Actor Earphones, Good deal for the price

Considering that i only paid $6. 99 total price for this, it’s a hell of a steal. It might seem a bit gimmicky with its swappable screw approach, but i find that the dark silver screw [ i think it’s pop is sufficient. Honestly, unless it really bugs you, i doubt you’ll ever swap them. The fact that this has a metal frame and body for the headphone jack and earbuds themselves feels amazing. It makes this low-cost product feel premium instead of cheap, which is very surprising as most earbuds that cost more or even as much as this typically have a [cheap]/ durable plastic feel. The sound quality from these is refreshing, they sound great and if you do ever swap the screws out, you can hear the difference which is pretty cool to me, but as i said before, you’ll probably stick with a certain screw and leave it at that. I think if you’re on the fence, but need a pair of earbuds, you should give these a go before paying for something more expensive. ]

I’m conflicted when writing a review for these. Sound quality is good and these ear phones have lasted longer than most other brands i’ve had, with semi frequent use (bought about 4. I bought 3 pairs of various earbuds and these are the only pair that lasted more than 1-2 months. The wiring is sturdy and i’ve only recently gotten a little crackling with the sound. But they are too bulky as you kinda look like frankenstein while wearing. The worst part is that the earbud covers pop off very easily. I’m down to my last of the 3 covers. The covers need major improvement and the weight/bulkiness of these needs to be reduced. I don’t hate these but wouldn’t recommend them either.

I have been looking for a good pair of earbuds for over a year. I would order a set and try them and the quality was horrible so i would send them back. I was skeptical when i ordered these but they had so many good reviews, i thought i would try them. I use them more for calls than music. My first call was someone who always complained about not hearing me. While on the call they asked if i got a new phone because there was no static or noise on the line. They also have a nice case and different sizes for earbud.

Key specs for Actor Earphones, with Microphone Earbuds Stereo Headphones and Noise Isolating Headset Compatible iPhone 7/7 Plus iPhone8/8Plus iPhone X (Bluetooth Connectivity) Support All iOS System:

  • Built with high-performance speakers for extended frequency range, lower distortion, hi performance and noise isolating ear tips eliminate ambient.
  • The cord was built in a in-line controller and a high quality microphone, the controller was designed to play / pause music / next track / previous track / answer phone calls / hang up phone calls.
  • Compatibility with iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 plus / X. Support all the iOS systems.
  • first when you using it, and the lightning connector is only for charging. When next time you are using again, if your phone’s Bluetooth are open,it will
  • connect automatically when you plug in the cable in 2-8 seconds. If you have any question, please feel free to conta

Comments from buyers

“These headphones sound really good! The caps actually do sound different and I
, Great for every penny you spend.
, Happy I bought these

Pros:sound qualitybuild durabilityflat cablecons:size and weightthe interchangeable backs are a little hard to decipher between the grey/silver. Thoughts:after wearing these earbuds over the last 48 hours, i find them to be nice. I like the quality of the sound and of the build, but there are a few things i don’t like. The stick out from my ears too far to be comfortable, and almost look a little funny. I also find them to be too heavy. That stems from having a good build quality, but the way they stick out, makes them pull downwards out of my ear which does not make them the most comfortable. I have a pair of of skullcandy ink’d 2’s that i like better when it comes to fit and weight, but their build quality isn’t quite as nice. When it comes to sound quality, these rate slightly higher in my book than the skullcandy’s.

The sound remind me of the panasonic ergofit in-ear earbud headphones rp-hje120-a, so these 3 sound senteys are a good upgrade for me. They have more bass, a mic, and they are considerably louder, they also seem to be very durable. To me the best sound cap is the default silver ones. The panasonics, i wore them for a year and are very comfty and very very durable and great sounding. They still havent broken even though i dragged them to the bathroom from the bedroom. The other headsets i’ve used are the ifrogz earpollution without the mic which broke on me so i replaced it with ifrogz earpollution plugz earbuds with mic, they have alot of bass but are muddy and break pretty easy and overall do not sound better than the other the senteys or the panasonics. The senteys are replacing the ifrogz with the mic now because i needed a mic headset for xbox. I just might buy another one since they are so cheap. My headest has a little static on the right ear when i put the volume up. I’ll change it to a 5 start if no static.

Ok, first off, these are ok earbuds but for the love of all things audio who designs these and says ‘lets make them end heavy by putting weighted stoppers on the end’. Seriously, if you move your head even just slightly, your gonna be fumbling with them while walking or running. The flat cables are packaged by folding them together and since their ribbon cables, they will snag on everything but a t-shirt. Good price, good sound, bad design. Duct tape them to your head and you’re good to go.

