Sony MDRAS800AP Active Sports Smartphone Headset – Great price. Easy transaction

Excited to see the design just wanna know is this a bluetooth headphones, hows noice cancellation and microphone working. Volume control seems to be an issue as per the reviews though i didn’t see any volume controller in the pics.

These are the best headphones i have ever had. They sound great, block outside sound and most of all, they don’t go flying out of your ears when you bump the cord. I lost a paid and bought new ones the next day.

I bought these headphones based off of thewirecutter. I’m not really that impressed. The headphones sound ok, they don’t have iphone specific controls. Generally just an ok headphone.

I bought these primarily because i want to have earbuds that stays in my ear with microphones. And so far, it has worked really great. It really does stay in your ear with the little hook. Not only that, they sound really good. I can definitely feel the bass.

I wasn’t sure how i would like the protrusion in my ear. But it is actually quite comfortable and stays in without having to adjust it while i am running and snowboarding. I love having the microphone, however it scratches against your clothes and is hard for people to hear you. As an extra bonus, they were waterproof.

  • I bought these headphones based off of thewirecutter. com
  • Best Headphones Ever.
  • I wasn’t sure how I would like the protrusion in my ear

Great for the gym, less so for long term wear. Sound is excellent and very durable construction.

Features of Sony MDRAS800AP Active Sports Smartphone Headset (Orange)

  • 2-way wearing style: secure or easy fit, Splash-resistant design prevents sweat from leaking in, Hybrid silicone earbuds and Arc supporters provide a precise fit
  • In-line remote & microphone for hands-free phone calling, Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones
  • Free SmartKey App for customized in-line remote function, Carrying Pouch, Cable Adjustor, and Clip supplied
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

From the manufacturer

Active Sports Smartphone Headset

The perfect universal smartphone companion and equally comfortable in town or at the gym, the MDR-AS800AP provides flexible use, as a headset for enjoying music and taking calls on the go, or motivating your workouts!


2-way wearing style

Enjoy flexible wearing convenience: conventional Easy-Fit (in-ear) fashion for around the town, or using the attached arc supporters in Secure Fit Loop (Active-Sports) style, the cables run up and over each ear and then behind the neck for a more secure fit during strenuous activities.


The splash-resistant housing prevents sweat and water from leaking in, making these headphones ideal for an active lifestyle.(1)

Custom fit

4 sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds and 3 sizes of arc supporters, in addition to an adjustment band are supplied to ensure a precise fit.

Universally smartphone compatible

The perfect smartphone companion and equally comfortable around town or at the gym, a configurable in-line remote (via SmartKey App) delivers personalized music and call functionality for flexible use, as a headset for enjoying music and taking calls on the go, or motivation during your workouts!

Supplied Accessories

A carrying pouch, 4 sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds, 3 sizes of arc supporters, an adjustment band, and a clip are supplied to ensure optimum fit and an enhanced experience.

(1) The water resistance specifications of this unit are equivalent to IPX4 and the unit cannot be used in water.

(2) The button function may vary depending on the smartphone.

(3) Subject to app terms and conditions.

2014 Sony Electronics, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Sony and the Sony logos are trademarks of Sony Corporation. iPhone is a trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademarks of Google Inc. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

2-way wearing style: secure or easy fit, Splash-resistant design prevents sweat from leaking in, Hybrid silicone earbuds and Arc supporters provide a precise fit

In-line remote & microphone for hands-free phone calling, Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones

Free SmartKey App for customized in-line remote function, Carrying Pouch, Cable Adjustor, and Clip supplied

Connectivity Technology: Wired

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Skullcandy Skullcrusher, Now I understand why they are called skullcrushers!!!

I loved these when i first got them. The bass is great for genres like dubstep, electro, rap, and even heavy metal if you turn the subs off. They lasted me about three months before (like all skullcandies) they broke. As with most of their products, these headphones are really weak and breakable. There are many little pieces that can fall off or snap easily because they’re plastic. They are great if your a person who takes care to maintain and care for your headphones, but if you carry them to school and work every day like me in a backpack you may want to find some with a bit more sturdiness. As for me, i have a nice musical paperweight that bumps. (watch the little piece that holds the split together at the top when you pop it out to fold them up, that’s what broke on mine).

This is a great pair of headphones. They have very good sound quality and they are the first headphones i’ve ever seen that are truly ‘noise-cancelling’. They are very comfortable and adjust nicely. I would recommend them to anyone. The product came a little later than i had anticipated, but i was able to successfully track them to see why it was taking so long.

These are by far the best headphones, and even out of the skullcandy name, the best design. The adjustable top moves for comfort. The over the entire ear makes it easy for listening or on the plane for blocking out the noise. The bass boost on the wire is great when listening to and improving quality.

