Sony MDR-Q55SL Clip-on Headphones : Finally I found them!

The sound is decent but nothing special. Comes with an extension cable that on mine did not work but i did not check the extension until after i through the packaging away. For the money they are average.

Use it on for my phone to listen music.

Sony MDR-Q55SL Clip-on Headphones (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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    by entering your model number.
  • Open-air, dynamic headphones with spring-action earpiece
  • Neodynium magnets for maximum energy and minimum size
  • Large turbo duct offers powerful bass sound
  • 1 meter length cord; tangle-free storage
  • Gold-plated mini-plug

I had a pair of these that i had purchased a few years back without really testing too many others. They were mostly used for the gym, so they got beat around in my gym bag, then had to stay on while running and moving quite a bit. 5/4 years, it seemed i had blown one of the speakers and it was time for them to go. That’s when i started to appreciate what i had found. I’ve gone through many pairs of clip-on headphones trying to find ones that would serve me this well, and everything just fell short. The braided cord is the most durable, resilient cord i’ve ever had. The short length is the greatest asset to anyone that works out with an ipod in an arm band. It’s just long enough to allow full range of movement without ever getting caught on things or in your own way. Not to mention avoiding the weight of the cable swinging back and forth pulling one or the other of the earphones right off your head.

These sony mdr headphones are really great and the sound quality is amazing really loud very clear quality i would definitely recommend this seller’s products.

I don’t know how many head/earphones i have gone through over the years. Most of them have been crappy due to sound and comfort level (more like, lack thereof). I don’t like sticking earplugs into my ears because they end up getting to be uncomfortable after a certain amount of time and they end up getting covered in earwax. Besides lack of comfort, earplugs have a tendency to blow out in one ear. There is nothing worse than listening to my music on my portable cd player with only one earplug working. The same can be said about headphones too. Another quality about headphones i don’t care for is wearing that annoying plastic arch that holds the headphones together. At least with earplugs, i can easilyi slip the devices over my earlobes. Several months ago, i was perusing the headphones aisle at target when i came upon the sony mdr-q55sl. It had the same properties in both earplugs and headphones i was looking for: ability to slip the headphones around my earlobes and not having to stick two pieces of plastic into my ears.

Sony MDR-Q55SL Clip-on Headphones (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I will be buying my third pair soon. First pair lasted 2-3 years as did the second. I mistakenly bought jaybirds and they were awful. If you have trouble with ear buds and have ever growing ears like i do these headphones are the best.

J’ai ce type de casque depuis 7 ou 8 ans et je ne m’en passe plus. C’est mon troisième casque (les autres ne sont pas cassés, ils sont juste usés) bonne qualité d’écoute, confort et très pratique. Je recommande ces casques à tout mon entourage et également à vous.

I was looking for something to replace the standard ipod headphones. I like the style and price of these. The audio quality seemed like it would be pretty good too. After receiving the headphones from amazon i was disappointed in two ways. I thought the cord would be almost white. It’s actually silver, even a little glitter-y. Second was the level of bass — it’s very high. I like high bass for some tracks, but not all. That’s what i use the equalizer for. But even when i turn the equalizer off on my ipod, the bass is still almost too strong. I’m not sure how much i’ll end up using these headphones. I thought it was funny how on the packaging sony says ‘for the house and trance lifestyle. I think i prefer the sony mdr-ex51lp fontopia headphones. Great sound quality, but not busting my eardrums with bass.

If you wear headphones as often as me, comfort is the most important thing. My favorite pair of headphones for the past few years have been the panasonic clip-on earphones. But they fail after a few years because of lack of design quality; they are not built to last. These ones are not quite as comfortable, but they are still pretty comfortable. Their design quality, however, is top notch. I feel like these will last 20 years. And the sound quality is better than the panasonic clip on ear phones as well. These are overall my new favorite headphones.

Sony has come out with a few different versions of these headphones. I know that one of them specializes in rap, another in techno, and another in jazz. These headphones specifically specialize in hard house/techno music. I tested this pair thouroughly and all i can say is that these are possibly the best sounding headphones in the price range that are intended for portable use. As far as prices go for portable headphones, this is at the top of the charts. I payed a substantial amount of money for these headphones, but it was all worth the money. The best part of these headphones are the portability, to start. The cable is quite short so there is no dealing with miles and miles of extra cable that you have to put in your pocket. I am short – being at 5 feet 6 inches, and i found the length just perfect for me. I found that these headphones fit perfectly in my pocket – that’s usefull if you are like me and listen to your music on the go or at school. And with this small form-factor, you also get incredible sound. Channeling of the sound is pretty good with these phones, usually channeling to the correct side with good accuracy.

