Creative Labs Creative EP-830 In-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones : better sound than $100 aurvana earphones

Personally, i prefer they kind of ear bud that does not seal in your ear. But, there is not competition comparing price to frequency response.

I have never tried ear buds of this quality before, until these. The sound just comes from nowhere and puts you into the music. Its almost like the world outside your ears doesn’t exist. . The only problem is that they can fall out of you ears doing certian things, like eating and running. They fit very well, but not compared to an around ear headphone. But otherwise they are awsome.

Creative EP-830 In-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones

  • Top quality audio and superior styling, for private listening with MP3 and CD players
  • Ergonomic design for hours of comfort
  • Provided with silicone earbuds in three sizes for a perfect fit plus noise isolation
  • Gold-plated plug for a pure music path; Travel pouch for protection on the move
  • Driver Units: 9mm Neodymium magnet Frequency Response: 6Hz-23kHz Impedance: 16 ohms Sensitivity (1kHz): 106dB/mW Cord Length: 1.2m Oxygen-Free Copper cable Net Weight: 9g (without packaging)

The creative ep-830 is not that good. I was expecting a little more than this from a creative product.

I got these headphones with my x-fi (please check my review on the x-fi). I smashed my left headphone by accident and now i am replacing them. These are by far the best set of ear buds i have owned. I have tried everything from sony to jvc and everything else. Like most ear bud headphones these come with 3 different size cushions to fit anyone’s ears. These also don’t hurt the inner ear like most the sound quality is great and you can’t hear any outside noise with these on. These are a must have for a music lover.

I have had several pair of ear buds in the past, i found these to be the best ear buds that i have ever used. I listen to audio books and not music, so maybe there is a difference. For the price you can’t go wrong.

Creative EP-830 In-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones : I first got a pair of these with a creative,zen mp3 player. I research products i’m looking to buy extensively and think these are good quality and great sound and noise cancelling quality. These used to cost around 90. 00 so the lower price makes them a great buy.

This one has a better base but the voice is not too crispy as comparing to 660, but still deserve to get 5 stars. Highly recommend to whom look for an earphone with good base.

These are great little compact head phones with great sound – highly recommend them.

Comfortable earphones with excellent sound. They stay put when walking around and (my favorite) don’t push too deep into your ear when lying in bed. I think they sound just as good as the aurvana earphones that cost twice as much. Avoid the mistake that i made ($50 for stand-alone purchase)and buy these phones with the 8gb x-fi zen player for $69.

I bought these back in 2010 and still work very pretty well. The small issues is the wire rubber at end the plugs into jack is coming off. After 4 years of usage that would be excepted.

Really nice product, good isolating, comes with replacement heads which makes it better, had previous same brand and were really good but this a much better.

Replaced my creative 600 series. Love the tangle free cords, not so hot on how a slight bump sends a stethoscope sound wave to the buds.

Great sound really gives you high quality sound. As for durability they broke right away when working out but i think all these types of head phones are very subject to damage easily no matter what brand. After all thats why i got these. But they do sound great but i’m sticking to cheaper for now.

Well, my old and reliable workhorse – philips earbuds she9700 (philips precise directional in ear headphones gave up on me recently. I was listening to something, and suddenly the right ear bud started giving some trouble, before it went completely dead. I am not sure what caused this, but i had used the earbuds for 2 years, and i think that is a pretty decent time for a pair of earbuds to last. But, i am sure i didn’t tug it or store it away badly. It just died a natural death. As a replacement, i was considering the same set of earbuds – she9700, but then wanted to try something different for a change. I have almost always used philips earbuds starting from when i had a casette walkman, to philips’ first discman – the expanium. The earphones progressively got better over the years, and it might also be because i was able to afford better earphones. So, with philips out of the picture, (i would have loved to have bought the 9850’s – i have always wanted to philips she9850 headphones advanced acoustics , but they are not really available any longer)from the other set of earphones, i considered panasonic, as i have had some good panasonic earphones over the years. I also considered creative, as i have tried out some of their earphones from friends before, and found them to be pretty good.

I’ve used different types of earphones that go in the ear & all of them have been a wrong fit, the sound is bad too. These have been the best i’ve found so far. Didn’t take good care of the pair that came with my creative so i bought a 2nd pair. The first one’s still work very good though.

Although these have a good overall range but the bass response is poor. So not suitable for rock music and gaming (for what i needed them).

Todo llegó a tiempo, muy cumplido el vendedor y también muy buen producto. Los recomiendo sin problemas y buena reputación.

This headphones are the best headphones i used in my life. I first used them when i bought a creative x-fi mp3 player in 2007 and they came with it. I liked them so much that i decided to buy another pair just in case my current one wears out from the heavy use. So i bought this one in 2008. Both these headphones are still working flawlessly until this review date in 2013 (the only effect the time and the heavy use had on both these headphones was last year when the small piece of rubber below the silver piece in the headphone came loose but has not affected the sound quality or the cord in any way)i don’t care what the audiophiles say about this , but i compared them to many other headphones including the beats in-ear phones. This one is by far the loudest of them, the best noise isolator too. As for the sound quality, it’s very clear and not muffled and it offers deep bass.

They are more powerful and crisper earphones than the stock ones that come for the creative zen touch 2. Definitely worth the extra $20. I find the bass isnt as high, but its the right amount, whereas the stock one seems to push the bass. Looks like a well built/solid construction too. Noise cancellation is top notch.

I owned creative ep-630 before my dog chewed them up, so i was very happy with those headphones. I decided to go one step higher and bought these. Gotta say, the sound from these is great.

This is the second pair i’ve owned (first pair accidentally destroyed by a young child), and they will be the next pair i buy if anything happens to the current ones. I consider myself an audiophile with excellent hearing. I appreciate the dynamic range these earphones provide, from lowest lows to highest highs. I’ve found that to best hear the lows it’s critical to have a nearly air-tight fit. And speaking of close fits, these ‘phones are very comfortable. I’m often surprised how long i wear them some days, with no sense of discomfort at all. You will also want to know the ep-830’s are well-made. I wear mine daily to the gym so i can hear my music instead of the gym’s. This also means that i’m occasionally jerking these guys out of my ears as i snag the cords on equipment (okay; i’m a klutz). So far, the 830’s have been up to the task.

I commute in nyc 3 hours a day. Having music (and earbuds) is a necessity to keep the craziness from invading your space on the sidewalks and subways. I bought these to replace a set of phillips earbuds that i very much liked, but the connection of the wire to the 3. 5mm plug was coming loose, so i demoted the phillips to my work desk (so i wasnt constantly plugging and unplugging the earbuds with a loose wire connection. ) the prices of my previous earbuds and these creative earbuds were the same, but thats where the similarities end. The creative earbuds arent as loud as the phillips, and the bass driver is noticably different. The difference in the bass drivers is hard to pinpoint, but it is there. The feel of the bass in your ear and how its mixed with the music is where you can tell. If you arent directly comparing the creative earbuds to other earbuds, you probably would not tell the difference though. The material creative uses for the coating of the main wire is also a lot different.

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