Key specs for Skullcandy Skullcrusher (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Speaker diameter: 30mm
  • Vibration speaker: 30mm
  • Frequency response 20-20K Hz, impedance: 32 ohms
  • In-line bass boost control
  • Stashable travel design

Comments from buyers

“Not as loud as i thought but ear messaging Bassliterally
, Kid Cool
, Best Skullcandy headphones!

I’m a bassist and these subwoofer headphones are perfect for picking bass out of music. Aside from when i have the bass turned way up the actual sound quality at normal levels is superb. I love listening to music on these and they’re definitely an incredibly high value for the amount of money you’re paying.

Best headphones i have ever heard, the bass literally ‘crushes your head’buy buy buythey are great and i use them every day. My cousin even bought some after hearing the song heartless(great bass) on thesethe only problem is you look rediculous if you wear them in public. They are very comfy and look cool to wear around your neck.

These headphones are really cool. I have been using them constantly and the bass feel is great. The sound quality is actually very clear, much nicer then other headphones i have used, and they are really comfortable. Fantastic price for such nice headphones :).

The skullcandy skullcrushers are great. Purchased for my 13 year old and they are sturdy enough to have out lasted basketball season. He travels with the high school team and to say the least they have been thru a lot of rough play. They have great sound and they keep out outside sounds i know this for a fact he can never hear me when i am talking to him.I would recommend to everyone.

First of all, the bass booster is amazing. Listening at 3/4 volume (or louder), bass booster on ful blass, acutually messages your head because they vibrate so much. If you listen to techno, these are the best headphones for you,(i’ve listened to techno on my friend’s ipod). If your like me, and you listen to metal -whether it’s 80s guns n’roses or modern asking alexandria- these headphones still sound pretty clear acutally make the bass guitar track stand out a bit more. Being a bass player, i’d say these have good bass overall. For durabillity, i haven’t own these long enough, but they seem pretty solid. The skullcrushers are very comfortable and block out sound well, and rarley fall off or out of place. The only thing that has dissapointed me, was that they aren’t as loud as i thought. You’d think the speakers were huge with the big earcups, but they’re really only 30mm, compared to the hesh at 50mm. (i’ve never owned hesh, just heard was loud.

I didn’t buy these from amazon, but my local music store. I had these for about 3 years or so, and i was never disappointed with the sound quality and bass. The design of the headphones are pretty solid, but i did dislike the battery position on the cable. It was always dangling about, getting in the way. Sad to say my sisters daughter blew one of the speakers out. I left it like that for months and decided one day out of anger to break off the blown speaker. It took some effort to break it off, after i broke off the blown headphone, the other headphone lost its bass and became completely useless. They did last forever and a half, though, so i cant complain. Point of the story is don’t trust children with these.

The bass really work, its a good pair of headphones for 40 bucks i had read lots of comments complaining about quality thats why i bought the extended warranty for 3 years for 11 bucks (spills+drop) but i have been using em for 3 days and they have been working really well :d.

Son broke them though after a month.

I know this sounds really sick. I bought it and for its 40 buck price tag it sounds fantastic. But the thing is with shipping and everything your at least 50 bux to 60 bux. The problem is the bass kinda goes out slowly over time. Even with good care and decent use. I just think although its very cheap for the product, if you want a good bass headphones to last you like a year or two with great quality, then you should just go get a quality pair for like 100-150 bux. Yeah its alot more than these price wise. But youl get a way better product.

These head phones are amazing for the price. The sound is amazing on almost all songs. You just turn it on and there you go. There is also a little wheel to adjust it which makes it a lot nicer. The bass works the best about 3/4 of the way on. The only con for these are that they are very flimsy. Ive had them for over a month and i havent had any problems with them. I would recommend these to anybody.

These headphone are great sound quality, the amp is a big help on the bass songs. You should buy this product, this will get you kids laid.

The sound isn’t that loud but they have a very nice quality. The subwoofer and the bass make my ears tickle. They look very fancy, and if you want to call the atention, wear them.

They will crush your skull alright. These headphoness are amazing. I would definatley recommend them for any genre of music but these highlight in hip hop, rap and dubstep. The only downside of these, and it’s a very small one, is that they have the bulky subwoofer amplifier on the cord and you need a aa battery to really expierience the music. But that may sound bad but it’s no big deal , it’s really easy to handle.

They make your head bang it is crazy. The only problem thugh is that they can break. This happened to me and amazon gave me an exchange and i am currently waiting for the new ones to arrive.

The sub-woofers fail within 1 to 4 weeks with heavy use.

A year later, still works better than my son’s beatz. My kid has used these earphones more than his beatz. I could have saved myself some cash.

I was wondering before the purchase where these earphones get their name from. They are worth trying for a skullcrushing experience well worth its money and the pain.