I bought these to game with since i care more about my ‘do than i do amazing quality ambient noises, and the earbud style never ever fits me right. They’re comfortable at first, don’t slide around or pull away at all if you get the clamp on right, but tends to make you sore after a few hours. Sound isn’t normal headphone or earbud quality to be sure, but it’s got bass. That’s pretty unique among clip headphones. Downside is how fragile the stupid things are. I would never try to sleep with these on for fear of rolling on top of them.

You know, i do like these headphones, and the build quality and styling is nice, but these really do not have the solid bass quality that i was led to believe that they were capable of. Now, this could be for a number of reasons, i understand that – so far, i have only experimented with these headphones and my nokia lumia 1020 smartphone (with eq settings tweaked) – i suppose that i should also try it with my notebooks, laptops, tablets, etc,. And really give these headphones a run for the money. All in all, you know, if you are just looking for a decent set of (reasonably inexpensive) over_the_ear headphones to replace an older set, then these are certainly worth looking into. Otherwise, if you want a really good one-in-a-lifetime sort of headphones – well, then there are always the sennheiser and koss, uher, etc. These sony headphones are actually very easy to keep on for long periods of time – and, i also like the fact that sony included a few accessories for free in the package, that they really did not have to – for example – a 1-meter male-female silver braided extension cord, just in case you wanted to get longer than the existing 1. 5-meter (i think) attached cable – and at least my packet (which was brand new, never opened) even contained a double (y-splitter) – adapter, so you could share your 1/8′ headphone jack with a friend. Sony always does these nice ‘little touches’ – sure, their equipment costs more than the bargain-basement stuff coming out of certain parts asia, but you know, they really do try to stand out among the run of the mill items, usually.

I have a hard time trying to find really good headphones to use while in the gym. The in-ear type of headphones never stay in my ear (i dont know if i have abnormal shaped ears or what). After going some research, these looked promising. First, you will notice the abnormal shape of the clipping mechanism. And after wearing them, i have no idea why the went with this shape. They do not stay clipped securely to your ear. And while working out and developing a little but of sweat, they wanna just slip right off of my ear. Also, after wearing them for a while, that weird shaped clipping mechanism puts a pressure on your ear and is uncomfortable.

If you’re like me and hate earbuds and over-the-ear headphones, these are perfect. These aren’t nearly as comfy as the mdr-q22lp or -q23 models, but they’re certainly easier to find and more reasonably priced. I prefer the spring-hinged versions, as i feel they fit more snugly and securely. The cord is nylon-braided, so it’s pretty durable; plus the style is easy to store. The sound quality isn’t incredible, but that’s not my biggest priority. I just want comfortable, portable headphones, and these work just fine.

I bought these for an upcoming trip which hasn’t yet occurred however, i’ve worn them in my house with the tv volume on. The noise cancelling is probably not as good as traditional headphones but, these are pretty good.

This headphones is a more expensive unit compared with other comparable products. Among the headphones that i have tried so far, this one definitely sounds different. The frequency response is rather flat, meaning the bass and the treble do not get boosted as much. I think over the years my ears got so used to bass/treble boost that i first felt strange listening music thru this headphone; music sounded airier. Also, the sounds get dispersed across the left and right better than the other cheaper headphones. This makes possible to hear the details of each sound element better. I was actually amazed how much detail i was missing with other headphones. With a bit of boost, the bass sounds and subtle detail of sound can blow you away.

A little difficult to get on ears. However, i do have small ears (no, really).

As far as headphones are concerned though, these are pretty mediocre (average) and for the price, they’re overpriced. You can get some skullcandys that sound marginally better for $10 more. If you just want some cool looking phones that look like the ones the main character from persona 3 wears get these.

I love these kind of headphones. I’ve gotten like 5 of them over the past 7 years (one for work, one for home, one for travel, others as replacements). All of them still work, though the cushioning gets broken up after a while. I should figure out how to get cheap replacements for those.

For the size and shape, the sound quality is decent. They are not meant to cancel out noise, and that is partially why i buy them. I use them for walking around and work so i like to be somewhat aware of my surroundings. I especially got them for workouts and was trying to save money that i would have spent on the mdr-q68lw. So here’s the pros and cons. Pros:once you get them on, they will stay on. Stay aware of your surroundings. Easy to wear when not in use. Cons:these can be a real honeybadger to get on, and they are not the most comfortable i’ve had.

