Creative Hitz MA-350 In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones – Good for Voice but not music.

I like creative products but this one was a miss. Bass was too strong and the treble was too tinny. Also, the construction lacked certain ruggedness.

My partner and i are too cheap to go with a conventional cell phone plan, opting for cheaper ‘pay as you go’ plans. The biggest downside of this is that the cellphone reception is usually not very good. These headphones have helped make the calls easier, to hear and to hold a conversation. The control is easy to use and took very little practice, volume and on/off are on the same switch. The microphone is on the cord as well, but in a different place. The headphones also seem to work really well. I was initially a little weirded out because my own voice was so much quieter when speaking, but this allowed me to hear the call so much better. My one concern would be how long these would last. The ear bud type of headphones tend to only last a few months for me before one side of the wire begins to short. Given the higher price point of this item, i would expect them to last a while, but that will be determined over the course of time.

Good earphones, surely will be better but for the price and style are ok for daily use.

I’m starting to need headphones more frequently, and i am far from an expert. But these headphones certainly did the job i needed them to do. I am mostly using them with my computer or my ipod. I have not tried the microphone aspect at all. The headphones come with the ‘medium’ sized foam thingys attached, but there are small and large ones in the box. I had issues with the headphones popping out of my ears until i realized i could swap those little covers out for the small size. Hasn’t been an issue since i did that. I love the flat cord, and had no issues with tangling. I also (once i got used to it) loved the volume control — i was easily able to find it and adjust the volume. I primarily listen to audiobooks, but also listen to some music with the headphones.

16good sound quality, look awesome, and comfy in ears. One flaw though is the volume control. If you wear the earbuds by snaking the cord through your shirt or hoodie, over time the volume control slider will shift down. Only get these if you really want in-line volume control and will use it often. I have these stationary at my work desk and use a different pair for when i’m on the move.

These creative earbuds are fairly good for voice communications but not for music. I even tried using an equalizer to compensate for the distorted and tinny high end but then was left with a very muted high end. I am comparing these creative hitz ma-350 earphones against 4 other headphones and 3 sets of earbuds. They definitely are not even close to any of the headphones i have (including a set of creative hitz ma-2400 headphones). They rank in the middle of the other earbuds i have, not as good as a pair of skullcandy but much better than a pair of moshi mythro that i tried. I haven’t really found a pair of reasonably priced earbuds that i like for music and and will continue to stick to headphones for music. These earbuds were comfortable and lightweight. If you are looking for a set of earbuds for your smartphone then these are worth considering, if you want to listen to music then i would not recommend them.

  • Great for electronic music, but don’t expect them to last
  • Makes for a better relationship
  • Great sound vs. cost

I tend to be pretty hard on my earphones–i toss them around, they get dirty and worn and stretched. I replace them fairly often, so i tend to buy headphones in this sweet-spot price range, $20-$40 dollars. They work, i don’t cry when they break. These creative hitz earphones are fine, as far as it goes. A decent pair of beaters that will transfer the audio from your device to your ears and look reasonably stylish while doing so. That being said, when i compare the creative hitz earbuds to other comparable earbuds by skull candy or sony or apple, there’s no question that these are not the best of the bunch. The sound quality is duller and flatter than other earphones i’ve used in this price range. Enough to be noticeable, and i am not really a connoisseur of cheap headphones. Especially listening to podcasts or audiobooks, where i don’t care as much.

Prosworks nicely with android jellybean. Not great but very good audio quality. Confortable for running, fits perfectly. Contrano volume controlno black or white color avaliablehigh price for a earphone.

I’ve purchased other creative earbuds and have been happy with the fit, feel and sound, plus they werereasonably priced. The creative hitz although much more stylish visually are not a better sounding setof headphones. The ear pieces tend to work their way out of your ears a bit too easily and i found myselfconstantly adjusting them every few minutes. Changing the rubber covers didn’t seem to solve the issueeither. I think it is the make up of the rubber itself; maybe too much latex?. The in line mic and volumecontrol are a nice feature that i am getting used to. I use my headphones primarily for audio book listeningthese days and for that the sound is just fine. The price point is a bit steep in my view considering you canpurchase a number of earbud type headphones these days for under $20.

To get straight to the point, the bass on this things is wayyyyyy powerful. To my ears, it’s actually *too* powerful, sometimes overpowering the lyrics in bass-heavy songs (with today’s uninspired lyrics, one does have to wonder if they’re actually meant to be heard). I think it’s important to know about this, since not everyone wants booming bass in their ear, but that’s about the only thing i find as a serious ‘con. ‘the cord itself is pleasingly long. I’m 6’4’ and, with the earbuds in, the end of the cord comes down to my knees. This is great for situations where you may have the player at your back (e. Running) and need a longer cord. The flat cord is supposedly less prone to tangling and, while this has been true, it does seem to be harder to actually find the jack in all that cord. The jack itself is angled at almost 90º, which is great in some situations but not so much in others (personally, i like it, but i could see it being a problem for others).

