iHip Classic Superman Logo Hi-Fi Noise ucing Ear Buds : lantern fan) but they’ve actually lasted longer and work better then the more expensive earphones we bought

Bought this for as a birthday gift for a friend, and they really love it. A great product, really love it.

My youngest child wanted these (as a green lantern fan) but they’ve actually lasted longer and work better then the more expensive earphones we bought. Works great (and very low priced).

The only problem with these are that the picture starts to peel off after so long.

My husband really enjoyed them and is a avid fan. Seems they do a good job and he has been using them ever since he received them.

  • Well one of them doesn’t work.
  • Great product! Really durable! 200% happy!
  • lantern fan) but they’ve actually lasted longer and work better then the more expensive earphones we bought

iHip Classic Superman Logo Hi-Fi Noise Reducing Ear Buds (Earphones)

  • Superman’s Face
  • High Quality
  • Noise Reducing
  • In-ear design
  • No.VALUE
  • Comic Character Logo Earbuds
  • In-Ear earbuds with Comic character logo in 3D printed design, official wire slider, and team insignia on the head jack
  • Noise Isolating and engineered for quality listening
  • Compatible with all standard headphone jack items including Iphone, Ipod, Blackberry, Walkmans and more

This is a really neat headset and i can’t wait to start using them once my current set wears out.

They fit very well in every ear. They will be damaged at the junction between the connector and the cable very soon. (i had a pair of these earbuds before).

Bought these as a gift for my husband. He loved the character the flash, and said they were good headphone to use with this cellphone.

These headphones are a must for wonder woman fans. The have good sound quality and excellent graphics and a cool collectors package.

I bought these to replace my son’s ipod headphones, he loves them and they’re surprisingly really great little headphones. Quality sound, decent noise reduction, and they’re batman – it’s all good :).

Nice headphones very comfortable to wear. Cute design of wonderwoman on the ear buds.

Oh my goodness i bought one set of wonder woman ear buds and its said not shipped for hours , i mean the first my order was cancelled then now this one isn’t shipped and it doesn’t allow me to contact the seller so he needs to get to stepping i said politely. So for now i will be generous and give 3 stars.

They arrived quickly and were very well packaged. But after about a week of using them, the right speaker began to fade out and after a couple weeks the connectivity with the headphone jack cuts in and out when listening and most of the time sound only comes out of the left speaker. Not good for running or working out, only really good if you’re sitting still and don’t put pressure on the cord. Don’t do very much to cancel out any sound.

Cool earbuds for any superhero fan. I’m pretty careless with my stuff but no matter what happened to them the picture stays perfect and they still work perfectly even after being in the washer and dryer a few times.The squishy parts for your ear do to seem to collect a lot of dust/dirt/lint pretty quickly though, it might just be me, but you do have to clean them from time to time.

Loved the sound it was very clear and i have a phone that has beats audio and enjoyed to listen to my music.

I love these headphones they are different from the normal plain white headphones. I showed my friends my headphones and they liked it a lot too and there’s 5 different kinds to choose from i want the whole collectionthey work really well my first ones were stolen so i had to buy them again but the price is not bad for headphones i really enjoy ;].

You would think 20 dollar eat buds would come without issues, right?. But hey, i paid like 6 bucks for these so i can’t really complain. I just wish i wasn’t so lazy or i would return them. I bought these to work out, i just put them in for the first time, so now i can work out one ear at a time. Maybe this will be the best part of my workout. 6 bench press and switch ears to keep my hearing loss even. Edit: rated from 1 to 3 stars. New pair arrived quickly and work just fine.

By little i mean the part the ear bud goes into and i mean my own. I hate bulky ear buds so these were perfect. Comfortable plus i love wonder woman.

Very cute set, and it also comes in a colorful little jacket. It’s a gift, so i was pleased it’s so appealing.

Work great look even better.

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