i was absolutely *not* expecting, but more than the good amount of bass, i was more impressed that the sound remained pretty well balanced. There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of bass at the expense of the mids and treble, and that shrill tinny sound that i was expecting was nowhere to be found.

Kingyou fashion new design in-ear earphone with mic premium earbud stereo headphone headset for iphone | ipod | ipad | android smartphone | mp3 player | tablet | laptop | macbook ks01(green)these headphones come with different sizes of silicone earbuds so you can choose the size that fit you best. That means no more earbuds that won’t stay in or ones too large that make your ears hurt. I like that there is a microphone so you can use this set with your smartphone hands-free and a multifunction button on it that allows you to do things like stop/start a track, go to the next track or play the previous track when you’re listening to music. The sound quality is excellent. I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. Kingyou fashion new design in-ear earphone with mic premium earbud stereo headphone headset for iphone | ipod | ipad | android smartphone | mp3 player | tablet | laptop | macbook ks01(green).

Got this for a gift for my husband.

Excellent sound quality and ear fit.

Good phones and fits well in my ears.

These are a really nice set of earbuds especially for under ten dollars. They sound really good and have a nice long cord. Also its nice that they come with several pieces you can swap between to find the perfect piece to fit your ears. One plus that i noticed is when you are using them and moving around there isnt a hole bunch of noise, not nearly as much as with most other pairs, from the cord rubbing against your clothes and all that. I wont lie and say this is the best pair of earbuds i have ever owned or even own now but i will say that they are honestly one of the best i have used especially for the price range. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest unbiased review. These opinions are my own and not persuaded in any way by receiving a discount on this product for review.

Flexable and has a good microphone .

The sound is good and they look nice. I have used them more then i have my expensive headphones. The only problem is that after a week one side of the earbuds stopped working. Really unfortunate and i’m not sure why.

Had them now for about 10 days, i use them every night at work.

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