I’ve had these headphones about two months and listen to them daily. Haven’t had any issues and they sound great. I would expect headphones that sound, look and feel like thses to cost over $100 but i bought them for a third of that. This is a great buy for any music lover.

I am listening to these head phones right now and i must say wow. The noise canceling is really great and i cant even hear the typing on my keyboard. These headphones emanate low budget, ghetto pure quality. Now lets get this strait don’t buy beats solo. I have tried them on several occasions and the subs are great but the treble sound quality sucks. These headphones really clean up dr. I would argue that they possibly have better base, and the treble captures all the intricacies of any genre. I have listened to music from jj to birdman jr. And they really meld the the sound to fit any song.

The headphones arrived quickly, in great condition, and as described. Included skullcandy skullcrushers rasta headphones, 1 aa battery, 1 carrying pouch (silk), skullcandy stickers, an airplane jack converter, and a large jack converter. The sound is impeccable, that of a high end headphones. The vibration speakers add a whole new dimension to your music and actually do cancel out a lot of noise. The battery lasts for quite a long time, even if you forget to turn it off a few times. I recommend these to anyone looking for incredible headphones for and outrageously low price.

I bought these as a birthday gift for my 12 year old son. His college-student brother has a pair of hesh (skullcandy) headphones and recommended these for the sturdier and adjustable band as his have broken and been replaced under warranty twice. My twelve year old loves these, as do all his middle school friends. They claim the sound quality including bass and vibrating sub-woofer are excellent. I’m happily surprised they’ve held up to a month of daily use including a 3-day school band trip with lots of trading around and sharing among boys who can be rough on their toys. For middle school boys, the most important feature may be how cool they look just resting around your neck. My 6th grader was honored that the 8th grade boys he knows all wanted some after seeing his. I thought the ‘rasta’ pattern might be a little trite but no one else seems to think so. High school, college and young adults we know all think the [jamaican flag colors add to their cool. ]

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Sony MDR-E828LP Fontopia Earbuds – Excellent sound quality

These headphones do reach the high and low ranges with adequate volume, and for the price are very good. They are better than most headphones that are included with portable audio players. Compared to sennheiser mx500 headphones, these have louder bass, but not too loud. The volume of all frequencies is just about right. The mx500’s main drawback is quieter bass, which can usually be fixed with a slight adjustment to the eq if your audio device has one. The sony mdr-e818lp do, again, have better overall sound quality at all ranges than headphones that were free with your equipment (or cheap headphones for the same price), but the first thing i notice when using these and comparing them to the mx500 is a difference in sound quality between low and high frequencies. Starting fairly close to midrange and going up, the sony’s have an obvious difference in sound. They are still better than any free headphones i have used. I prefer the sennheiser mx500 because i would rather have more even and better clarity accross the board (i find it easier to adjust to lower bass volume than varied sound quality). They are only a few dollars more.

Sony is a name you can trust when it comes to audio. The wind-case and volume control make this compact set worth the small investment. The sound quality is equal to, or better than, any similar priced ear-buds. I like the equal length wires and the wind-up device is easy to use and will fit in any travel bag. It sure beats a mess of tangled wires and it’s cheap enough to buy a spare set.

Some ages ago, i had bought model mdr-828 earbuds in a store because of its low price. After many years of use, one earbud stopped working which left me having to buy a new pair of earbuds. I was delighted to see that the same model of earbuds was available for purchase, at the same low price. The winding case seems like more trouble than it’s worth, so that gets placed in the trash. The length of the wire is definitely long enough to comfortably have your media player in a pocket, but is not excessively long. My old pair has a soft, grip feeling to it, but the one in the review is smooth – i like the soft touch better. The fit of the earbud is without fault. Without the foam cover, the headphone still stays in your ear but is somewhat precarious and could fall out. The included earbud covers are what hold it firmly and painlessly in place. The earbuds are pretty light at 3.

I’ve been using these earbuds for about 15 years, but i haven’t been able to find in stores lately. I use them while bike riding because they dont become dislodged with head movements. The key is their egg shaped bud, i insert in my ear with the wire sticking up ,then twist 1/4 until the wire is parallell to ground , this locks it in. This is done with the cords going behind my head and back , so as not to become tangled. The earbuds have great sound to boot. As i was shopping for these and reading specs on others , i saw the driver on the sony’s are 16 mm , most earbuds have an 8 mm. 15 years ago these were priced closer to $20 , prices came down over the years i was finding them at walmart for $9-$12. Paid $12 for these with free shipping , bought 3.

I’m very pleased with these earbuds. The sound is great and the price was very reasonable. I’ve spent more and not gotten sound this good. I did think that the case would automatically retract the cord, and it does not; however, a manual winding case is better than just mooshing the earbuds into my purse or even a different kind of case. Bottom line: definitely worth buying.