I compared these with a couple of other ear buds i have. I play a wide range of sounds, classical, big band, blues, gospel, ’50s rock, r&b. These sound good across the board. I don’t have a phone that can take headphones and mic so i didn’t have a chance to try that feature. Not in any substantial way that i can tell and you can hear the cord rubbing against clothing. Off switch works with my ipod classic, not with shuffle (no surprise). Volume control works with any mp3 as it is an in-line control. A nice feature to have if you’re jogging or working out and can’t easily reach your mp3. Comfortable in my ears with the various sized adapters. A good set of ear buds for the price.

Features of Creative Hitz MA-350 In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones with 9mm Driver and In-Line Mic and Volume Control (Discontinued by Manufacturer) – Black/Red

  • The in-line microphone delivers crisp conversations during calls, while the integrated one-touch button and volume control allow call and music playback controls that are optimized for a wide range of smartphones and tablets
  • Enjoy superior and fuss-free music listening with the flat, tangle-free cables that reduce unwanted contact noises and the gold-plated plug that offers a high-grade connection. High-quality audio
  • Bass-tuned Neodymium drivers offer an impressive performance with your latest tracks while preserving clear voice calls
  • Noise-isolation capability – ergonomic in-ear design isolates ambient noise so that you can enjoy your conversations or entertainment without any distractions
  • Choose from three different sizes of dual-tone soft silicone eartips that provide optimal seal in your ears

The in-line microphone delivers crisp conversations during calls, while the integrated one-touch button and volume control allow call and music playback controls that are optimized for a wide range of smartphones and tablets

I’ve tried quite a few in-ear headphones, which are really important for me when running because i like to tune out the world. What’s nice about running with these are that the headphones stay in quite well given all the movement. I did notice that my left ear falls out a bit more so i’m guessing that canal is a bit larger so it’s nice that these headphones do come with additional ear bud sizes. The mic and volume control is nice and sturdy too. Buttons have a good feel and i don’t worry about sweating on them or breaking them from wear and tear. The volume control is great too as a slider so you can quickly mute or increase or decrease the sound without having to push a volume + or – button so many times. Two other qualities that make these headphones good for running is that the length isn’t too long and there’s little to no vibration you can feel or hear from the cords bouncing around. One thing i did notice while running, sometimes there was a bit of static that would appear quite frequently, it might have been just the wind or my iphone. It never happened when i walked though.

These are pretty standard in-ear headphones. Depending on the shape of your earholes, they will do a good or decent job of isolating you from outside noise. They come with 3 sizes of ear cushions, which helps if your earholes are small, as mine are. The best single feature, in my mind, is the flat cord. Most headphone cables live to tangle themselves; the flat cord just doesn’t get tangled. The microphone works just fine for calls, actually better than comparably priced headphones i have tried. And the bright colors are attractive. So, if you adjust your expecttions to match the price, these are fine. They’re bass-heavy, which should suit most users. Maybe not the best choice for listening to string quartets or operas, but that’s not the market.

I have no complaint about the sound quality, its good, although not great. I like the control on the cord. But the buds just keep falling out of my ears despite coming with different size earbud covers. I don’t like the fact i can barely read the l and r to determine which bud goes in each ear. I don’t care for the strange feel of the flat plastic cords. I mostly tried these for watching movies on my ipad and the sound is good but i don’t feel they isolate the sound as i can still hear my rather quiet son talk to me when using them with the volume turned on. I prefer them to the junky earphones that come with apple products but much prefer my skullcandy buds, which are comfortable, sound great and are handy because they come with a case. Overall, not bad but just average in my opinion and not comfortable for me.

The sound is quite decent considering the price and i liked the aesthetic design. Since these in-ear plugs are rather short you can comfortably wear them even while laying down on your side, but they are also harder to insert and remove from your ear. I also liked the cord which is a rubberized flat ribbon since they really don’t have a tendency to tangle. Like other creative headphones these include a microphone and a controller. The controller uses an analog volume switch that slides up and down along with a single button to pause/play with a click or select the next track with an extended click. The placement of the controller several inches from the microphone made it awkward to find easily by touch. I can’t really speak to how much they cancelled sound since in my experience all in-ear headphones do a good job of this.

Once again, an earbud that won’t stay in my ear easily – or for long periods of time. Do i really have that abnormal of an ear canal?when they are in, the sound seems fine. It’s not great by any means, but you’re not buy high-end headphones here. These will get thrown in my computer bag for travel, but my search for a good, affordable pair goes on.

These headphones have a lot going for them. I’ve used them in both my phone and ipad, and the sound quality is surprisingly good. Phone conversations were very clear, and music sounded very full from low to high range. I like the ‘noise isolating’ feature, which is really due to how the earbuds are constructed and the material used (these aren’t electronic noise canceling earbuds). They come with three different sizes of earbuds, so one of the sizes should fit most everyone. Also nice is the flat ribbon-like cable, which nearly eliminates the tangle mess you get with other round cables, and also makes it easy to wrap up and put away. For the price, i would consider these a good value with benefits not offered in similarly-priced headphones.