This headset sounds good, but the cord is very short. An extender cable is included, but it doesn’t connect tightly enough to keep it from coming loose all the time. I like the previous version much better with a non-tangle cord that was long enough not to need an extender. I love the adjustable ear hook and the on-ear design. This set seems to me to be a cheap version of its predicessor, but it costs more.

I am rebuying a pair of these headphones. ) i have tried 3 times, within the same price bracket, to replace my current pair and these are so far superior than the newer models available. As mentioned by another reviewer, the cord isn’t just a piece of plastic, so it’s longevity was relatively amazing. The clip-on ear pieces worked well for me, (but that’s coming from someone that those ipod earphones fall right out. ) i guess it just depends on the shape, not size, of your ears. I am buying another pair because i know i can rely on them.

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iLuv IEP425RED ReF High-Fidelity Stereo Earphone – works great

First of all these earphones are pretty good. I’m no audiophile but i know for sure these earphones could be a whole lot better. On the description it says ‘titanium diaphragm for mega-bass and precise treble’ but these earphones work as well as any other $30 ones. I bought it for the ‘mega bass’ and was extremely disappointed that they lied about it. The earphones are way too heavy and big. My left earbud keeps falling off all the time and the little clip that comes attached to it is just unnecessary. I gotta say i do love the clothed cable though. So if you’re like me and want some earphones with ‘mega bass’ then don’t get these.

This is an overall great earpiece. I always look for earpiece with both mic and volume control. The sound on this is rich and clear. Will be buying again if it’s going for a discount.

I have been through a lot of ear buds, and these aren’t that much better then other pairs i have had. I use them on the phone or listening to music on my ipad. I tested these earphones with both, using my ipad and phone. The sound is the same as with other products i have used. The iluv earphones are referred to as ‘noise isolating’, and they do a good job of reducing the noises when i am using them. The iluv earphones come with five sizes of earbud sleeves, pillows, tips, etc. Which is great because we share them in the house with husband, kids, etc. I have small ears and have had issues in the past finding ones that fit. These fit, but not as good as other products i have used. It also has a volume button and a microphone. Since i didn’t rate them as great, just like, i don’t know if i would pay the price for these. Here are the specifications for the iLuv IEP425RED ReF High-Fidelity Stereo Earphone:

  • Built with a titanium diaphragm that delivers rich, deep bass.
  • In-line remote with convenient built-in mic, as well as volume and playback controls.
  • Stylish canvas fabric is a perfect match to casual urban fashion such as jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.
  • Stylish microfiber pouch for convenient storage.
  • Corrosion-resistant L-shape 3.5 mm plug for durability.

I really like these earbuds. They come with different size covers for the earbuds so that they will very comfortably fit any size ear. I like them because they won’t jar loose when i’m walking, and they’re much better in terms of sound than a similar pair from another brand that i’ve been using. As good as the sound is, however, i don’t think it’s as rich sounding with music as some basic earphones i have from another brand. On the other hand, these cut down more on outside noises than the others do. I often listen to books when i’m walking so i’ll be using these for the comfort and security they provide. Added later: i wore these ear buds to listen to a book and some music while traveling on an airplane, and they blocked out the incessant drone of airplane noise much better than other ear buds i’ve tried.

Very stiff cloth wrapped cord, decent quality sound, but fits well and stay in my ears during strenuous exercise. Because of the fit, i am satisfied.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fairly decent audio quality.
  • Not what I expected
  • says in the description and it does sound very good and you will feel the bass of any song

I love ear buds that deliver an excellent bass sound. They have a wonderful sound and they, so far at least, hold up to the abuse of my teenagers. It is so hard to find good ear buds these days.

The sound quality, the fit, and the style of these headphones are all fantastic. However, while i like the idea of wrapping the cord in fabric, when i take these headphones running, the cord rubs against my shirt and creates a good amount of background noise, which ruins the high sound quality these are capable of producing. They have become my go-to headphones, but only if i’m not going to be bouncing around a lot.

These ear buds are high quality sound, durable, and fashionable. The wire has a cloth feel to it which is much more comfortable than plastic wires. They do not break and wear out like the cheaper ear buds you can buy in discount stores for $10. The sound quality is great and while i received a pair to review here on amazon i will be buying this brand in the future because it may cost more than the cheap ones but i believe they are well worth it because of how long they last and the quality of sound.