Although its sound quality-to-price ratio is the best in the market (if that’s ever quantifiable), this product does not last long. After about a month of using these headphones daily with my ipod, the sound quality in the left ear has suddenly become fuzzy, and is now subject to the careful adjustment and positioning of the plug (or of the wire immediately connected to the plug). This exact condition has arisen three times already to three of these same headphones that i’ve bought, leading me to suspect that sony has deliberately done this, in an attempt to maximize their profit from these items. The warranty is pretty bothersome as well, as you would need to buy your own packaging and pay your own shipping (purportedly at a lower price, but i haven’t tried yet). If you still intend on buying these, be extremely careful with handling them, for all the reasons mentioned above.

  • Excellent bass response, clean sound, not great on the highs
  • Best earbuds for the price
  • Great Sony earbuds

I have read most reviews from this site and bought it. Most people say that it is good buy for its cheap price. When i bought my old fontopia in 1992, it was $10 or so (it was made in japan, though). This one is still $10 in 2007, which actually means the price got down. Overall, for its price it provides very clear and sharp sound, but the bass is not so good as my 1992 version, which is disappointing. One last thing that forced me to return this is its inconsistent assembly. I received a defective one with louder left channel. I know it is not general problem of this product, but the product quality should be consistent for all individual items.

I first bought a pair of these for $9 and they sound fantastic, particularly sweet for that price. You can’t find a comparable set of earbuds for a similar price. The first pair i bought came with no case (earbuds came in a protected/bubble-wrap envelope). I gave this first pair to my father (who is hard of hearing and had problems with other earbuds and hearing certain frequencies, which the sony earbuds do play and he can now hear) and ordered two more pair, with a owner-operated wind-up case, for $5. (the case cover locks with the internal reel that winds up the cord when you turn the cover with your finger – manually – and it works quite simply, and it keeps your cord from getting all knotted-up/tangled-up). With the quality of the sound for this price and the carrying case thrown in, you cannot do better.

Bought these ear buds some 3 weeks ago. Great bass sound & high ends are very clear. Had a friend who listened to them & said the origianl apple ear buds have better bass response. So i went to an apple store & did a side by side comparison of the apple vs these sony. . Hands down the sony was better. . Much better bass response that it was not even close, & the high ends & mid range were so much better, i told a sales rep there what i was doing & he smiled, like he knew. So, if your are replacing your apple ear buds, these are the bomb.

I love these headphones and use them consistently with my ipods. They sound great, and fit my ears very well, with the foam pads attached. I prefer these over the apple earphones / earplugs. They are cheap, and i usually buy 5 or more at a time. Since i constantly listen to my ipod, they inevitably lose contact in one of the channels, so build quality is not top notch for heavy use, but that does not deter me from using them. Since they are so cheap, they are easily replaced.

Product looks nice and the earphones work just fine. The deceiving part was the ‘retractability’ of the cord. Open the case and the cord comes falling out. It does not retract back well. Takes real effort to wind it up neatly to fit in the case. I was looking for a device for the cord to retract into – similar to one on a vacuum machine – but this was not like that. . It’s a good set of extra headphones with a case.

Features of Sony MDR-E828LP Fontopia Earbuds with Winding Case (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Fontopia In-The-Ear Design 16Mm Dia Driver
  • Neodymium Magnet Power Handling: 50 Mw
  • Freq Resp: 16 Hz–22 Khz
  • Imp: 16 Ohm Sony Acoustic
  • Twin Turbo Circuitry
  • Super-light in-the-ear design
  • High-quality 16mm driver units
  • Sleek black and silver metallic housing
  • Neodymium magnets provide powerful bass and clear treble
  • Compact winding case supplied

Fontopia In-The-Ear Design 16Mm Dia Driver

Ordered it from home electronics, received the product in quick time for a cheap price. The earbuds themselves are very good quality, and as long as i can find them, i will purchase them. I have 3 pair at the moment (one pair since over 10 months ago), and they all work fine :)as an active user (everyday for at least 3 hrs) here is my input about this itempros:* long lasting* nice basic design* superb bass and sound* price is under $12* durable (i’ve dropped them, stepped on em, and accidently sat on em, and they still work)* good size cord (longer than most for its price)cons:* tends to tangle up (when i leave them in my bag during school hours)* tends to fall out ears (best not to use if in vigorous exercise, such as running)i recommend buying more than 1 pair, they are just that good. I have 2 for backup even though they last long.

I’ve purchased several pairs of these over the years. Use them almost exclusively when running, cycling or in the gym. Really decent sound for the price, but mainly i recommend them because they have been surprisingly durable. I tend to take care of my stuff, but the way i use these (sweating, various weather conditions) i’ve been impressed with how long they last before i need to replace. Nearly three years on average.

