JVC HAF150A Headphone : DURABLE above anything

I’ve bought these colored headphones in stores on and off for years, so i was excited to see them on amazon for such a low price. I’m pretty sure they aren’t the same as the ones i used to get. They definitely have a cheaper feel. I feel like some of the reviews on here are probably for ones that were not purchased on amazon, like the review that said the speaker part on the headphones popped out – that used to happen to mine. These don’t look as though it will be as likely to happen but i have only had them a week, so we’ll see. These are different than i was used to. The color is much duller (although still pretty) and most importantly, the ear buds have an odd shape to them where the part that goes in the ear sticks out a bit. You can kind of see it in the picture. I suppose this is done to help them stay in, but it feels kind of annoying and take some getting used to. If you are used to a more round shape, you may not like these.

I was looking for a pair of cheap headphones that i wouldn’t have to baby and these fit the bill perfectly. I’ve been pretty rough on them, throwing them in my pocket unprotected, occasionally jerking on the wires, they even went though the washing machine and dryer in my pocket, and they just keep going. Sound quality is what you’d expect from a cheap pair of headphones, but that’s what my expensive audiophile headphone are for. I don’t listen to music on these, but they are perfect for youtube videos, podcasts, talk radio, etc. Update: after 6 months of some pretty rough abuse, including at least 3 trips though the washer and dryer, these headphones finally stopped working. I enjoyed them while they lasted.

These are very good headphones. I am very hard on things and these are tough and provide very good sound.

I bought these headphones after a coworker recommended them to me. I work in a fairly loud environment and needed headphones that could ‘drown out’ the noise around me. I typically listen to podcasts and music (cd tracks/mp3’s) and these are the only headphones i’ve found that can deliver the appropriate amount of sound (and i don’t have to have the volume at max). I am currently using these with my sony s series walkman. Compared to my apple headphones, which came with my ipod, these deliver much stronger sound and also have an insulated sound quality to them that you wouldn’t expect from such small non-‘noise cancelling’ headphones. I consider these to be a very good purchase and am happy i listened to the recommendation to buy them.

  • These replaced my Apple earbuds, and I couldn’t be happier.
  • Only headphones that fit my ears and very comfortable – great deal for the price.
  • You Get MORE Than What You Paid For

JVC HAF150A Headphone, Gumy, Cord-Match (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Deep Bass With Unique Shaped Bass Boost Ear Pieces
  • Max Input Capability: 300mW
  • Freq Resp: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Gumy Headphone
  • Powerful 13.5 mm Neodymium driver
  • 3.28 ft color cord
  • iphone/ipod compatible slim plug

These headphones are literally the greatest ones out there.

The sound is decent on these earbuds but for my use (mountain biking) they dont stay put in your ears. I have some soft pads i will add to the buds to see if that helps but if you are looking for earbuds for active use dont get these. The sound is decent but seems to be lacking in the midrange. Bass and high end come through decent but the midrange gets washed out with my ipod shuffle.

I have small ears and i never get headphones to fit – especially the in-ear ones that are supposed to fit better. These are perfect for me – the only ones i will use. Comfortable and stay in, and for a great price. I also love the colors – i don’t lose them in my purse like i do more neutral colored cords. They tangle pretty easily but not terribly, and are a good length. They don’t last a really long time, but i also don’t treat them very well. For the price, they are easy to replace every few months. One of the earpieces will start buzzing or falling apart and that’s when you know it’s time. Only real complaint is the packaging is incredibly hard to open – a real pain.

Ordered 3 of these in different colors for myself and a few of the kiddos. Sound quality is very decent and price is very affordable.

He love them and the music sound very clear with these headphones.

Good headphones, i like them more then any other in the price range and they don’t fall out of your ears. Great for the gym and trips, sound quality is good.