Enjoy superior and fuss-free music listening with the flat, tangle-free cables that reduce unwanted contact noises and the gold-plated plug that offers a high-grade connection.

Pros:they are the loudest headphones i have ever had. I could actually hear them producing all the ranges of sounds. Doesn’t sound tinnymic works greattuned for basscons:left side went soft after 2 months. Every single creative headphone product i have ever owned always has one side go soft on me. Other thoughts:they should always be used under 80% volume of your device. They may advertise it can go louder, but you shouldn’t. Update: i bought a second pair, and they sent me a new pair replacing the old ones via warranty. Seems so far that i happened to get a bad egg with my first one. So far i have used them both, with up to 100% volume.

I got these to connect to an xbox one 3. 5mm headset adapter and they allow me to send game and chat audio to my headphones and the mic works as well for game/party chat. This works out great for those sunday afternoons when i want to play a game on the couch and my girlfriend wants to read a book without having to hear whatever obnoxious sounds my game is making. They look cool and the flat cable does help to stop tangling after shoving these in my bag to take to work. The sound quality is on par with most earbuds, i was not expecting anything jaw dropping for the price point however.

Love those, i am listening to music all the time. They really do isolate noise.

Fancy looking earphones and so far pretty pleasant experience, though do have to agree that the original earbuds seem to be with some different rubber which is not so comfort ones like my last ones (ep-660), and cannot say that the quality is anyhow better from (ep-630 or 660) rather with different equalizing settings (more bass amplified). Overall personally satisfied and happy with the product, very good looking, very comfy external volume button with mic and hopefully with long lasting life.

I have mixed feelings about the creative hitz ma-350 in-ear headphones. The initially boomy bass sound was leveled out to a degree with some adjustment to the eq (the sound with my original earbuds was balanced just fine). My biggest complaint is that no matter what size pads i used, the buds kept falling out of my ears. To get them to stay in, i had to push them firmly in farther than i would with other buds, and then it was quite uncomfortable. I’ll keep these as a backup pair, but wouldn’t spend $40 on them.

Overall, i think these ear buds produce excellent sound at a good price and feel well made and durable. I’m pretty tough on headphones and have owned many pairs of buds, over ear, and on ear phones ranging from $5 to $300. I have traveled a lot and i think these will accompany me on future travel. Specific breakdown:bass, treble, overall balance – excellent bass response; best i’ve heard in this price range compared with sony (unknown model), and skullcandy. I ran these little beauties though dubstep, dance, classical, r&b, country, and an audio book. You get an amazing amount of bass, but it doesn’t seem to muffle the singer or speaker. The higher frequency sound doesn’t seem as clear as some of the high end earbuds ($100 price range), but for the money, it’s outstanding. Ambient noise is very reduced as advertised. Imagine a comfortable pair of ear plugs for construction work or shooting, combined with a good pair of earbuds. Even with the music off, these very effectively dampen the surrounding noise, but they are not electronically canceling noise; it’s in the earbud design and material.

Bass-tuned Neodymium drivers offer an impressive performance with your latest tracks while preserving clear voice calls

If you want to buy a decent earphone under $25, this is it. I bought this based on my previous experience with creative ep-630 earphones and i am happy to say that my decision was correct. I have beats, sennheiser and bose headphones and earphones and i can confidently say that these are on a par with them. In depth; bass is very good, even if you don’t use any special equalizer. Treble is fine too, but a bit soft. Comfort, as much as you can have with earphones. Microphone is seperate from the call and volume control buttons and nearer to mouth so you dont have to hold the mic while talking softly. Has a pretty and premium look, 4.

. U need to get some of this for a good bass.

Let’s get straight to the point: would i have paid $40 for these earplugs?. Even though i am more of an earbuds over bluetooth person, these did very little for me. I absolutely do not use my phone if i am driving, unless i have my blue tooth or my earbuds. This works okay for phone use, but doesn’t fit the bill when i’m trying to listen to music. I have the red ones, and although they look stylish, they are cheaply made. And maybe it’s my age, but when did headphone cords get to be so long. For me these were a hot tangled mess. I only seeing myself using these as a back up when i can find my other earplugs or my bluetooth.

I’ve always found that creative headphones offer exceptional value for money, and this pair is no different. The sound has a reasonable bass (as i like it), but without drowning out the mids and trebles. The 2 other pair of creative buds i own are still going strong after between 24-36 months. I mention this as they are primarily used when i exercise, either cycling, running, or at the gym. I am hoping this new pair turn out to last just as long.

Noise-isolation capability –

Choose from three different sizes of dual-tone soft silicone eartips that provide optimal seal in your ears

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