Beats Monster by Dre Diddy High Performance in-Ear Headphones – Not as loud as I expected. And they are

Nice sound but the earbud are bigger and heavy.

While they are heavy sitting in ones ear they do provide a better bass response than most in ear headphones do. While the color is not my first choice price wins over that. The flat chord certainly wont tangle. The mid range varies by song and production value at time of recording. They serve their purpose on public transportation. With out announcing hey i have dre beats head phones as would a over or on ear pair might.

I really love these ear buds. The sound is great, and they give a lot of tips to find a comfy fit. The price is much better than the beats ur buds. I bout the pink and they’re really pretty. I just received them today so not much time for any complaints.

These are the best earbuds i have ever purchased. Super quality in design and audio. I will be purchasing these for the kids for their easter baskets.

High performance ear phones indeed.

Excellent good quality of sound.

  • Not good sound quality
  • my ears which is so disappointing because they are ADORABLE and so sleek
  • Not a Good Fit

Wow, i don’t go to the store anymore.

I bought thinking that headphones sound would be close to the sound of the dr dre beats headphones. But i guess u get what u pay for. Further more the fit is uncomfortable in my ear. Sound is okay and the look was cute enough to catch my eye. But, rather better fit and more better sound. I also purchased some headphones by samsung and i feel that the fit is better than the diddy dr. And i could’ve saved money if i had known better. You learn from your mistakes.

These earbuds are clearly high quality. The only thing i don’t like is that the earbud is so heavy that it tends to slip out of place with a bunch of movement. I know i could switch out the earpieces to a larger size but i don’t want to have to create suction in my brain to make these bad boys stay in place. Overall, happy with the purchase, just wish the earbud was a little lighter.

Took them in to have the checked because it sounded poorly. Found out it was my outlet on my phone and not the ear phones themselves. These are authentic because i asked the guy who did as fixing my phone and he also sells authentic ear/head phones by beats. Very heavy tho they come out of my ears when working out so i use these for my ps vite only now.

I always debated on whether or not i should buy some beats, i finally decided to get these and they are definitely worth the money. When i got the package it was all sealed up with the plastic wrap around. I unpacked it and started listening to my music, most outside noise was blocked,i always used my regular apple earphones and i definitely noticed the difference. These earphones come with various earplug sizes so you can change them to your desire. I would recommend buying these for anyone who is a music lover.

Features of Monster Beats by Dre Diddy Beats High Performance in-Ear Headphones with Control Talk (Pink)

  • High Performance Sound
  • Wired With Monster Cable
  • Patent Pending Tangle-Free Flat Cable Design
  • Multiple Noise Isolating Eartips
  • Monster ControlTalk for iPad, iPod and iPhone Music Playback and iPhone/music phone Hands-free Calling

High Performance Sound

I purchased these headphones with the intentions of enjoying high quality sound for both travel and fitness purposes. The headphones provide great sound, but the size of the rubber covers were too big. Thanfully, they came with smaller sizes. After find the proper fit, the experience was a lot better. However, during many of my intense workouts and runs, the headphones began to fall out my ear. At one point, both had feel out and i had tripped on them running on a trail. This made me very frustrated for i had to stop mid-workout to adjust my headphones and stick them back into my ear assuring they wouldn’t fall out. An uncomfortable process i might add, because i had to forcibly shove them in my ear to stay. Now, one of the headphones sound is very low. I took them to an electronic store where they assured me the headphones were in mint condition.

They tend to fall out of my ears.

For sure too heavy and goes in too deep into my ear. The depth of the bud compresses against my ear canal causing the sound to mute. But when they are in the right spot they sound good. Btw mine did not come with a box or extra earbud tips. Update, one month later: i bought the triple flange earbud tips and they are awesome. With these inserts the weight is not an issue nor is the size of the earbud. The tips hold the earbud in the perfect position. The sound quality of these diddy beats is great.

The sound quality was initially good but now one ear fades in and out and actually zaps me in the ear. It literally hurts so i can no longer use it. I initially thought it was a good deal but now we know why.

Too heavy to stay in my ears which is so disappointing because they are adorable and so sleek. Wish i could use them but they just sit in a drawer now because it is entirely too much of a hassle to use them if you’re going to be moving your head at all. Service, however was great and got them quickly and were exactly as described.

Wired With Monster Cable

Nice sound but earbuds are very heavy.

I bought these to go with my ipad.

Wanted some beatsto mow my yard in& walk my dog. I have the big ones, wanted something smaller to do outside stuff with & have good quality sound.

Nice packaging, very nice product and good price. Just love monster’ beat s productlooking for other monster’s products too.

No words describe wonderful sound quality.

I couldn’t believe the price and the quality.

Patent Pending Tangle-Free Flat Cable Design

These have really great sound quality but there heavy and will fall out of your ears.

Multiple Noise Isolating Eartips

Monster ControlTalk for iPad, iPod and iPhone Music Playback and iPhone/music phone Hands-free Calling

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