These are by far the best headphones i have ever owned. I have reviewed several others, but these have the best fit and sound. First, i like that they have adjustable sizes for the part that fits in the ear. I have small ears and used the smallest ones. They fit comfortably, way better than the ones that came with my ipod. I also like the sturdy fabric covered cord. It doesn’t tangle up and it doesn’t stretch out. This comes with a small denim drawstring bag for convenient storage. They have a clean sound with good base.

It does everything it says in the description and it does sound very good and you will feel the bass of any song but since they are cloth wrapped you can hear them rubbing against things like a desk or table. They work especially well for iphones, the volume buttons and the skip track button. They also came with a pouch and multiple rubber heads in different sizes.

Sounds better than most $25 earbuds. Definitely a step above the standard apple earpods in terms of sound quality but sadly do not match the earpods in terms of usability and comfort. Pro: decent sounding base and good overall sound quality, 5 sets of tips, good sound isolation, fancy packaging. Cons: fabric covered wire tangles too easy, in-cable remote buttons not easy to distinguish by touch, hard to keep in ears. I have tried all 5 of the included tips and cannot find a set that keeps the iluvs in place while going about my normal day. I will keep these as backups and will continue on with my search for a good sounding alternative to the very comfortable but poor sounding apple earpods.

The process of appreciation begins with the packaging. With most consumer products, you need a freshly-sharpened chainsaw and the jaws of life to open the package. Apparently, the companies who do this to their hapless customers don’t consider the fact that people might actually want to use what’s inside that impenetrable packaging. The folks at iluv took a different approach. The cellophane wrapping actually slides off. You just fold it back a little and pull. It’s obvious that you do this, simply because of the shape of the wrapper. Next, you’re looking at a box with a pull-out handle. What could be easier?the bud tips are in recessed holes in a tray, and it’s easy to pop them out individually. I do mean individually; popping one out does not cause the rest of them to fly out and immediately be lost forever.

I was so amazed at how well these worked. I have never had noise canceling headphones before. One day when i was listening to my music with these headphones i received a phone call. Unfortunately i missed the call because i never heard my phone ring. It was sitting on the desk right beside me. I also like the different ear pieces to find just the right fit for your ear. The other thing i really like about this is the little carry pouch that comes with the headphones. It is a cute little denim bag with drawstrings. That way i don’t have the cords to the headphones getting caught on something where i stash my headphones, like say a purse. The bag is tiny and very convenient to throw in my purse.

I’ve bought several makes and brands’ versions of earbuds that feature a control/mic to replace the white ones that come with the ipod or iphone over the years. While most were passable, none came close to these. They sound phenomenal; though the rubber inserts that they shipped equipped with were a little big for my ear canals, there were several other sizes to choose from, and the smaller ones fit like magic. The jack fits in the plug fine even with my rather bulky case. The controls are precise, separate buttons, not the all in one white divet thingy on the apple version that often misreads my intent, and tends to bring up siri when i just meant to pause or play. And they seem far more durable than others i’ve used, the wires enclosed in a denim-type fabric.

Very pleased with these headphones: they’re great at blocking out background sounds and the sound is very good.

I tested the iluv ref headphones specifically designed for ipad, iphone and ipod. I’ll start by saying the sound is great, but no better than other premium earphone sets that i have used. The best feature is the inline remote switch and mic that allows you to answer your phone, place a call, give siri directions, and play your music without touching your device. The inline remote allows you to control play/pause, volume, and track change. This set does come with five different sizes of earbuds allowing you to make a custom fit for your ears. The earbuds do help insulate against outside sounds better than the standard earphones that came with your device. A small matching denim pouch is included for storing the earphones when not in use. Frankly, i don’t get the whole ‘denim’ thing, but they look good, and the ‘denim’ covered cords do help keep them from becoming tangled, which is a big plus. Plug these headphones into your iphone to enjoy hands-free conversation, or play your favorite music with great sound without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag.

This is a great product, blocks out noise really well, fits the ears very well too. I liked that it works on all of our products to include promised items. I love the different ear pieces.

I got these for my boyfriend who wanted to able to sit in a noisy coffee shop and write. Yes, we could have spent a fortune on noise canceling headphones but we didn’t need to, because these did the trick. They work so well that if i try and call him out while he has these on, he can’t hear me ;-).