They sound fine and are as comfortable as any earbuds i have used. I needed cheapo earbuds for the kids, when they became audiopholes and would no longer use the free airline earphones i kept giving them (i hate it when they catch on to stuff like that). I bought several pairs of these, in anticipation of multiple losses, but surprisingly they have kept up with their original sets and are happy with the sound. I still miss giving them the freebie airline sets though. Oh, and don’t tell them that you bought multiple pairs of earbuds for them or they will lose a set a week.

These headphones are amazing for the price. I lost my ipod headphones and figured, why not?. Well here’s what i like:-enough bass for my liking-decent clariy, keep in mind they are 9 bucks-durable so far (had them for like 3 weeks, so no real test here)cons:-cable is too short for me (then again i am 6’5′, so that’s not suprising)-carrying case, in my opinion, is uselessbuy em, try em, they are worth it for sure.

But, are there any buds that fit nice and secure in ones ear ???. Sound quality very good overall, but. Bass enhancement sometimes a little too rich, and can muddy certain songs, especially those already recorded with enhanced bass [low end hz. High end does get sacrificed more times than i would like. However, with most of my music tastes- [r & b; rock; blues; vocals the frequency response range -approx. ; is clear without annoying distortion,–most of the time. ]

I had purchased a sony cd walkman mp3 player several years ago that came with a set of headphones just like this. I had since lost them and don’t like the current styles out in the stores. I searched for these and found them, and they are just as i remembered, except the case was a little different, but it still rocks. Get these headphones if you don’t like the uncomfortable plug in your head style that’s popular now. These are great cause i use them with all kinds of things, they fit in my cd player case, i use them with my psp on the road. Mp3 players need headphones of course and these wind up in a neat little case that fits in a pocket or other small area easily.

Neodymium Magnet Power Handling: 50 Mw

These earbuds sound just as good as the $50 sony’s my husband purchased for his ipod. The only drawback is his buds came with different adaptors to adjust the fit. These are a one-size fits all deal and are very large. So if you have small ears, like me, they aren’t the most comfortable. They did come with padding, so they feel better than the ipod buds for certain. However if you’re looking for real comfort you’ll need to shell out the cash.

This is the second pair of these that i’ve had and both are great. I’m probably not what you would consider an audiophile, but i do enjoy my share of good music and these little guys are terrific. I wear them virtually the entire time i’m at work (8+ hours a day) and they are fantastically comfortable. I don’t use the little foam covers that came with them since they have a tendency to fall off and get lost anyway (in my experience) but they are still easy on the ears. The sound is surprisingly good for the price point and everything seems to be faithfully reproduced (high, mid-tones, bass). I use these with my phone, various mp3 players, and my laptop at work and the sound is consistently of the highest quality.

When you buy these, you get two items. The earbuds, and the wind up case. I will separately review both items as i feel one is worth significantly more than the other. Wind up case:i purchased a pair of these headphones years ago (as in 10+ years ago). Though i lost the ear buds a long time ago, i continued to use the great wind up case with the replacement earbuds that i ended up purchasing. My case had been with me on all my travels, racking up hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles in the process. Then, unfortunately, i lost the case. I think i left it at a foot massage joint somewhere in china. Figuring i could just get on with my life, i realized i couldn’t. The wind up case is incredibly useful, versatile, small, and simply works beautifully at protecting and carrying your earbuds, regardless of whether they’re these sony’s or others.

I have small ears so only certain earbuds will fit in them. I thought (my mistake) that the earpieces that came with these were the ones with the rubber ends that squish into your ear. They’re those hard plastic earbuds, reminiscent of the ones that come with apple purchases. I can’t account for the sound quality since they don’t really stay in my ears that well. I ordered this thinking it would be ‘spring-action,’ but you have to manually roll up your ear buds. I’m keeping these only for the case. I’ll probably end up putting other earbuds in it.

I’ve had them for a while now and i am just as impressed as the first time i owned them. I love the little case they come in and if you jam them in your ears just right. They sound pretty great too. Update: bought in 2012 still using the same ones in 2015. Using the case saves the life of these headphones big time.

Ive been purchasing and using this very model of headphone for years, this is probly my 5th or 6th pair of this brand and model of headphone. This brand was discontinued by the manufacturer and has become harder and harder to find. These are nice because you dont have to cram them inside your ear canal they sit just in the pocket of the ear lobe. Just another great product, discontinued by the manufacturer.

Freq Resp: 16 Hz–22 Khz

The sound quality is very good. However, my ears would inevitably ache after about 30 minutes of wear. The earbuds are hard plastic (albeit with a thin foam cover), which means my ear must yield to the earbud and not the other way around. These might be a great buy for someone with average to large ear apertures, but probably not for someone with smaller ears. I recommend the ‘marshmallow’-style ear buds (such as sony mdr-ex71sla), with the silicone gasket that conforms to the ear. They’re more expensive, but they’re comfortable for hours even in my tiny ears.