The quality is awesome and the heavy metal feels very premium. The carrying case that comes with them is an awesome added bonus. You get 6 sets of ear pieces, (2 sets of 3 sizes, one black, one blue) so you can choose a color to customize how they look. Now i know those are in your altar and no one will see when using them, but i still like that. The sound quality for me is very good, but i’m not an audiophile by any means. My only letdown with these is the promise of 3 different sound qualities from the changeable screws, but i didn’t notice any difference between the 3. I just chose the color i liked best and left those in. Would definitely buy these in another color just to have.

I have had these now for about a month and a half and thus far i have been quite pleased. The flat cord does tangle a bit but it is very easy to straighten out. The actual buds are heavier than one might expect buy relatively comfortable and the sound is quite good. For the price they are a grew deal. The best part may be the microphone. Other budget headphones with mics have been problematic for me as i am soft-spoken and the other person would complain of not hearing me. A good deal and i would consider buying another pair. They also come with a neat, mini carrying case and extra tips for different ear sizes.

These are some of the best headphones i’ve ever had. And i’ve had plenty because my cat eats them on me all the time, so the travel case is a super plus. Old pill bottles work good too. Anyway, the interchangeable sound discs are such a unique feature. I listen to a lot of classical music so that is really handy without having to change all my settings to listen to it. I like rock as well so with a few turns of the discs i’m all set. They feel good in my ears and do block out a lot of background noise. I also love the flat cord because it’s more flexible and i don’t worry as much about where the cord bends at, but i do still watch it. I like the call answer/off-music on/off button so i don’t have to constantly fiddle with my phone/ipod/ipad. They are actually worth more than what i paid and that’s something i never say.

I’ve purchased these partly because of its stylish look and partly because of positive reviews from other amazon customers. I wanted a good sounding earbuds but i’m on a budget right now. I took a little bit of risk when i’ve purchased these. These are priced really cheap (under $10), and i’m ready for possible disappointment with quality. But to my surprise, these sounds really great and it even exceeds my expectations. I own a bose headphone for several years now and its still one of my favorites for when relaxing with music at home. These earbuds are going with me to work. I bought the green color and i love it.

These were fantastic until they just stopped working on one side after a gentle yank when caught on pocket. I loved the option to change the sound with the screw on backs. However, that one gentle yank was enough to ruin them and they have no external damage. Very sadly, they are no longer readily available so i can’t replace them. I’d love to see others that have this back el feature.

I wanted a high quality set of earbuds to listen to youtube and games on my computer and smartphone. This is a great replacement to the old earphones i have. The little end caps for the earbuds make a slight difference while listening to some music. Some suggestions to the company would include having a larger earbud case (a great addition with the purchase) and a volume control feature for the earbuds. I overall satisfied with the product, the fast shipping, packaging, and customer service. Thank you very much and i look forward to purchasing new products through sentey. (by the way if anyone is curious, i was not provided this product at a discount/free for review purposes. I reviewed this on my own free will).

I bought these a while back, and i loved the audio they gave while they still worked. However, they have a terrible durability, and i have never had a pair of earbuds last this short. Even if i was using them while sleeping, i expected more than 30 days of use out of them. The problem was with the piont where the wire goes into the driver’s casing. Even when i had just opened the package, i noticed that the ring that transitions the wire into the case tends to turn around, and is not secure into the metal casing. This worried me, as i instantly began thinking of what would happen if it eventually rotated enough to cause permanent damage. I soon forgot these fears, as nothing happened immediately. However, one day one of the pieces stopped working, and i haven’t been able to fix it yet. Regardless, i learned my lesson, and i warn you: if you sleep with music while wearing earbuds, don’t pick these.

Disclaimer: i’m no audiophile nor do i have any earbuds in the $100+ range, but i do have several in the less than $100. I bought these to replace a pair of panasonics in the same price range as a disposable set and was surprised at the significant upgrade these were to the panasonics they were replacing. The six pairs of silicone ear tips made finding a custom fit perfect for my ears and while yes, the cord is heavier than what i’m used to, and can telegraph noise if it rubs across hard surfaces i don’t use them typically while doing anything more strenuous than walking (even at a brisk pace, simply wrapping the long cord with a small rubber band and putting the player and bundled cord in a breast pocket, problem solved). I tried out the 3 different caps and while the cap listed for ‘pop music’ didn’t deliver any noticeable differences, the one for ‘jazz’ and ‘classic’ were significantly better than my previous panasonics both for music and digital media content (low bar for comparison i admit). Comparing these to the other senty ls-4215s that i ordered at the same time against various digital media types i did notice these deliver a bit richer sound using the ‘classical’ caps and the ‘pop’ sounded better, ‘jazz’ sounded about the same. I frequently use binaural beats during my daily meditations or when doing demanding article writing, research, etc and found that my alpha, gamma and theta tracks were all delivered to better effect, as with the regular ls-4215s the ear tips were comfortable enough that even after 8 hours of use my ears weren’t sore. Pitting these against a set of skullcandy and sennheisers that were 8-11x more expensive i couldn’t tell the difference in sound quality, but again, the caveat being i’m a more casual user of this sort of thing.

