AKG K374SLV Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones : very good

These are not made to just plug in to your phone,ipad,etc you must buy a amp 300mw or more to perform right fiio a3 a5 recommend and they sound great.

These are the best buds i have had to date.

AKG K374SLV Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones, Silver

  • True high-performance AKG sound
  • Real aluminum housings provide superior acoustic dampening, extended bass response and reduces the resonances that can compromise sound quality
  • Closed-back design helps impede outside noise from entering your ears while also preventing the sounds that you’re hearing from leaking out for the outside world
  • Silicon sleeves in three sizes for the perfect fit (S, M and L)
  • Carrying pouch included

These are good-looking earphones that i would buy again without hesitation. They have a wide frequency response and tight non-boomy bass. 5mm plug had been a right-angle plug, but that’s a very minor quibble. Update after 6 months: the cord on these earphones has frayed in 3 places to expose wires. But they are still my favorite earbuds so i patched them with electrical tape and went to amazon to order another pair. But the price had more than doubled. If you can get them for the original price of around $50 go for it, but $125 for earphones that last only 6 months is just not worth it.

Has been using for one month, use it everyday on the way to work and back home. Good quality and it’s getting better the more you use it.

This headphone has much powerful bass. When i put this on, i an totally isolated from the world. The sound is very clear even with deep bass. The sound is nothing but very comfortable. I highly recommend this product.

AKG K374SLV Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones, Silver : And the price is worthy to buy it.

I am no audiophile, but i wanted a step up from the standard in-ear headphones that often come with your smartphone. I knew that i didn’t want beats, and so i started researching. I ended up getting a pair of sennheiser headphones and a pair of these. These akg k374 in-ear headphones have been my traveling headphones and are as reliable as it gets. They come with a little rounded box that is stiff enough to protect your headphones while packed away, plus different size ear buds for a more custom fit. When researching i was told that you should ‘break-in’ a new set of headphones, and so i did. Once that process was over i began a search for another set of these. I want to have a backup set for when this current set inevitably breaks, gets lost, or degrades to the point of needing replacement. Unfortunately i have been unable to find another pair from a reputable source.

It delivered very fast and i like this but i was very disappointed when i open a package that looks really cheap product. Made in china but designed by austria.

Very nice looking and sounding ear buds.

These sounds pretty good for the price, and are a very comfortable earbud. The cord does’nt have a particularly ‘premium’ feel to it, but it doesn’t tangle easily, and seems to be hearty enough. I’ve been using these every day for nearly a month now, and i’ve been very pleased with the balanced sound performance. These are a great choice if you don’t want to go all the way to the 100 dollar pricepoint, and i’m personally happy that i didn’t cave in and pay more than i wanted.

It sounds great but for me they need more clarity in the sound (highs and mids) basses sounds amazing. It takes a while to get used to the earphones. They were not confortable at the beginning for me.

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AKG K374SLV Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones, Silver
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