I have a pair of klipsch x10 earbuds that i use when i want to really focus on the music. However, those don’t always work when i just want to casually hear the sound from my mac or listen to music for background noise. I wanted to find a pair of inexpensive earbuds that wouldn’t break the bank when i broke or lost them- and these are perfect for that. It seems that every time i go to buy another pair of these earbuds there’s a new model- and the haf150s are the best yet. The earbuds usually stay the same- they are small, light, colorful soft-touch earbuds that go in the ears easily and aren’t uncomfortable at all. The sound keeps getting better and better with every new model. I can definitely tell a difference between my 140s and these 150s. There is a fair amount of bass, but nothing exceptional. Mids and highs are acceptable as well. Overall, you get an experience that i would classify as “good.

I like it, it works as it should. It is actually much darker than the product picture (the actual color is more like the darker pair in attached photos), and has a slightly different shape (attached photo).

The volume on the left isn’t as even as on the right. But i got them because the rubberized ear buds stay in really well when running.

I have had a pair of these headphones in a lighter shade of blue from best buy back about 6 years ago and have had them working since then upon til a month or so ago when it was dangling off my desk and my dog chewed the ear piece. The only thing was the color fades over time but the sound still sounded great. I was so thrilled when i found these on here because i haven’t been able to find hem in store. I don’t go to best buy often and didn’t know where else they would be. They came in perfect time, before the shipping date which made me happy and they work amazingly and love the color. I would definitely recommend these for anyone of any age they are also comfy in your ear and can wear them for a few hours without it being a bother to your ear unlike some headphones i’ve tried in the past.

These earphones are 100x better than the ipod/ipone ones and are 3x cheaper. Cant get any better than that. And did mention they are so much more comfy.

The headphones are incredibly comfortable. I love gumies, and these have always been the only ear buds i can use. Being able to buy them in colors i love is just a huge bonus. I use them everyday, and the sound quality is sill as amazing as it was the first day.

Love these headphones, so substantially ordering other sets. They match nice and have great seem. Very relaxed to use all around for very long periods of time.

Product gained is exactly as described on the web-site.

I like to listen to audiobooks to fall asleep and this design and style of headphone is much more at ease than the in ear design. These audio wonderful for spoken phrase, i haven’t made use of them a great deal for new music, but i would say they are on par with apple’s comparable headphone – good but a far cry from audiophile high-quality for songs. They have been durable as i have applied them every night time for months now. They are more comfy and long lasting than the manufacturing unit apple headphones they replaced. They have a helpful sliding ‘keeper’ that support me retail outlet them wrapped about my ipod touch with no tangling.

Had these head phones for a 12 months+ and they are the greatest headphones i have ever owned. Only issue is that it falls too easy out of my ears. But with that said these are in all probability the most effective headphones below 10 bucks you will at any time own. I dropped it soapy h2o – continue to performs immediately after it was dried2. Dropped in some cooking oil – labored right after cleaning it off with paper towel3. My very little sister gave the wire a handful of bites – cant believe that it nonetheless worked4. Designed challenging pulls on it much more times that i could bear in mind – wow.

These are the excellent headphones, not only do they pack a fantastic punch audio top quality intelligent, but they also simply and comfortably sit in your eyes and keep in there with there rubber materials. Gumy headphones are the only model of in-ear headphones i willl acquire and they are constantly rather affordable ($5 in retail store). They also occur in very lively legitimate to shade shades. You will not be dissatisfied with these headphones.

My brother and i both have ipods/iphones and when our apple earbuds broke, i made a decision to acquire these for us alternatively of replacing the apple kinds, and we couldn’t be happier with them. They appear in good hues (he ordinarily gets blue and i normally get pink or black), and they are comfortable and comfortable. My ears are actually awkwardly little (you know that episode of the office environment in which everyone teases dwight for his smaller nose?. Which is me, but with ears), and so a lot of earbuds suit strange or are just not comfortable. And they have nailed the model loyalty point with us, because these are the only earbuds my brother and i will acquire. They past a incredibly extensive time and when they do break, it really is not that huge a deal (aside from the sadz) mainly because they are fairly reasonably priced, so we just operate out and purchase a new pair that will past us about 3 years on common.

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