I purchased these earbuds to go with an iriver mp3 player that i use while running. To be concise, the only thing that i don’t particularly like is the cord connecting the earbuds to the plug that inserts into your headphone jack. Two little problems, or i would have given these little jobs a 5-star rating. First, the cord is just a little short for me to wear the way i want to wear it, tucked inside my running shorts/pants while doing my roadwork. Second, the plug is one of the type that has the plug, then the cord takes an immediate right-angle turn as the cord moves up and away from the jack it is plugged into. In my particular case, it is a bit irritating to use in my iriver, but it works out great in my creative zen touch 40 gb player. Just a different layout and use, i imagine. As for the sound quality, i’ve got a pretty good ear, and these earbuds are at least twice as crisp and clear, with good bass response, as compared with the original earbuds that came with my iriver mp3 player. The original iriver earbuds were not bad, either. In short, i couldn’t give these a perfect score only because of a personal foible with the cord, but the sound quality is definitely a 5 out of 5.

I’ve only been using these for a few weeks but they seem to be doing a good job, especially for the price. The main thing for me will be how long they hold up. I’m not expecting much since they’re so cheap, but even a year before something goes wrong will be nice. They fit nicely in my ear and i like that the cord is not too long. I’ve been using the winding case all along so they don’t get tangled up in my bag, and it’s been nice so far.

These are just the best earbuds available for the price. They offer great sound and really low bass as well as crisp highs. The sound quality does vary based on how you position them in your ears. I find that i can vary the highs and lows by rotating them a few degrees in my ear. For under $10, they simply can’t be beat. They are a cheap and worthwhile upgrade for any ipod or other mp3 player.

I have been using this model earbud for over 5 years. I have tried several other models, all of them far more expensive, and none can beat the quality of this earphone. I recently purchased a bose model for over $100. First off, it would not stay in place while i jogged. Second, you had to crank the volume on my ipod to max to get a reasonable sound out of it. With this model the volume control is plenty loud at 50%. I go through about 5 of these sony’s a year as they get exposed to all weather elements while jogging which i do almost every day. They really withstand rain, extreme temperature variations without compromising the quality of sound. The bass is good but not overkill. I just hope sony does not stop producing this model. Don’t waste your money on expensive over-hyped phones, try this one and you won’t be disappointed. Again, the fit is the best of any bought by me so far.

This product has a nice sound. I read some of the reviews saying that they weren’t quality, but i took the risk and bought them anyway. The only problem is that with the foam covers on them they don’t stay in the ear as well when i run. I tried it without them and they stay in place. I actually don’t use the winding case because it takes too much time if i have to get up quickly, but it is pretty cool.

I think the headphones work fine, expecially for the price. However, i haven’t used a whole lot of other earbud sets. I do think the foam cover comes off easily as i’ve already lost one and once they are gone, the earbud refuses to stay in your ear. If you press them in really tight, the bass works best. I would recommend based on price and quality.

Imp: 16 Ohm Sony Acoustic

I have been searching for about 15 years to replace a set of aiwa earphones i got with a high end aiwa walkman. Every time i purchase and try a new set of earphones, i am disappointed and i am still using those old aiwas. I bought these sony’s and unfortunately the same is the case for them. Don’t get me wrong, these earphones sound good, but they are missing some mid tones and definitely base. They are however better than most earphones one gets along with a cd walkman or mp3 player, that’s why i gave them 4 stars. But they are not even close to the quality of the aiwa’s i have from back then.

Very happy with my final decision to buy the sony e828lp fontopia earbuds with winding case. Delivery time was early and received in very good condition. The earbuds deliver much better quality of sound with my sony walkman than the original earphones that came with the walkman. I wear my earbuds with my sony walman every morning when i walk about a mile and have had no problems with the earbuds hurting my ears or staying in. The winding case is great for traveling or carrying in your pocket or purse. Although i paid a much higher price from a different amazon outsource, i would buy them again and would highly recommend them.

I bought this over a year ago to replace my original ipod headphones (which i lost), and they have held up amazing well. I’ve never had a problem with audio quality, and they fit very snuggly into the ear – just like the original earbud. I do wish they came in white, but aside from that i’m very happy with these, and will definitely repurchase them when (if) my current set gets worn down. If you’re looking for outstanding bass or studio-quality sound, you might invest in a more expensive pair, but if you just want comfy, durable earbuds for standard listening, these are perfect.

I have three pairs of them and they all sound great on each of the many mp3 players that i own. They are very light and comfortable even after wearing them for a long period of time. The sound is excellent, the deep bass is wonderful. I can set the volume on my player lower with these earbuds than with any other earbuds i own. The plastic case to wind the buds is designed perfectly and stores the earbuds perfectly, unlike a cheap koss earbud case i own. I would fully recommend this product.