These are amazing little headphones. The sound is awesome, including the bass. I know the product itself is what is important but the packaging is so neat on this item that it totally adds to the ‘gift’ factor. The box it comes in acts as a little drawer, a very sturdy drawer ( as a crafter, i am thinking repapering and using as a knic-knack holder). It comes with the cutest little denim drawstring bag to keep the extra earpieces in. A wonderful, wonderful thought to include those. Different sizes for different sized ears.So no problem wondering if these will fit your ear comfortably.

I’ve always had cheap headphones and had no idea what i was missing. I’ve used them with my ipad, ipod, and smart phone. Love them 🙂 they are cool looking and the cord is is covered with a material that prevents kinking and twisting. Very happy with these so far. I just have to worry about my teenagers trying to steal them.

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Phiaton PS 20 NC Active Noise Cancelling Earphones : Good value for the money

I picked these up on cyber monday for what at the time was a very decent price (as of this review -feb 13, 2014, they are now selling for about $15 less than what i paid). Considering what they cost me and compared to several pairs of more expensive shure ie earphones i’ve owned, i am very happy with my phiaton ps 20 nc earphones. They sounded ok at first but i am finding that the sound quality has improved (eg, opened up) the longer i’ve used them. The actual ear buds feel very solid, look nice (i have the black model) and fit well. They initially hurt my ears due to the way they sit outside of the ear canal but i think that was partially due to my trying to make them fit more snug than they’re probably designed to fit. These are worn more like the apple ipod earbud than how i wear my shure ies. I was used to bringing the earphones up and over from behind my ear and into the ear canal from the top so there was a period of adjustment to acclimate to how the phones are placed in my ear vs how i wear the shure ies. The noise cancellation works. Though i’ve used it infrequently, the noise cancellation feature is very noticeable and effective when you ‘flip the nc switch’. Granted, it won’t reduce noise like a top of the line bose oe headphone, but it is effective to a lesser degree.

I am not an audiophile but was looking for a set of affordable headphones that i could wear during my train commute. I am also not a fan of earbuds since they usually dont fit my ears very well. I’ve tried compact over the headphones before, but the size prevents me from carrying them everywhere. These phiatons seem to solve all these problems for me. The in ear design is quite good and after fiddling around with the provided silicone inserts, i found one that fits. This provide very good sound isolation. The sound quality is very good and the bass is just right for me. The vocals do sound a bit muted for my taste, but i havent played around with my phone’s equalizer to remedy this. The in ear design ensures a compact fit & the active noise cancellation blocks most surrounding noises including the hum of the train. I got these for a very good price during thanksgiving & couldnt be happier with my purchase.

I can’t speak for other reviewers who claim to have gotten faulty pairs, but these look, feel, and perform like very high-end earphones, and i could not be happier with my purchase. In fact, i liked them so much i bought a second pair for my bf. Pros:-slick, high-end finishes. You can tell these aren’t airline earbuds. The little clip on the noise cancellation bar and the accents on the earphones are an elegant gold, not brassy or gaudy. -speaking of the little clip, this helps me keep track of the earphones so they’re not just hanging around my neck, and the little red light is visible where it clips to my shirt, helpfully reminding me when i’ve left the noise cancellation on accidentally. -along the same lines, comes in a very nice-looking little travel bag that closes securely. Not the kind of cloth bag that attracts lint and looks shabby after spending time in your pocket, either. -the cords seem to be made of a higher-quality material than your basic earbuds. I’m no engineer, so i can’t really speak to what it might be, but it seems less plasticky and more rubbery.

The headphone quality is decent, definitely not the greatest but will do in a crunch. The noise cancelling portion is extremely large bulky and obtrusive. Would be better if you unplug from the noise cancelling part and not use it. The earbuds fit pretty well, but unfortunately the overall quality of the product is mediocre and feels cheap, plasticky and extremely prone to breakage. Not bad to use a crunch as a spare set of headphones, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.

  • Great Sound, Questionable Construction
  • Sounds better and better afer awhile
  • First Impression: Mixed feelings

Phiaton PS 20 NC Active Noise Cancelling Earphones, Black

  • Noise Blocker exclusive noise cancellation technology engineered by Phiaton blocks 95% of outside noise.
  • EverPlay technology allows you to continue listening to your music even when the battery is depleted.
  • Optimized active noise reduction for subways, traffic, and flights.
  • Carefully balanced bass and treble equalization for enhanced sound quality.
  • Compact size remote-control to accommodate your “on the go” style of living.

