JDS LABS JDSLABS Objective2, Great unit! Equal in performance (with a single source) to far more expensive units. Careful with the description!

This is a fantastic amp/dac, and for this selling price level you can’t go incorrect. Nevertheless, i would like to notice that as of three/eleven/2015,even with what the buyer solutions declare, this does not ship with the ac adapter, so without the need of a person, you will have an unusable item. I had to sit all over for about a week until eventually i was equipped to get and obtain an adapter from jds lab’s true web-site.

The jds labs objective two is a stable point out headphone amp it has no tubes, which coloration and distort songs. I have utilized a lot of headphones, which include my hd800’s, with the o2 and been incredibly happy with the in general seem high quality. I made use of to be a superior-close audio salesman, so i know how things are done in the audio marketplace. It is ninety% smoke and mirrors. I have found whole junk, not just amps, marked up dozens of periods in excess of their correct producing expense, however identified as substantial stop by their manufacturers. This kind of junk then receives rave reviews from magazine ‘experts’, which are perpetuated and propagated by naive blue collar consumers in chat rooms. The o2/odac combo is the only amp and dac that most educated audiophiles will at any time require. Exhaustive screening has definitively proven that declare (google ‘nwavguy o2 details’. ) personally, i desire the individual moveable versions of the o2/odac so i can take them anywhere and use them with my wonderful iphone 6s when i am pressured to get general public transit (buses, subways) to journey via my massive city. Wow, hq songs places me into a different environment and helps make that depressing encounter downright pleasurable.

Unbelievable change in seem. Operating laptop to odac by using usb. one observed the unit, no drivers essential. Actively playing tidal in hifi manner – entirely diverse expertise than that on computer, or apple iphone, and many others. Unquestionably value the money if you intend to listen this way. One down aspect is it does not come w/ a ac electricity provide. This will also amplify an analog device like an iphone to travel headphones requiring far more electricity. However i would not advise it if you intend to use it only for that intent – in its place get the substantially more cost-effective objective2 (exact same amp without the dac).

Key specs for JDSLABS Objective2 + ODAC Combo Headphone amp By NwAvGuy model:

  • Frequency Response: +0.01, -0.01 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
  • Output impedance:0.5 ohm Volume Potentiometer Taper: 15A or 3B
  • Power:14-20V AC adapter with a standard 5.5 x 2.1 mm(not DC adapter). You can charge 9V battery from AC Jack and carry this amp. (battery not included)
  • Size: 108.50 x 80.00 29.50 x mm Weight: 311g Accessories: cleat rubber/adapter

Comments from buyers

“Great little amp/dac, Sweet! (+note on power adapters), Loving what I’m hearing – different world”

I bought this to generate my planars. Everything is exactly as explained, except that the brief description say’s the o2+odac has rechargeable batteries. There are no space for batteries in the combo device. It was a conclusion i experienced to make. Best to double examine the jds, or any, web site.

I was gifted the odac + o2 (o heading forward) and an akg q701 from a buddy for carrying out some images perform for him. Fantastic offer for mei’ve heard the o prior to lots of situations at meets, and usually appreciated it can be cleanse, very clear seem. I wont go into technological specifics on this amp. Just know it can be highly effective for most headphones, sounds terrific, and is easy to use. If you want a clean sounding dac/amp, appear no additional. The amp area is very well run, so only super really hard to drive planars will give the amp difficulty. My hardest to drive headphones, the mrspeakers alpha key, receives a good deal loud with great dynamics on the o. These are planar headphones, so it can be excellent to see the o can generate them well. My other principal amp, the schiit magni two uber, is about double the electricity of the o, but seems about the similar. Bass slam is a bit more difficult on the magni, owing to the extra ability, but the discrepancies are so tiny it is really not seriously really worth stressing about.

I am currently applying the o2+odac to generate a pair of ath-m50x cans and the sound, to me, is really impressive. To have audio from a electronic supply sounding this clear and highly effective is ordinarily substantially additional high priced. Excellent design with a pretty lower output impedance of ~. five ohm (1/2 ohm) which will equally travel and damp most headphones. The m50s rated at 38 ohms simply just really don’t seem to be to appear alive with higher impedance amps. A quite fulfilling and immersive listening expertise all around with this combo. You seriously owe it to on your own to hear to your headphones via this wonderfully clear and potent system. It has a switchable quantity selection (very low/high) and very well a lot more than ample electrical power to problems your ears if likely overboard on the quantity controls so use caution in that regard. Simply because there is no acquiring all-around the reality that listening to audio is a quite subjective and personalized practical experience.

For the funds, there is absolutely nothing better, or even shut. Superior sturdy amp, pleasant improvement around macbook professional inside dac for clarity and definition. Little, un intrusive part of a desktop established up. It does not do what chord mojo does, but at this expense, there is almost nothing i have found much better. Strong amp, apparent audio and very low litter on your desk. Great to take to the business office.

Plug in 24/seven performing just fine.

I will in all probability get in hassle for this, but, i bought mine instantly from jds labs. Really don’t forget about to order a electrical power supply from them as well. For and further $four they will set the ability input on the back and include line stage rca out jacks so you can run it to your electric power amp or driven speakers (which is what i did). They have fantastic customer services and ship speedily. I operate hd 650 telephones and there is lots of electrical power. I link this to my mac usb and the laptop or computer recognizes it ans sends out a raw electronic signal (if you choose it in the audio tastes. It by no means worked ideal with my android observe two and i comprehend it has complications running off the be aware four. They have great battery-driven very little portables for these phones.

Absolutely 1 of the ideal dac / headphone amp i have ever owned and i have had a number of. Amazing ability and seem to drive your typical headphone all the way up to considerably a lot more demanding experienced headphones. It does deficiency a tiny in the possibilities section and has the energy cable relationship in the entrance which can be uncomfortable but it will make up for it with an surprisingly reliable construction and sleek regulate buttons. This solution will not allow you down and i would advise it to any individual.

I bought this directly from jdslabs for the reason that i couldn’t figure out how to order a personalized configuration even although i like quite considerably to buy from amazon. I consider all these occur with a black entrance panel, mine did. It would behoove jdslabs or, amazon?, to update the photo. I purchased mine with the power jack on the again of the device and a 1/4′ entrance jack for my sennheiser headphones. The order came very swiftly, two times from jds. I guess i can sum it up as wow . The audio is incredibly clean up, exceptional i. i’ve a huge two terabyte selection of songs and put in a number of several hours nowadays listening.

Appears seriously actually superior but it did not occur with the energy brick. My suggestion is to acquire it on jds labs web-site where it is incorporated absolutely free of demand. If you do make a decision to get it here, jds labs sells the energy brick independently as perfectly.

I use the o2 completely, the moveable amp, and the desktop dac. The 3 headphones in my collection that i use with theo2 are the hifi person he-five hundred, audeze liquid crystal display-two rev-2, and the fostex th-900. No sound and greatdynamic vary. I have absolutely have no complaints with this amp.

Brilliant small amp/dac perfectly worthy of the revenue. If your just starting off out its the best set up. If your an audiophile then i would endorse it and review it to your hi-stop gear see if it was worth paying all that dollars. Doesn’t arrive with a ability supply so i would advocate the combo package it removes the guess work on having the accurate electricity provide. Buyer assistance was terrific swift to respond and extremely experienced.

Is effective perfectly with my sennheiser headphones.

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