For such a small price, i can’t complain about these earphones. They come with nice pads which i can’t live without and a case to wind them up in. They fit in my ears perfectly and once in, will not move in the slightest way with whatever i’m doing. They’re cheap earphones so you can’t expect outstanding quality, but i am not that critical when it comes to that and the sound is not bad at all.

I can’t believe this headphones cost only 6$. Amazing sound clarify you won’t believe. Excellent and faithful bass and crisp treble. Ultra-light, just six grams; you won’t feel as if you are wearing them. Only negative point: the case that comes along to wind up the extra cord length is a waste. The cord is so small that you have no need to wind it.

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I’ve been quite happy with mine and i bought it because of the low price and numerous five-star reviews. It’s not a real windup, rather, they sell it with a fifty cent plastic 3′ case and you can place the earbuds in the middle and basically wraps the cord around them. I’d like to see earbuds with a built-in quarter-size cordwinder. Otherwise, as happy as most of the other reviewers.

I couldnt be happier with these ear buds. Whenever i go work out i sweat a lot and as we all know moisture and electronics dont relaly mix so my earbuds tend to not last a long time. I also have some bose headphones but no way am i going to wear those while working out. These are cheap, and they last a long time (average about a 9-10 months for me) but im also pretty rough with them so they will probably last even longer for others. Also, they fit in the ear nicely so you can wear them for a long time without your ears getting sore, and they dont have any annoying plastic ear pieces which can fall out or get caught in your pant pocket when your pulling out your mp3.

Not terribly comfortable, not great sound, but compact at least. I keep them as a spare in my coat pocket so i can listen to music from my phone when i’m bored. I’m sure there’s much better out there, but at least they do the job.

Don’t be fooled by the pricetag – these are high quality earbuds. They offer some of the best bass i have found in earbuds for under $100. I am also a big fan of the slightly oblong speaker shape that allows you to snugly fit them into your ear without pushing real deep. Most earbuds are too large and push out on the cartilage, causing pain after about a half-hour of listening. I generally stray from earbuds as more and more research has shown how detrimental they are to your hearing. With these, i can monitor the sound level (usually at about 60% on my ipod’s volume scale) without compromising audio quality and the much sought after bass. The carrying case is very functional and super easy to use. The only issue that i would forsee here is in quality control over a bad batch of speakers. Check the packaging as mine came with a warranty (although i purchased them at a small, discount odds-and-ends shop in nyc).

I give these five stars, not just as a $10 set of headphones, but compared to any headphones no matter how expensive. They are very light, and without the foam cushion, they rest very comfortably in my ear, i can wear them all day. I have found no other type of headphone to be as comfortable. The sound is great, very clear and crisp mid-range and high-range. You will not get great bass with these, an inevitable result of this type of design. There are some other reviews which say how great the bass is. Obviously, those reviewers never tried closed headphones. They are probably comparing this to other earbud headphones which aren’t as good. Indeed, as far as this type of headphone goes, the bass is as good as it’s going to getthese headphones are so incredibly comfortable that i would never bother to wear something else just to get better bass.

It’s really hard not to like these headphones. They have such excellent bass response, i was truly wowed when i first listened on them. The sound is rich and clean, i can barely believe it. My only complaint is that they don’t hit the high range enough for my taste, but it’s almost forgivable given the overall quality. They also have a pretty good volume level. They almost sound amplified, especially compared to a cheaper set of earbuds i purchased at the same time. I’ve had a pair of philips sbc-he215 earbuds for years. They have been a good set for me, came with a carrying case, and sounded good. My only complaint on those was a design flaw, where parts of the stem of each earbud could become separated. Otherwise i was happy, until the wires finally started to wear out and come apart.

For a price around 10 dollars, these cannot be beat. I’ve had these before, and this case will prevent me, or at least extend, the life of my earbuds since i usually wear them out from just jabbing it into my pockets with my sansa clip zip.

These earbuds are great, and the price, at under 7 dollars, cannot be beat. They fit great in my ears either with or without the cover pads, and the sound is as good as i need it to be. I prefer to use these for my ipod – they feel and sound better than the earbuds apple provides. The quality is excellent, especially for the price. The first pair that i bought three years ago finally broke after heavy daily use (the sound in the right earbud stopped working, i assume i stressed the cord out a little too much), and i immediately bought it again. You’re not going to go wrong for the price.

I had the first set for over 8 years and they work great. I only had to replace them because my ear buds fell in the toilet. Great stereo sound for a small product. I use it with my walkman and my iphone.

