iHip IP-EBLING76-R Bling Bling Earphones, Five Stars

They are super loud and basey. One of the buds came apart at its seam but it went right back together with no prb. These are the best budget earbuds i have had.

Great sound range and bass for the price.

My granddaughter love the earphones. I gave them to her as a gift on christmas.

Key specs for iHip IP-EBLING76-R Bling Bling Earphones (Red) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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Comments from buyers

“They’re shaped like ear plugs so they’ll completely seal your ears to
, AWESOME!!!!!
, Five Stars

I’ve got a pair of these and they sound amaaaaazing. Really deep bass, but detailed and not boomy or muddy like a lot of headphones which promise great bass response. The high frequencies are also really clear and detailed. With the aid of a graphic equaliser you can get an almost flawless performance from these. They’re such amazing value, i can’t understand why all earphones don’t sound this good.

I am amazed at the high output level these earbuds have. You don’t have to raise the volume as much as other earbuds. You can buy them as low as 5.

Works great with clear sound. I use them to listen to audiobooks and music while mowing my yard. Great buy for the price that’s why i stocked up.

Not the bass i was expecting. Probably caused by the poor fit. Only one size of cup supplied. Strange to supply multiple earcups, all the same sze.

Look cute and fit comfortably.

I was initially not going to write a review on these ear buds, yes the sound is great but just didn’t feel like leaving the review. That is, until i just took them out of my dryer. After being washed full cycle. Now i am convinced i need to get a review out there. I picked these up at a certain store where things seem to cost 5 dollars or less. Main purpose for getting them was a pair of headphones that sounded good while flying, ones i could actually hear, and actually crank up. They look a little tacky with the fake diamonds in them, but trust me, they are very clear, very loud, and really push some impressive bass. They use rubber ear-plug-like covers, so you essentially push them into your ear a little bit, quieting the outside world a huge huge huge amount. To conclude my review,i lucked out getting these to cheap.

I’m somewhat of an audiophile, and while these are not the best headphones ever, the are certainly the best earbuds you can buy for less that $50. I have purchased a lot of ‘cheap’ earbuds because i lose them so much (not going to blame my kids). Most are junk, and i don’t ever expect much, but these have really surprised me. Being a bass player, i love bass.I have subwoofers all over my house and in my cars. These headphones deliver bass. You have to really get them in your ears for the isolation that the bass needs to sound full, but when you do. I had a pair of shure professional in ear monitor headphones that i used for years (because i love the low end reproduction), and when those broke after much use, i decided that i wasn’t going to spend that much on ear buds again. So i assumed that my headphone bass days were over.

These work well, maybe too well. They’re shaped like ear plugs so they’ll completely seal your ears to the point where you’ll hear yourself breathing. Sound is fine with good bass. Note that all the replacement foam pads are the same size, so if you’re picky about the fit, may want to consider another brand.

I bought these as a birthday gift for myself. Would have to buy these babies again. Very clean and bass and beats skull candy earphones.

Amazing, for such price, they sound closely to higher end earphones. Close enough to warrant the pricebought these earphones at a shopfor this price , the sound is quite good and just about right. And the sound naturally reproduced according to what i am listening to. For example if u watch a movie with lots of deep bass , the bass goes very deep, when playing games, the surround effect is more noticeable. For 16 bucks u get crappy quality and gimmicky stuff but not with these the sound is especially good in 3d games and concert or symphony music. Whats incredible is that the sound closely follows what the source material is for example ,it reproduces the mix of the music as it was done in the studio. If you like large amounts of artificial bass like what other earphones do ( exaggerating effect) , then these are is not for you as its about realistic reproduction which means, if the track wasn’t mixed with a lot of bass or doesn’t have any, you won’t hear any. Otherwise, if bass is part of the track mix it is plenty powerful. The same goes for surround effect as well.

I bought a pair of these in a pharmacy real cheap and didnt think thry would be good. These are now by favorite ear bud headphones and i only buy ihip ear bud headphones now. The sound is so clean and the bass is real deep.

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