JVC HAFR36A Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones : Very good!

Good sound 1 is broke after a week the phone awnser button stopped working great for noise isolation i would buy more if price is right.

I found it to be a good product for price i have paid. Although my model did not have volume control, it’s good enough as it is. The sound quality is acceptable and ear bud is very comfortable. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to spent a lot of money for an ear headphone.

These are my favorite headphones. These last me over a year which is saying a lot because i’m pretty rough on headphones and use them a lot. They have several different sizes of the ear buds you can attach to the headphones which is great because my cat like to chew them off so i need to replace them frequently. They also cancel out noise which is a must for me. I don’t like being able to hear outside noise if i’m listening to an audiobook or watching netflix on my iphone.

I have small ear canals, and most headphones don’t fit, or they are very painful after a short period. I bought these after reading an article about headphones for small ears, and i love them. The marshmallow padding is super squishy and comfortable, and they fit nicely inside my ridiculously small ears. I can listen to music or tv for hours without feeling like i’ve given myself an ear infection.

  • Comfortable and a decent price!
  • Awesome

JVC HAFR36A Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones with Microphone and Remote (Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • 11mmNeodymium driver unit
  • S/M color memory foam earpieces
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad/1-button remote control& mic
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

Very good sound quality at great price. The only nigative thing is you can not control volume with it. , otherwise it is a very good product.

5 stars for these, they are the only headphones that have stayed together and have not broken. The earbuds get a little dirty sometimes, but that is all there is bad to say about these. The sound quality is great and they keep out outside noise and best of all they stay in.

Not quite as mold able as i thought they would be but and the foam gets kinda grimy pretty easily.

My daughter loves these earphones. I used them for my computer work late at night as everyone else is trying to sleep.

I enjoy these earphones- they are great quality. The sound is good, and i love that it has a pause/play controller built into it. Found it at a great price too. Pretty good for shoving into your ears to avoid any kind of noise in the background (i save shove cuz you really have to push it in that earhole to be able to block out noise fully).

They are good sounding headphones, i bought them because my ipod does not turn on or advance to the next song (button broken) but with these headphones i am able to do these things.

They came with the manual and extra earbuds. Almost like new with the plastic package. These earphones are better than skullcandy earphones in my opinion.

These do a good job blocking noises, like airplane noise and the crying baby in the row in front of you :-).

I love the marshmallow headphones, i’ve purchased many. Not because they break or quit working, but because my daughter “borrows” them and i never see them again. I can’t use normal ear buds because they tend to hurt my ear a lot. These are nice because they have foam instead of plastic to put in your ear. The downside is that when they’ve been used for a long time, they tend to crack and kind of look like they dry out after a long time of use. They come with an extra set of the foam ear buds, so you can switch and be good to go for a long time.

I received these as a gift a few days ago. I usually listen to music/youtube videos on my laptop before going to bed. I had been using my ipod headphones, but they were losing sound in the right earbud. Very comfortable, mostly noise-canceling (can still hear a little bit of outside noises, but if i turn up the volume i can’t), awesome sound quality (at least, compared to the ipod headphones), and the color is really nice.

I dislike the fact that i cannot make it so that the strings for the earphones shorter as in there’s a thing in the middle where it combine the string and i can shorten it if i want. Other than that, i love this earphone.

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JVC HAFR36A Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones with Microphone and Remote (Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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