Granvela Hi Definition Earbuds : The sound was very good for the price with nice bass

The sound was very good for the price with nice bass. Unfortunately the right side started cutting out after about 2 months. Other than that it would have been a solid 5 stars. I will be ordering another pair soon.

I waited a little while to review to make sure i had enough time to test them out and really put them through the paces before i left a review. I primarily just use them with my computer at work but i took these while working out and carried them around in my pockets and treated them a little “rough” just to make sure they would hold up. Everything is holding up fine, and they still work excellent. Sound quality: overall the sound quality is about what you would expect from a set of basic in ear headphones, you can’t compare these to some amazing set or even compare them to overrated sets like the beats but they will sound good, and can get loud enough without much distortion. Reliability: like i said, i was not gentle on these for the past few weeks that i’ve owned them and they have held up very very well. They have not frayed or started to come undone, and even the little rubber pieces that go into the ear have held up well and do not get that much grime. The set comes with a few different size ear buds to make sure you have a good fit, it’s one of my biggest issues with the apple ear buds. Do they seriously think that everyone’s ears are the exact same?.This gives you options to make sure they are comfortable in your ear.

The kz ed8 is my twelfth pair of knowledge zenith earphones. The odd thing is that i almost did not order these. Several weeks ago i scoured the internet to find any reviews of this earphone. The few reviews i found left me with the impression that these were just to bassy and muddy. I already have several bass-forward iems from kz and decided another one would be superfluous. About me:i tend to prefer a relatively neutral sound signature with a slight emphasis in both bass and treble, which is basically a mild “v” shaped sound signature. I find that an absolute neutral sound signature usually lacks enough energy for the genres i enjoy most, which are classic trance and progressive (early tiesto, markus schulz, otello, dt8 project), chill out, breakbeat (hybrid & burufunk remixes) and 80’s & 90’s (new order, secession, the cure, siouxie & the banshees, depeche mode). Sure i listen to shania twain, sade, bach, ella fitzgerald and everything in between, but as of late the bulk of my listening pleasure is focused on the aforementioned genres. About iems (in-ear monitors):take note when you read iem reviews that when the reviewer gives his/her opinion regarding the sound that there are many factors that shape the final sound an iem delivers to one’s ear. Those factors include:1 – shape and size of the reviewer’s ear canals.

These earbuds have great sound and really do put out a lot of bass. They came with 2 additional sets of earbuds so you can find the one that fits you best. They also include a nice carrying case to keep them protected if you carry them in your pocket, purse or backpack. You can also use them for answering phone calls and they have a pause, play or skip feature that is easily accessible. The sound quality is good with no distortion even at full volume and the bass is really strong. I did have a little trouble keeping them in my ears since they are fairly heavy, but once i switched to a smaller ear bud cover they stayed much better and were not uncomfortable. If you have smaller ears they may not stay in very well though due to their weight. The sound is so crisp and clear that even though they are a little heavy i still rate them 5 stars. Definitely the best i’ve tried in this price range for the amount of bass they deliver. I received these granvela in-ear headphones for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • The sound was very good for the price with nice bass
  • Great sound with lots of bass
  • Top of the heap for $11!

Hi Definition Earbuds,GranVela ED8S in-Ear Headphones with Microphone, for Listening Music and Taking Call with iPhone, Android Phones (Unique Stylish Outlook)

  • Premium metallic design for ultimate durability and long-lasting use
  • Balanced Sound With Powerful Bass Suitable For Classical,Jazz,Movie Original tracks, Rock,Country and all other Musics
  • Enhanced sound effect, ensuring clarity of sound and especially perfect bass from low impedance, high sensitivity and frequency range
  • OFC Oxygen-free Cu Wire providing No-Loss Transmission. Hi-Fi Sound Reproduced by Hi Performance Neodymium Magnet Driver
  • Universal 3.5mm auxiliary jack to fit any smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop and more

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Hi Definition Earbuds,GranVela ED8S in-Ear Headphones with Microphone, for Listening Music and Taking Call with iPhone, Android Phones (Unique Stylish Outlook)
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