I must write a review of this headphones i bought this headphones in 2014 i use them every day, i bought it at amazon in one of those so called lightning deals of the day. 00 ( now today’s deals) and i must say this are the best headphones i could buy. The sound is great the noise cancellation work perfect, excellent quality.Yes the little noise cancellation thing is a little annoying cause is right in the middle of the cable, i also own some jbl headphones to be exact the synchros s400bt+jet black. And the sound on my phiatons is way better. 00 headphones are 10 times better then my $230. The negative reviews about this headphones make no sense you won’t be disappointed if you buy it.

I’m a bit puzzled by the negative reviews. I picked these up on a fluke as part of a lightning deal and at that price they are an incredible deal. The sound quality is very good and the half/half design opens up the soundstage more than i would have expected. The build quality is on par with the list price of the item it came with a number of accessories: carrying pouch, extra tips, and a battery. I can’t speak much to the quality of the nc yet, but overall i am happy with this purchase and would buy again at this price just to have a backup pair.

Let’s start by getting this off the table: i got these at $17 as part of the amazon daily deal. For this price – it’s a no-brainer. These headphone are worth much more than $17they are currently selling for $70 and i’ve seen prices around $100 in other places. For this price, i would carefully examine all other options first. When evaluating these headphones, i am keeping in mind that these are in-ear headphones and comparing to other similar models that i’ve used. There is no point, imho, to compare these to over the ear, “bigger” headphones. The good:* sound quality is good. Not great even comparing to other in-ear models that i’ve used. Highs and mids are above average, and bass is a little flat. The do extremely well in acoustic music and even ‘light’ rock but they kind of fall short in dance music (which i use a lot for workout) and rock.

Picked these up on amazon’s “today’s deal”. I think the sound is above average and the noise cancellation works fine for me. They are comfortable with the mix of different size ear tips, and do not bother me while i sleep on the side of my head when traveling by airplane and such. After using them for close to a year the awkward designed metal pins that connect the cord to the ear bud has came loose on one side and there is a little chipping of the plastic at same spot, which probably caused the other problem. Not great and if i had to purchase them again i would not pay more than the $30 i spent the first time, but for $30 not too bad. Lastly the gold trim looks tacky.

So i’ve had these earphones for about a week and use them on my bus/train trip to school/work and also when i am sitting down working at a cubicle/desk. Like many reviewers here i have mixed feelings about the ps 20’s performance. The noise canceling box requires a aaa battery, and seems to work by filtering out constant noise. There is a button that lets you find out what sounds are being canceled out by the technology, although this is more of like a demo than anything that is actually useful. I have to say that this is one of the best earphones that i have ever owned, as i can hear many details in my music that i’ve never heard through other headphones. And the best part is that these details are brought out even at lower volume levels – on my nokia windows 521 phone, i can use a 9/10 out of 30 volume level. With other headphones i usually have to set the volume level at around 17/18. However, the ps 20’s noise canceling performance degrades when in a situation where quick sudden noises are made, for example, when a bus drives over a pothole causing a bump, or when the doors open on the train. The ps 20 compensates for these sounds by creating a popping noise, which becomes constant when the road is very bumpy. You can turn off the noise canceling system, but then the sound only comes out of one earphone.

I’m always looking for a better pair of headphones to use on the plane, so when these went on sale for under $18 i thought it was a great opportunity to try them out. Unfortunately, they don’t really deliver anywhere near what they promise. Sound quality is decent, but nothing to write home about; my etymotic er6 sound much better, in my opinion. The active noise cancellation is a big let down; it’s barely noticeable. The battery compartment is yet another dangly thing you need to clip somewhere and gets tangled up. Although four different sizes of ear tips are supplied in the box, none of them delivered a tight seal. Not bad headphones, but definitely not worth the hoopla and not worth more than the $20 or so i paid for them. Even at this price, the lowly klipsch image s3 deliver better sound with less fuss. For a little more, the etymotic mc5 provide superb audio quality. The only benefit of the ps 20 nc is that they can deliver decent audio quality and ambient sound cancellation without requiring a tight seal in your ear canal, which some people find uncomfortable.

