Denon AH-C50MASR Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones – I did not like the way it was packed

The denon ah-c50ma music manic headphones seem pretty durable. There is something that feels like a silicone coating on the cord that truly prevents it from tangling up, which is such a hassle that happens to all of my apple ear buds. The remote button, which can be found on the left wire allows for pausing music, skipping ahead or playing the previous track, and answering incoming calls with its built in microphone. The mic is good quality; most people think i am talking directly into the phone, so that is a plus. I generally find denon equipment emphasizes a bit too much on the midrange frequencies, and the denon ah-c50masr studio quality in-ear headphones are no exception, but besides that, they sound great. They are well balanced on opposite sides of the spectrum – good bass and nice crisp and breathy highs. For my taste the mid range frequencies are slightly shrill without any tone control applied. Of course everyone has their own tastes of how things should sound and comments are totally subjective. If i use the headphones on an iphone or an ipod nano with the eq on “loudness” which cuts down the on the mids, and emphasizes the bass a bit more, the headphones sound superb. For those who really want full control of their sound, the box tells you to download the denon audio app for $1.

My last 3 earphones have been denon. I simply love their sound quality and these did not fail to impress me. Being a windows phone user, it is generally very difficult to find high quality earphones by the likes of denon for non-ios users. The retail packaging is superb. Sound quality fantastic and clear. The in ear form fitted earbuds do not fall off 🙂 oh and the 1 button remote is more than enough to answer calls, skip tracks and play/pause music. I love it and highly recommend these. Oh and this review is after 6 months of usethey are good enough that i actually decided to do a list post dedicated to good earphones / headphones and have them added to it.

These headphones really hit the sweet spot for price, sound, and functionality. They don’t include many extras, but i’d rather not pay for yet another drawstring pouch. Most importantly, the sound is really great. No in-ear headphones will sound quite as nice as over-the-ear models can but i really like the light weight and comfort of in-ear headphones. These headphones stayed in my ears very well and were quite comfortable. Many get one or the other right (comfortable but falls out or stays in but painful) but these are good on both counts. As with all in-ear headphones these include different size tips (xs, s, m, l) to match your ear size. These headphones include a mic & smart phone remote which is critical for me. I need to be able to switch off my music and accept calls without fumbling to get my phone out of my pocket. If it had volume control as well, it would be perfect but i can live without it.

This is a good in-ear headphones with an universal remote for under $50. Denon advertised these as studio quality tuned to a flat eq response. After a few weeks with these, i think they are pretty good headphones for the price. Clear sound with decent bass and crisp treble. No, these won’t render strong deep bass to satisfy bassheads. Voice is very crisp and clear. The built-in mic works well as people have no problems understanding me over the phone. The headphones have a 1-button remote that works with apple and android devices. 4 different sizes of ear tips are supplied. However, there is no pouch provided.

I am pleasantly surprised by these earbuds – they sound as good as another pair of akg headphones that i have that cost twice as much. Bass is nice and full and the highs are very clear and crisp. An added bonus, is the in line control to play or pause music while listening. I think if you’re looking for a high quality set up earbuds but don’t want to spend a fortune, then you really can’t go wrong with these.

Love them but sometimes they fall out. If i get the, in just right, they stay in though. One negative is the volume level, not loud enough, but sound quality is excellent.

  • Crazy Bargain!
  • 6 months in, still love them
  • Great Earphones

For less than $50, denon is offering us a truly good product. No thrills, no fancy packaging, not many extras but the denon ah-c50 masr took care of the most important: the sound. The package says: ‘studio quality’ and i believe the headphones were tuned to have the flattest response. The range goes from 20hz to 23khz. The headphones are capable of rendering bass and infra-bass well but there may be a feeling of still not enough bass to be fully satisfying. I also tested the microphone quality and it is good. The pros:- very reasonably priced. – sound much better than its price- mic and remote includedthe cons:- very little accessories, no pouch. – bass could be pushed a little more.

I have better sound, including much more base, in my $10 in-ears. Equalizer apps will add more bass; i got a decent one for free from the app store. The value is ok because they function very well, much better than the iphone by itself, for talking on the phone.

Superb quality for the price range very affordable in ear buds & also with very good aesthetic & easy to carry on all the day.

I purchased these for under $30, and at this price you will not find anything comparable–these are crazy bargain. I’ve been looking for new earphones under $50, and have tried earphones from klipsch, sennheiser, polk, and meelectronics. I simply didn’t like the sound out of the mes and polks. The klipsch were a little light all around compared to these. The sennheiser mm70i is what i’ve been listening to daily and is what i’m replacing. I just hate the asynchronous cable on these, and i didn’t realize how muddy they sounded until i heard these denons. The sennheiser definitely has a more enhanced bass than the denons, but at the expense of clouding the entire frequency range. The denons are super clean with excellent stereo separation. They are advertised as flat, which they may very well be, but i’d say they are just a touch bright (enhanced high end). I thought they were a little weak in bass at first–until i listened to some hip-hop (ying yang twins) and the super low bass came through loud and clear.

Denon’s ear-bud headphones are simple, comfortable to wear, and offer high sound quality. The denon’s are understated, but stylish. They have polished end caps, with dark chrome accents. The materials and the fit and finish are high. Included with the headphones are three silicon ear tips; small, medium, and large. Also included is a short extension cable, although i am unsure what anyone would need it for. I never needed it when using the denons with my iphone 5s. The denons have a small built-in microphone and a single button that is attached a couple of inches down from the right ear-bud. The button allows you to control music playback and take calls/use voice command. It’s very intuitive and simple to use.

Features of Denon AH-C50MASR Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones with 1-Button Smartphone Remote Silver

  • Sounds Like You
  • Custom Ear Tips for a perfect fit in Silicon (XS, S, M, L) included
  • 1-button remote & integrated microphone (for control of select Android devices and other smartphones)

Sounds Like You

I did not like the way it was packed, i purchased this item before and they look more quality than this time :(.

4/5 stars for these in ear headphones (ear buds) by denon. They have great sound and you can control the music flow with a siimple push of a button. I also like the way they fit snugly into the ear and stay put. Comes with a variety of attachment pieces for all ear sizes.

The denons are a stylish looking, entry-level pair of earbuds. As others have noted, no carrying case is provided, but this wasn’t a big drawback for me considering that i almost never use the carrying case for my earbuds. Fit was comfortable; although the default pair of ear cushions felt too small, i was able to find a more comfortable size from the extras provided with the package. Clear and crisp to be sure, but bass was average to below average. However considering the sub-$50 entry level pricing, i think the sound quality is more than adequate for its price range. In conclusion, it’s a crisp sounding, bare-bones but competitively priced earbud set.

This is a great product for the price. Sound is well balance ad accurate. Does not have a huge amount of bass, but the mids and high ranges are excellent.

Custom Ear Tips for a perfect fit in Silicon (XS, S, M, L) included

1-button remote & integrated microphone (for control of select Android devices and other smartphones)

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