id America ID America IDH101-GRN ID America Spark In-Ear Headphones – Retail Packaging – : Great Sound For The Price. Just Treat Them Gently.

Kinda noisy on cable movement. But with the kind of price, i’m happy. Definitely a good buy for such bargain.

Aweesome clear sound, completely worth it and very nice looking design. 100 % recommend this headphones, love them 🙂 xd .

ID America IDH101-GRN ID America Spark In-Ear Headphones – Retail Packaging – Green

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Most Devices with 3.5mm Jack
  • Advanced In-Lin Microphone Module
  • Inspired by the shape of an automobile spark plug
  • Spark is wrapped in 2 layers of aluminum casing to deliver great sound while ensuring solid build quality.
  • High Performance 8mm Dynamic Driver

Supposed to get this for myself, but got it for my gf instead. She’s definitely not into spending money on earphones. But when she opened the box, the striking color, its a beauty. Great solid feel, and nice hard case.

This has become my ‘everyday’ earbuds. They are clearer than the cheap ones i used in the past, but in the end, they are still inexpensive earbuds. I haven’t tried the ones costing hundreds of dollars, but at those prices, noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones are the way to go.

Love these headphones they sound great. The cord is kinda thin but it is still durable. Should of stocked up when they cost $15 cuz there not worth $45 to me.

ID America IDH101-GRN ID America Spark In-Ear Headphones – Retail Packaging – Green : Totally loving the sound quality. I’m not really a big fan of in-ear headphones because it hurts my ears, but decided it was worth it to try on the recommendation of a friend. These buds were comfortable enough for me although i kinda wish they were a little smaller.

Good headphones and the quality is there. I definitely recommend these to people who want good headphones at a decent price.

The quality of the sound is awesome. I play guitar and bass, so i can say that compared to high end sony or shure iover ear monitor headphones, these have less range but man theyre awesome for under 50 bucks. I’ve managed to mangle several pairs , no fault of i d america. They’re too cheap just not to buy again. I’ve had to return two pairs one had a bad mic and the other had a bad leg. Service was quick and painless. I’m obviously a fan, and today i’m buying some to give as gifts. If you’re gentle with them they’ll give you great audio and hands free use. They would get 5 stars if the qc were better.

A perfect set for the teenager that breaks everything. Bought them a month ago and they are still in perfect shape. Longest lasting that she’s had so far.

Perhaps i don’t know how to use them right but i can hear the cord bumping against me at the gym. The sound quality is the excellent though.

For the price range the sound quality is good and enjoyable. The metal casing makes these buds feel of a higher quality. Consideration needs to be given if these buds are compatible with your current smart phone.

These are so good my kids keep stealing them from me. I keep purchasing this product because there is no other product that comes close to the quality for the price.

These are the best headphones ever. They have great sound quality, and are noise canceling. If you are looking for portability and great sound quality in a pair of headphones, get these.

These work well for my commute and they look sharp. The sound is good and i haven’t had any complaints from using the mic. I walk a lot in the rain so they appear to do well with exposure to water.

Pros: fantastic sound quality for the price. These blow skull candy and stock earbuds and headphones out of the water (which, really, isn’t hard to do) and for the price point, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t replace your stock earbuds. Bass is low and tight and not muddled. This works well with norah jones, calvin harris, and even yo-yo ma. I listen to a wide variety of music and it has yet to disappoint. With a good seal, it challenges other earbuds above the $100 range. And you can find these for less than $20. (i usually forget that it has an in-line microphone as well. But can’t really comment on how good it is since i rarely use it.

I love them so much that i ordered another pair in pink. The shipping was very quick and the packaging perfect.

Do to my hectic life i need 2 pairs of headphones in different locations. I am seriously considering ordering another pair in red.

I originally bought the cheapo skull candy earbuds and immediately returned it. This set has amazing clarity and a lot of bass, but not overwhelming, and its definitely not distorted. The multi-color and the on-line mic helps with easily identifying the left ear bud. On the downside, i wish the case it came with was a soft case, because the round one it comes with is kind of a weird shape to store in your pocket or bag or whatever. Also, the jack is straight, so be careful not to bend the cord too much. Never thought i would ever have a need to use the mic, but my earpiece on my phone broke, so i have been forced to use these when making calls, and it sounds really well. I also recorded myself speaking with them, and it is really clear. For $30 bucks, this thing is amazing, i am going to purchase another set so i can leave it at work.

It was a christmas gift for our grandson. He loved the look and the sound quality. However 6 months later they were dropped and stopped working.

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ID America IDH101-GRN ID America Spark In-Ear Headphones - Retail Packaging - Green
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