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Pretty comfortable as earbuds get and very nice sound quality and has quality.

Sound quality was good, but it was hard at times to keep them in yours ears. The major negitive is that they brake easily but other than that they work very well. Definatly worth the price love them, thats why im getting them for the second time.

It is ok, the cord is too short, will have to invest in some thing longer, but not bad for the price. Here are the specifications for the DCI Disco Earbuds::

  • Bring back some of the 80’s glam with these dazzling silver disco ball earbuds that will attract everyone’s attention
  • Disco ball earphones feature a trendy design with electroplated disco ball housing that will add some fun and excitement to your outfit
  • Compatible with any device equipped with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket including smartphones, laptops, tablets, portable gaming devices, and MP3 players
  • Experience the soft in-ear design that provides superior comfort and fit while you’re listening to your favorite music on-the-go
  • Great birthday gift for disco fans, a cute stocking stuffer or a great present for your best friend

I bought these ear buds as a gift for a teenage girl. She really liked the disco ball design, and she prefers using them instead of the apple ear pods. The product quality was fine, the plastic was sturdy and they’ve held up to being rolled up and thrown into a bag. The sound quality was okay, obviously they are not name brand quality but you can’t expect that out of a novelty ear bud. I would recommend these as a gift for anyone who wants to bling up their earbuds, because the design is really quite cute and unique.

Whenever i find one on clearance, it’s mine. Granted, this is a key chain and when your music on your nano or phone is only moderately up, great job. Turn it all the way up, reverberating and garbled. I paid around 5 bucks at target, i will keep it. It is cute, but still on the hunt. I’ll keep the other one as an emergency, mom, i forgot to tell you, but so and so’s birthday party is in an hour, can i go?.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Swag
  • Neat Earbuds
  • doesnt stay charged very long, quality is crap

Its cute, but the quality of the sound is muffled and distorted. It comes with a keychain though which is nice.

Other than that its pretty loud; sound quality is a bit muffled.

Love this little speaker, it is amazing that so much sound can come from it. Use it on my nano 6 (watch), works great and has plenty of volume since the nano does not have a speaker, can share music with my friends and family wherever i go.

I just thought it was so cute when i saw it at the store but when i went back to get it, it was gone i was bummed but soon found it again and bought it. It’s small but it does the job no big sound quality but its ok if i want to have it at my desk at work.

I’m not really familiar with ear buds, but these are comfortable and work fine for me. Plus the disco balls are cool.

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DCI Disco Earbuds: Silver, In-Ear Headphones, White Cord, 3.5mm socket, Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet Compatible
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