DCI 21572 Peace Sign Earbuds, ear buds

I was not happy and had to return the ear buds, they would not stay inher ears. I still have not received the refund.

They also are a lot clearer and louder then other earbuds i used. I would purchase different styles in this brand.

My girlfriend got me these ear buds for christmas and i love the style these things have. The sound, if you can get them to fit right, is comparable to the average sound of brand name headphones. Although the silicone aerbud tips need to be replaced. They have a small ring of plastic that scratched my inner ear until it felt raw. I’m looking for foam/gel replacements as we speak. Pros:sound:price ratiostylelonger cordcons:uncomfortable tips.

Key specs for DCI 21572 Peace Sign Earbuds, Assorted Colors – Wired Headsets – Retail Packaging – Multi:

  • Fun peace sign earbuds
  • Accessorize your ears
  • Compatible with any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket
  • Includes 2 sets of silicone tips, standard for adult and small for children 6 and older
  • Assorted orange/pink or green/blue colors, color chosen based on availability

Comments from buyers

“I like the sound quality just fine and I really adore
, Amusing, functional, inexpensive — does it get better than that?
, Super compfy

But they are the best earbuds that look like frogs in my ears. They are fine if you are not expection professional quality. Just when my family is watching tv and i need to hear something on my laptop.

These are very cute and my granddaughter (6 1/2 yrs old) loves them. Unfortunately, they are a little big for her ears and keep falling out. They come with two size inserts but the small isn’t very small.

Work really well and are super cute.

Daughter of 3 yrs old luved them and in fact still has them. Daughter is now 5 and they still work as good when we first bought them.

Slightly disappointed, pleasantly surprised. What is pictured are a deep purple and blue butterfly earbuds, what i received was not quite purple, more like fuschia (purple to some pink to others) and green butterfly ear buds. Also the cord was white, while i would much prefer it to be black , i knew that when i bought it. I’m not a girly girl & happen to hate pink anything so i am not thrilled about the color. Besides that the angular design makes them seat well in my ears, quite comfy. The sound is clear and loud to the point where i can and had to reduce the volume from where it was set with my previous buds, by almost half. Another down side is these do not double as microphone buds so you have to hold the phone’s mouthpiece close to be heard while plugged in. Overall not too shabby, i kept them.

Bought it as a birthday gift for a friend that loves everything with butterfly. Hope the sound will be decent too ^^delivery was pretty prompt and its all well packed.

Nice product, fiends loved frogs, so was a perfect christmas gift.

I was worried about what color i would be getting but they ended up being pink. I was super happy with these. They work well and fit well also.

My daughter says that the earbuds aren’t that comfortable even tho they’re cute. Something to keep in mind when purchasing.

They are a little awkward due to the size but these are what i expected them to be.

I bought this for one of my family members for christmas. This is a great price, especially for such a unique design. It looks just like it does in the picture display. I wanted one for myself and as i told myself i would, i surely will do so.

They work pretty well — certainly as well as anything in their price class or immediately above. They are comfortable, durable, and are real conversation starters — i fly regularly, and on every leg of every flight, i listen to audiobooks. I’ve always had passengers and crew comment on them.

My daughter is absolutely in love with frogs. So when i found these i just knew i had to get them. She even has had her daddy trying them on.

Obnoxiously large relative to ear size.

I like the sound quality just fine and i really adore the look of these headphones. They also arrived on time which was great. My only issue is that the buds are not as comfortable as i’d hoped. The bud itself has a thin flexible membrane (?) covering it. Not enough ‘padding’ or ‘structure’ for comfortable long period wear. Again, might just be me and despite this fact i like them. I bought them for the novelty aspect.

Pretty good good sound quality.

The earbuds are very cool, work well and do not fall out of ears. I bought them for my 5 year old son to listen to books on tape. Although he loved the frogs he wasn’t really interested in wearing them in his ears. I bought a similar pair for my 8 year old girl and she wears them all of the time and loves them.

These are the best fitting ear buds i have ever bought. Fits like a stethoscope, very comfortable ūüėä.

I gave these to my grand daughter for christmas and she absolutely loved them. She got lots of compliments on them.

Everyone thinks these earphones are unique and cute. The audio quality is better than i expected. The product is good overall.

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DCI 21572 Peace Sign Earbuds, Assorted Colors - Wired Headsets - Retail Packaging - Multi
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