There’s no denying these are great earphones; the reproductive quality is excellent, which is the reason why, after an exhaustive inquiry into headphones/earbuds/earphones in this price range, i settled on phiaton. Having spent the first half of my life in the business of sound, i am a wannabe audiophile who didn’t want to spend $300+ on my everyday listening device. These earphones meet or exceed my expectations in sound reproduction, frequency response – all that tech stuff. (noise cancellation aspect is covered below)in fact, this would be a 5-star rating if not for the fact that 62 days after initial use, the plastic molding which captures the retaining wire frame for the ear piece itself mysteriously cracked away – on both earphones at precisely the same location – exposing the wireframe terminal. They are now highly susceptible to further damage as one of only two primary anchor points for each speaker itself is now severely compromised. These, by the way, are the earphones i use at my computer, and on my morning walks. No rock climbing, sailboarding or mountain biking (i use $15 sony’s for that). Naturally i shot an email to their customer support, but have not heard back, now three days later. Unfortunate (for phiaton) that this amazon request for review came before a response from the company did. Otherwise this would be a strong recommend. Instead i rate this as purchase with caution. Because it’s a dynamite speaker, poorly constructed/presented.

Works well in terms of sound. With or without the noise reduction engaged, the sound is very nice for earphones of this size. I bought these as a replacement for some older apple earbuds that i had lost. The 2 main issues that i ran into with these were related to the noise reduction and ergonomics. The battery pack tends to be pretty cumbersome in most applications in that the clip mechanism limits your options of where you can clip it and the amount of cable between the earphones and the battery pack. The other issue that may just be a personal issue is that when the noise reduction is turned on, it doesn’t seem balanced between the 2 earphones. Consistently, when the noise reduction is engaged, i found the effect much less active in the left earphone than the right. It is the more minor of my two issues. Without the noise reduction engaged, the sound is nicely balanced. I don’t consider myself an apple products fanboy, but i did end up purchasing apple earpods to replace these eventually for day-to-day use.

I have noisy neighbors, there, i said it. I’ve tried all kinds of things to drown out their disrespect. Over the ear headphones, supposedly noise cancelling, all kinds of things. These are the only ones that have even come close to working. I think the “active” element of these makes the difference. I have a drawer full of high-end ear buds, and another drawer full of pretty nice over-the-ear headphones. I paired them with the comply tx-200 earphone tips:http://www. Com/gp/product/b003b3bysa/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_9they work perfect.

I got these through an amazon gold box deal for $17, which i decided i could not pass up despite having bought a $200 pair of earphones a day earlier :-)i’m quite satisfied with the quality of this product thus far for what i’ve been using it for; i study in my university’s library quite often and i study on the “not quiet” floor, so the noise cancelling works perfectly when music is playing. Obviously it won’t perfectly drown out sound when there is no audio streaming through the headphones, but when it is i am completely isolated from all library noise. I wouldn’t use these headphones for anything but quiet studying or plane/vehicle listening, since the noise cancelling module is far too heavy to be active with. Sound quality is excellent for the price i got them, better than most mid-range headphones i’ve used in the past. If you could get these for a cheap price, i would definitely recommend them as a solid piece of noise-cancelling hardware, but i’m not quite sure any non-gold box price is worth it. I would not have paid for these if not for the low price tag (mostly due to my lack of need), but the $17 price tag is a steal for noise cancelling headphones of this quality. Satisfied with my purchase but do your research if you plan on paying amazon’s normal prices.

I got these real cheap one time as an amazon deal of the day and they worked great. The noise cancelling didn’t seem to be very pronounced until you used them in loud background scenarios (mowing the lawn, flying in an airplane) and then the noise cancelling made all the difference in the world. The amazement, truly comes when you’re on a trip, the plane lands, and you then turn them off. You quickly realize how loud our environment really is. The single aaa battery that these headphones used to operate the noise cancelling part lasted a long time. It is too bad these aren’t still available through the manufacturer because i think they are quite good. Never-the-less my experience with noise-cancelling has been so great, that i will look for this feature in future headphones that i purchase. I would recommend the same to anyone else.

I’ve owned these for 2yrs now – believe i paid $99. I’ve always been pleased with the sound quality, but was unsure how well the noise canceling compared to over-the ear headsets. The noise canceling clearly worked: with stock earbuds, i simply could not hear my ipad in flight, while the phiatons with noise canceling on allow me to turn the volume down to 25%. I recently compared a set of audio technica anc7bs on a coast-to-coast flight against my phiatons and found the passive damping and active noise canceling to be roughly equal. When it comes to sound quality (noise canceling on or off), comfort, carrying size, and overall utility, however, the phiatons are far and away better, at half the price of the anc7bs. Several reviewers noted discomfort from the included silicone ear tips – i agree, although i doubt they’re any worse than any other earbud with silicone tips. The comply tx-200 isolation plus foam tips are a tremendous improvement: after a 5hr leg with continuous use, i could not feel them. Phiaton ps20 with tx-200 tips are the perfect solution for flying, and are a great combination in general, even when anc is not necessary.

