AUVIO Element Bud – the sound was great while it lasted

I have never found an in-the-ear style bud that worked for me, but my daughter suggested i try these, and she’s right, they are amazingly comfy. The plugs are really soft, so they don’t press in the inside of my ears the way typical in-the-ear buds do. The sound is just like any other bud i have tried – not great, but fine for my purposes.

It stopped working after a week. The sound was great while it lasted.

I purchased these just for the earbuds and have not used the mic. My ear openings are small and this is the only brand that comfortably fits. I have bought many other brands (sony, panisanic, and jvc to name a few i have sitting in the junk drawer) the small pieces are too small (fall out), but the medium pieces are tight. I can comfortably wear the medium size fittings with auvio.My last earbuds from them lasted four years. I don’t take very good care of them and they still work fine but the rubber is separating and needs to be taped with electrical tape for safety. I thought i better get another pair before i completely break them. Here are the specifications for the AUVIO Element Bud:

  • AUVIO Element Black Bud with One-Button Mic

My favorites until the auvio elements were the beats tours 2. They are very close to being the same frequency response. Introduced me to an older obsolete model of auvios that impressed me. Lenny is a bass guitar player. I have spent over $1000 buying expensive in-earphones. So far, no one has produced the perfect sounding in-earphones that don’t need equalization. With a 10 band equalizer, the auvio elements can be adjusted to give you a clear full sound spectrum from the lowest lows to the highest highs. This is something even the the expensive in-earphones can’t seem to do.

Arrived on time in package and work great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My ear openings are small and this is the only brand that comfortably fits. I have bought many other brands (sony
  • Very comfy in-the-ear buds
  • It’s my ears.

They work and they’re cheap. Neither of the fitted cap things worked for my ears, and i don’t like the way they feel in my ear holes. They do, however, sound better than standard headphones that come with android phones. Better in that since they create a vacuum or a lock inside your ears, the sound cannot escape around your ear canal and out the ear hole. I would be able to tell you if they’re better than apple headphones if i didn’t lose apple headphones every time i bought them.

Fast delivery, products are perfect.

Works ok no volume control on cord.

Great headphone for the price.

I am very happy with the quality of sound and sturdy design. The cord does seem to tangle easily if not wound up and placed in a case but that’s not a big issue considering the price.

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AUVIO Element Black Bud with One-Button Mic
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