Grado GR10e In-Ear Headphones, Love the clarity and the natural sound that it delivers

These are the really finest i have at any time owned, and i’ve owned them all. Shure, etymotic, sennheiser, bose, audio technica, beyer dynamic it is been a journey. But the journey arrives to an stop with these. I do would like they had in-line mic but i am reside devoid of that for this seem good quality. Desire i would have found these lengthy time in the past, would have help save myself and whole lot of dollars buying and offering other styles. Now i been given these foam ideas – and they enrich the isolation and bass reaction significantly. Com/gp/item/b004hkiab0?psc=1&redirect=correct&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00jan 27,’18’ – update – these are just so amazing. Due to the fact acquiring these i have acquired/tried out several other – over ear and in-ear headphones, but none sound as excellent as these.

Obtaining lost my first gr10’s, i purchased this as a substitution following not remaining satisfied with the superior sounding bower and wilkins c5 collection 2. Was trying to conserve cash ($130 on verizon rewards software), but i missed the excess crispness and super abundant detail of the grados. The gr 10e’s also are a wonderful sonic advancement about the primary gr 10’s. I are unable to look at them again and forth, but these look to be significantly extra efficient. I from time to time love just simple loud, and these get way too loud even for me. The treble seems smoother as well. The mid-tones and treble sound completely incredible. Never read guitar, strings or horns seem so in depth, crisp and alive in an iem. The separation between devices is remarkable. The bass goes extremely quite minimal, but at times i want there was a tad much more.

With lossless 16bit or denser data files and thoroughly clean dac/amp chain, gr10e delivers audiophile bliss. As stated by other reviewers, midrange frequencies are a sturdy go well with of the gr10e vocals have remarkable presence and realism. But its midrange is not emphasised to the detriment of the audible spectrum and none of its frequency reaction gets shorter shrift. Superior frequency extension is really very good, smooth devoid of harshness. Its minimal finish delivers a practical, textured audio of unique bass strings. If you like the upright acoustic bass in jazz tunes, you can actually value how the gr10e reveals this instrument’s complex tones with terrific definition. Perhaps most, house stereo methods) can make this instrument audio like a muddy mess. +modest and stealthy, its design is minimalist and belies gr10e’s powerful efficiency.

Key specs for Grado GR10e In-Ear Headphones:

  • 4OurEars is the only Grado Authorized Amazon Reseller
  • Adds frequency extension in both the high and low ranges
  • Wide open soundstage and glorious midrange performers
  • Reduces distortion
  • Manufacturers Warranty applicable in US only

Comments from buyers

“Great Headphones,, I bought this as a replacement after not being satisfied with the good sounding Bower and Wilkins C5 series , These are the very best I have ever owned”

I’m heading to keep this small and sweet. The sound these develop is wide,dynamic,specific,clear,fantastic agency bass and incredible seem. As fantastic if not superior the lots of earphones costing hundreds much more.

I thought apple iphone could be wonderful to push this earphone, since its impedance is merely 32om. With no an amplifier, the gr10e seems just so-so on my iphone 6s. It’s like a $20 earphone acquired somewhere else. I purchased a moveable amplifier and, you guess what, this earphone gets to be absolutely diverse. It creates attractive seems. Definitely amplifier is a must.

I had higher anticipations for these very little in ear displays. As an ear bud these audio superior and clearer and crisp than any other ear buds ive heard right before. Even so i was disappointed with the audio field it generates. Irrespective of supply it provides a sound industry of instruments predominantly involving my ears. Regularly i understand spatial depth as staying in advance in front of me, but nevertheless amongst my ears and minimal to know specifics on spatial positioning remaining and correct. Now for a price tag of $four hundred i experienced envisioned superior efficiency in this area. These are not great for big symphony orchestra music or performances recorded are living with heaps of spatial detail you know you would assume. Also, these are shallow sounding in the small stop, which i would have expected specified the dimension of the motorists which really detracts from the sudden punch of dynamic array you get with a huge symphony orchestra this kind of as a tympani drum staying struck. This combined with the lack spatial detail limits the sort of music i appreciate listening much too with these grados. These excel at human voice and tiny stage acoustic variety performances, this kind of as classical guitar giving your mind spatial details on the peak of sound reverberation but once again very little detail on the width, remaining and proper.