I’m no big audiophile or tech expert, but for my money these get the job done quite nicely. Unlike some reviewers i don’t have any problem with the switch/battery case. The cord is plenty long and there’s a nice little clip on the side, so you can stow it almost anywhere down to and including your belt, the top edge of your pants or even your pocket. And while some people are comparing these to $400 noise cancelling over-the-ear headphones and finding these wanting, all i can say if ‘well, yeah’. But they’re also quite small, easy to travel with, work great, and don’t make you look like a kid. For me, the pros outweigh the cons, and if someone on the airplane is not impressed because they’re not beats or bose or whatever, well, somehow i can live with the disappointment.

After reading all of the mixed reviews about these, i threw caution to the wind since they were priced so cheaply at just $17 and purchased a pair. I went into phiathon ps 20 headset with cautious optimism, and to be honest, i couldn’t be happier. Maybe i was one of the lucky buyers that wasn’t sent a bad pair since there seems to be a lot of reviews stating that they stopped working within a week. I use these daily while at the gym, and they sound phenomenal.I can see how they can get uncomfortable in the ear after an extended period of use, but i wear them an hour a day, using the stock earbud covers (they ship with different interchangeable sizes), without any issues. I will be the first to tell you if i thought these were total garbage. I truly like the phiathon ps 20s.

Though some other reviews have indicated problems, such as amplification of sound, rather than suppression, my experience with the ps 20 have been good, and i have been quite happy with the purchase. I tried a few of the ear piece sizes and found that the middle size was the best fit. I have not found discomfort with this size, and i would suggest that other sizes be tried if you find yours uncomfortable over time. You might even try different sizes between each ear. I have not tried the ps 20 on a flight yet, but given its success in all the other places that i have tried it, including with a hair dryer, which will mimic an aircraft fairly well. The device that i received was very successful, and i look forward to having it for travel. I have a few other nc headphones, which over the ear headphones, and they do not seem to be as good as the ps 20. I found surprisingly good bass, though one ear was a slightly deeper bass than the other, which i have not pinned down to earpiece size, or even the mp3 player i was using. Essentially i don’t have any negatives to say, i have received good value, and have a device that will work well for me. It is potentially not as good as a bose earbud, which seems to rate very well, though i do not have one and cannot confirm it, but then the ps 20 is not nearly the price.

I got this on a daily deal for a really good price. Overall, i’m pretty impressed. I’ve been a user of earphones for a couple decades now and i can say these are some of the best i’ve used. (although to be fair i need to mention i never really used those extremely expensive $500+ earphones some people use. )i really like the noise canceling feature of it, i wish i had these a few years ago when i used to commute via train / bus, they’re really effective at isolating you in your own head with your music. I’m not sure what to think about the middle piece, where the battery goes, it makes the wire really heavy so i don’t think these are ideal to go running, they’re more for commuting, chilling in a chair, or to work in a computer if you don’t feel like using big headphones. I recomend using these with a portable amp as well (like a fiio e07k usb dac) these headphones can withstand some really insane bass levels, specially if you brake them in so that alone really shows the quality of the speakers inside, and they feel like they’re gonna last forever too. I’d give it a 5, specially considering the price, but the middle piece can get heavy specially if you do put a battery on it and it can get unfortable depending on what usage you decide to give it.

I wanted something small and compact to stow in my backpack. Then i could easily access the hearing device just by opening the overhead compartment on the airplane and pulling it out. When finished listening, back it goes into the backpack. It doesn’t totally shut out the drone of the jet engines, but it provides clear, crisp sound from my iphone or macbook air. I use it also when i’m just sitting in fron of my home mac with its twenty-seven days worth of listening stuffed somewhere in the terabyte storage. I would buy another set if i lost this one. Convenience, compactness, and portability are the strong points.

I got these on a flash sale here on amazon and figured, why not. Picked em up and popped them in. Tried this with many genres of music and even mixing audio for a music project (never audio mix with headphones ever). Anyways, they sound pretty good for the price. The noise cancellation isnt all that good, but itll get the job done on a plane. My only real complaint is they arent comfortabe in the ear really. The material just isnt as soft as id like. Other than that they are a good product for a great price.

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