I use these headphones with my asus laptop and for the price they work extremely well with all types of media. Ive tried many brands from $5 earbuds to the more expensive $200 headphones like shure, sennheiser, audiotechnica etc. But i keep coming back to these sony earbuds because they are very comfortable for daily use. Good even sound between bass, treble and mids. For high fidelity audio i go to my dedicated stereo setup but for gaming or mp3s on a laptop/portable player, it would be hard to find faults from these headphones for the price.

Ever since i got my first walkman as a teen, i’ve used various incarnations of sony’s $30-range 30mm driver headphones. Even back then they had a well-balanced eq and decent bass response, combining solid performance with near-disposable convenience and price. I was getting tired of the line in my hair from the regular headphones, and the ear-pinch syndrome of the ‘street style’ sets, so i decided to try earbuds. These sonys had the best specs, so i gave them a shot. If only they’d made these ages ago. Sony has somehow found a way to get 30mm performance from drivers almost half that size, and a quarter of the price. I had no idea earbuds, or anything for $7 for that matter, could sound so balanced and actually produce adequate bass. Granted, they’re not studio monitors. The soundstage is still 30mm-limited, and they’re a little high-midrange-y at high volume levels. But they respond beautifully to an eq.

I have used many types of headphones in my life, but for portable use – i now use the sony mdr-e828lps. In fact i have 5 pairs – scattered around so they’re always handy and so that multiple folks can use them (with splitters). I find these headphones to have very good clarity and tonal balance. Not too much bass, not too much treble, just right. Their performance is not in the same class as really high-end headphones, but for the money, they’re an exceptionally good value. The buds are pretty comfortable (i usually don’t use the pads). The cord is short so it winds up easily into the holder, and it also doesn’t get hung up on arms, legs, etc. But if you need a long cord you best look elsewhere (you can always buy an extension cord though). Again, overall a great value and they seem to last well too (except the pads which wear out quickly).

I’m on my 3rd pair – not because there was anything wrong with pairs 1 and 2 – but because the kid’s expensive earbuds crapped out and they thought mine sounded better than their’s had, so i forked mine over and bought morelittle plastic case was great for keeping the earbuds neat and orderly and easy to find in my carry-on bag on the plane. I’d recommend these to anyone.

As an audio professional i trust what my ears tell me and they say that these are a really nice pair of ear buds. Now don’t get me wrong, no pair of ear buds could ever be an adequate replacement for a good set of headphones, but these are among the best i’ve heard and get the job done in fine fashion. Very good sounding throghout the audio spectrum but have they also have an especially nice bass response. I also like the fact that they are open air and do not shut you off from your surroundings. This is an especially nice feature if you live in an urban area, imho. These ear buds are also very comfortable and the wind up case is a big plus (why couldn’t apple include something like this with theirs?) if you’re buying an ipod consider buying these as an upgrade to the famous white buds that they all come with, the sonys sound 10 time better. Get ’em while they’re hot, your ears will thank you.

I’ve never had good experiences with earbud phones – they’re uncomfortable and the sound quality is usually middling at best. Their only saving grace is convenience, but then there’s always the hassle of untangling the cord when you are ready to use them. I originally bought my fontopias strictly as cheap and convenient ‘travel phones’ for my ipaq pocket pc and rio mp3 player when on the road – i just wanted something that wouldn’t get snarled in my pocket. However, after a week of use i’m already a huge fan and they’ve become my everyday headphones of choice. Lightweight and simple as any other earbuds, the fidelity they deliver is really remarkable. Doesn’t measure up to full headphones, of course, but they’re far and away the best earbuds i’ve ever used. With a little adjustment to find the best angle, i’ve worn them for hours with no discomfort. The case is very cleverly designed and extremely easy to use, though a little flimsy – i’m just waiting to see what happens when i inevitably sit on it by accident. And you certainly can’t beat the price.

I’ve had these for probably 3-4 years now, and i love them. The case keeps them from getting tangled (or smashed), and they still work well. They’re not expensive but the sound quality is pretty good (even above excellent for the price) and if you treat them even reasonably nicely, they’ll hold up for a long time. I’ve run with them in, and they stay in pretty well then, too. I did lose the foam covers a year ago, but it hasn’t really bothered me at all.

This is my second pair of fontopia earbuds with the winding case. My first pair is 3 years old, and going strong. The price on amazon was fabulous, and they arrived ahead of schedule. I decided to keep a permanent pair at home, and have a second pair for my briefcase when i’m out and about. The hard plastic case took some getting use to, but now i wouldn’t have earphones stored any other way. The winding case is great, and protect the earbuds perfectly. The sound from the sony fontopia earbuds is quite clear, with decent bass, midrange and treble. I listen to music, talk radio, and old-time movies and radio shows on my media player, whenever i have a few minutes available. I do have a suggestion: use an adhesive (hypoallergenic) of some kind, to affix the small foam covers (earpads) that come with the earbuds. They wiggle off very easily, so i used some ‘white glue,’ the kind kids use in school.

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