Love the clarity and the pure seem that it delivers. Also it is pretty gentle and cozy to place on. It has turn into my favorite in-ear with no doubt.

Snug, beautiful and extremely excellent sounding ear buds. I own quite a few pair of whole sized grados, together with their leading of the line headphones, and i am generally a fan of the brand name. Getting explained that, these buds are simply are not worthy of the cost. You get almost nothing but a number of substitution strategies with them–not even a standard circumstance the wire (while still in good shape) does not appear to be like it would withstand any rough handling. The seem, while really superior, is not equivalent in my feeling to a range of much more moderately priced possibilities (specifically at the small conclude, and with regard to the separation). I recommend them if you have a good deal of cash and like the scaled-down variety.

I am blessed more than enough to personal various great iems, such as the shure se846s and the sennheisers ie800s, which i the two adore. I received the grados a few of times back, and i adore them. They do not have the bass of the shures or the soundstage of the sennheisers, but they sound warm and are really light-weight and cozy. Prosgreat, engaging, comprehensive, warm soundsmall, light, and comfortablethe right cord lenght (46′?)consthe cable looks a bit flimsy, and is not replacablethe bass is restrained (if you like a lot of bass)no distant or mic on cablenot much integrated other than three sizes of guidelines.

The headphones supply superior audio excellent somewhat flat on the bass but still excellent. The packaging does the item no favours.

Up to date: nine-04-2018i’ve listened to the gr-10e for at least seventy five hrs. The tunes i listened to was compressed in apple lossless structure. I applied my macbook professional with itunes for playback. The variances in audio high-quality mentioned in this critique had been also listened to on my ipod typical with songs compressed in aac structure at 256kbps vbr quality (itunes in addition). A headphone amplifier might strengthen your working experience appreciably. I used the jds labs objective2 as my reference. I have compared it against the fiio e12 and the denon da-10 and the objective2 furnished the ideal overall performance. You can test out my opinions for the e12 and da-10 if you will need far more specifics. The 1st enhancement i found with a headphone amplifier with the gr10 is a quiet sounds floor. The created-in amplifiers in my ipod basic (6g), macbook professional (eight.

I am a speaker listener 1st, then comprehensive-dimensions headphones, but often in-ear headphones are ideal, like when laying in bed or sitting at an airport. I wanted in-ear headphones that were not a major stage down from my bigger, far more high-priced units. These grado rs10e headphones supply properly. If you’re already a grado headphone listener, you can right away recognize the sound — warm, with abundant midrange — which you’re now listening to with the larger sized grado headphones. To me, this is a pretty superior detail. Clarity is amazing, but they also provide a pretty listenable and musical sound. There’s practically nothing harsh about these in-ear displays. And of course, the audio is audiophile-quality all the usual audio geek buzzwords apply, including soundstage, dynamics, and so forth. I will not likely hassle you with all that. A phrase of warning, nevertheless: you ought to get the healthy right. I needed to use the premier incorporated guidelines to get the telephones to seal properly. If the headphones do not seal, you may have no bass and the seem will be slender. When i get close to to it, i’ll likely switch to foam guidelines, which must generate an even greater seal than the included rubber kinds. As for crack-in, and i’m not completely persuaded these types of a detail exists, my brain told me that anything settled down inside just a few hrs of listening.

When i to start with received these earbuds, i was quite disappointed. The sound was just not satisfying. In simple fact, i in contrast it to my $19. 95 skullcandy earbuds, and the skullcandys sounded way far better, in bass, treble and midrange. New music sounded pretty attractive and satisfying with the skullcandys. Btw, i was listening to music from my apple iphone 6, but these earbuds have a lower impedance, it need to even now seem very good with that resource. I did detect that even with the biggest earbuds, there was not a restricted seal to my ear. My ear canals should be extremely substantial. With the skullcandys, the seal was tight. I was tempted to return the grados, but i made a decision to consider some comply foam substitution earbud strategies, to see if these would fill up my ear canal and enhance the sound.

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