Sound quality far better than expected. I have been a loyal skullcandy user for a very long time due to their great sound quality, but they are not the most durable of earbuds and quite pricey. These are far cheaper, with sound quality to rival skullcandy, and are much more durable. Dropped a 35lb dumbell on one earbud by accident (about a 4ft drop) and it didn’t even phase it.

I’m not an audiophile, but these earphones sound fine to me. I’m using them right now, listening to talk radio while typing this. I’m sure someone with a trained ear would find something to complain about, but they serve my purposes just fine. I guess i could complain that the red ones have a pink cable, but hey, for the price that’s fine. Most earbuds i looked at locally in this price range had flat, round ear ‘pads’ but i prefer the more bullet shaped in-ear style that dampens most outside noises.

The build quality is great and the sound is great. Top of that the price is great. I put the highest bass setting on these headphones and they sound great. The cables seems very durable and call quality over the micro phone sounds very good as well. These come with a fancy bag to put your head hones in and the bags seem very high quality as well. I highly recommend this product. These seem way better than those 20 dollar sony or skull candy earbuds that you get from best buy and i have owned those before and they are not worth 20 bucks. This headphone is totally worth the price . I highly recommend this product.

They really sound awesome, but they’re heavy. I loved the robust quality desing. It’s survived 1 car door smash. And the 2nd really hold it up. The connector jack it’s like the half decapitated ghost from harry potter. As i used them mostly for biking, the helmet straps helped a lot with the weight issue. There is a little difference. But they just sound great with the normal cap for all my music (from jazz to deep bass electronics, rock, metal, classical and more). I loved the detail of the carrying case.

Compared to my previous earbuds, i needed to turn the sound down when i received these. Color is bright; easy to find the part that goes in the ear when it inevitably falls off – as all these sorts of earbuds do. Only downside is that the bud part that enters the ear seems smaller than others i’ve owned. Both my son and i needed to really push hard into the ear in order for them not to fall out.

The sound is nice, plenty of low and highs and good noise canceling. I wear them when i’m mowing the lawn and use them while riding my harley on the highway. Nice variety of ear adapters to fit everyone. I haven’t yet removed or adjusted the end cups but the sound i get is very satisfying. I got a 2nd pair in black for my daughter. Great for plug & play when you ddon’t want to mess with bluetooth. The cord is pretty long so i can wear it under my t behind my back down to a cargo pants leg pocket.

These earbuds sound fantastic. The base and treble quality are outstanding. The different attachments for different sounds/types of music really do work. The different sizes of inserts help to fit various ear drum sizes. My only complaint is that they don’t stay in my ear when i workout. The sound is great on pcs, tablets, android smartphones, and ipods. I own one of each i mentioned, so i can confirm the sound quality of each. I don’t know that you’d find a better sounding earbud at this price.

One of the best constructed headphones for the price; there is not comparable product that gives you a quality product like this at this price point. The included case, accessories are very nice additions and the sound quality is on par with more expensive ear-buds. The only cons if any are the lack of foam tips and the weight of the buds makes them harder to secure in your ear. I’d like to see a minor modification to the design in the next version to improve comfort and make the ear buds sit more securely. That’s always the challenge, how to make something hanging out your ear stay secure while on the move.

I have had these for a while, and i have to say most of the reviews are true about them falling out of the ear. If you want to know how they feel tie a pencil or pen to and extra pair you have and see how long they stay inside your ear. The main reason i got these were because of the ability to change sound which i thought was cool, but that is just a gimmick to get people to buy them. Visually they do look good, but that’s it, changing caps you do see a small difference in sound, but nothing you will notice without looking for a change in sound. The whole design is worthless if it makes them constantly fall out (it’s like they make it their goal to fall out) and there is no real difference in sound without really paying attention. Realistically worth $5 or less, the company should just keep the visual design scrap the gimmick and make a well-balanced earphone.

Background: i am not the die hard fans or professional headphones user, but i have been use over 100 pairs headphone during all this years. From low end few dollars to high end around $400. My music taste are mix, metal, punk, rock, jazz, hiphop, r&b, opera, classic. Price 5/5volume 5/5durable 4/5pros:1. Build quality is excellent3. Sound quality is top 5 in this price range at amazon. Flat cable design make your life easier. Come with carry case any different size ear tips. Easy to push on any portable device ( smartphone, mp3 player)cons:1. Original ear tips that come with the headphone is easy to fall off. Remote button not response all the time. I bought 1 pair at first because the price wasn’t expect anything, hope it just able to handle my phone call and listen some causal music while on subway. It ended up i order 5x pairs for myself and gifted for my friend all feedback are great.

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