Coosh Headphones : I really like these headphones, but

I have so many pairs of earphones and none of them even come close tocoosh’s quality and sound. You feel as if you are in the room with livemusic and the bass is terrific – something you don’t find on otherheadsets. They stay firmly in and on your ears no matter what you are doingand yet are much more comfortable than ear buds. I lost my set and searchedall over on line for a new set. Of course i found them on amazon. My order arrived promptly from the seller and in excellentcondition. Thank you getone and amazonmp.

Traditional ear buds won’t stay in my ears and give me earaches. While i’ve found many over-the-ear versions, these are super flexy and no parts dig. One of my favorite aspects is that i can just hang them over my ears and leave the bud portion totally outside my ears rather than sitting in them – it helps prevent the ear aches and direct sound filling my ears. They’re also easy to position in ears if that’s your preference. I lost my first pair and couldn’t find anything that i liked as much. It’s too bad they’ve been discontinued- i may have to buy a few more.

I wasn’t too sure about these and it took a few minutes since there were no instructions. But once i played with them for a few minutes i figured out how to wear them. Works, stays in, and that is the point of my purchase. They do what they are supposed to.

Work perfect and great sound.

  • They are extremely comfortable and the sound quality is great
  • Perfect for people who have problems with traditional earbuds

Coosh Headphones, Black, 1-Count

  • Designed for extreme comfort and natural fit
  • Ultra light weight (Soft, Light, Flexible)
  • Flexible silicone ear rings secure the ear buds so they stay on
  • Quality engineered for a full-bodied sound, 3.5mm jack
  • Detachable silicone ear rings

The sound is awesome bu the way they are shaped, it would not stay in my ear even with the earring. Plus, i think i got a used pair because it did not come in the package that was advertised.

These headphones are the bomb. I got a pair free once when i bought something else and i had to come get a second pair to keep in my purse. My original pair sits on my desk at work. They are extremely comfortable and the sound quality is great. It is very easy to have one on and the other off so i can hear if someone comes to my desk to talk to me. I believe they’ve been discontinued, but i hope they bring them back, because these are the only “earbud” type headphones i can use.

I really like these headphones – they sound good, they have all the little details that make them easy to use and manage, but they suffer from one flaw – the headphone jack. I have owned 4 pair of these headphones and two of them have died prematurely because the jack was damaged. It is a right-angle jack with a long soft rubber piece that contains the electrical connection. It will break easily, particularly if you leave it plugged in to a mp3 player and put it in a bag or backpack. I now wrap the cord around the device and then unplug it to prevent the connector from breaking.

Sound is pretty decent and the loops are comfortable. The earbuds themselves are not as comfortable as the apple earbuds, but the loops allow use with ear canal insertion.

These earbuds are very light, portable and — when properly inserted into my ears — have good sound. For my ears, they are a touch too large, but still allow me to ensure that thy are snug by adjusting the earring (attached to the bud) that sits towards the front of the ear. I have used them for over two (unabridged) books and they have slipped out of position only once. I do not use them while doing athletic activities since when i wore the coosh’s while doing some household moving they were less stable than when i was at rest. The only other problem is that the wires get tangled easily. In comparison to other, pricier buds, these are a buy. Good sound, easily carried, easy to insert and a great price.

Not as comfortable as their original design. These don’t seem to stay in ear as well as the originals.

These headphones are one of my favorites because they don’t have to go in your ear. Even when wearing glasses, they fit nicely and stay in place. I highly recommend these to people who hate putting ear buds in their ears. I have small ears and these work great for me.

My ears are too small for ear buds. I’ve never been able to wear a pair for more than mere moments. In-ear models work fine but make my ear canals hurt. I’ve learned that the best options are models that hook over the ear. The design is flexible and soft so it should be comfortable. Unfortunately, they are so soft that they just fall off my ears. I am able to use them but i am constantly adjusting them when i walk. If you can wear ear buds, the loops should give a little extra security, but if you can’t normally wear ear buds, i don’t think these are a good solution.

I used to buy these at radio shack.

I’m really into music but i’m broke so i can’t afford the latest or greatest of anything. I shop around for cheap but decent. I don’t spend more than $40 for headphones and i look for something that will last and that has decent sound quality. That being said, i don’t spend less than $20 on headphones because anything less than $20 isn’t going to be any good at all. As far as $20 headphones go, these are great. Haven’t had them long but i’m happy with them. They sound tons better than those ipod headphones and they’re comfortable. The only thing i don’t like about these headphones is that they leak sound when played loud. They sound great, don’t get me wrong, but i just don’t like other people knowing what i’m listening to.

Great sound, the were a gift, however i did order black and got white.

Pretty good for road running. Plays music, stay in ear during standard jogging (fall out during adventure style runs), and does not block out sound. This is a plus for me, as i can hear sound. Don’t buy these expected something to tune out the world around you.

These have lasted me 3 years and my son puts them by means of war.

Extremely comfy and stays on whilst i do workouts.

I can never preserve a pair of ear buds in. No fantastic, yet another $two hundred pair that had been guaranteed to not drop out, effectively they fell out. They are suppose to be for small ears, nope. Plus, even on the $two hundred pairs they would like crap. Pretty tinny, no basethen, i stumbled on these for like $6. Suit and sound far better than any other folks.

I have owned these for about a year now and have held off reveiwing them for the sake of observing if they lasted well they have. I have had several headphones in my days above the ear, sport, wrap about ear, you title it i’ve tried out the style. I can actually say without the need of a doubt that these headphones are the very best experience, and most tough headphones i have ever tried using. They come to feel like almost nothing is even on your ear they have a small circumstance and a zipper(?) attachment that guarantees your twine doesn’t get knots. I only have one quam about the headphones they have wonderful mid assortment and treble but, the bass frequencies are only just in the center. You should not get me mistaken these headphones have fantastic audio quality but, they are a handful of measures away from remaining great. Even now for the truly feel, and seem these are the finest headphones you can get for the rate.

I received this to exchange my broken apple earphones, that had been damaged 3 situations. I came across this on youtube, and took a chance in acquiring it. Sound excellent is good if you are incredibly delicate with what a tune should audio like in a $600 headphones, then do not anticipate this one to deliver that variety of sound. Its seem quality is equivalent to an apple headset + cozy and with any luck , past for a longer period and would not split quickly. The close to ear silicon characteristic is seriously snug. Summary: this is a good earphones for day-to-day use.

Seem is fantastic circle portion is kinda as well major for a average ear.

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