2XL 2X-002N Spoke Nuevo Sonido In-Ear Headphones, Best deal in headphones

I’m on my 4th of 5th pair now. (demise due to ordinary abuse, not the product. ) these sound good and are not ridiculously expensive like other ear buds.

These earbuds offer excellent sound quality without breaking your bank. The ipod headphones that came with the touch sound just about as good as these. The highs are not tinny at all and the bass. For 8 dollar headphones this is awesome. I’ve bought 50 dollar sony’s before that didn’t sound as nice as this set.

I had purchased these headphones before at my local bestbuy. When i lost them i went to look for them again but for some reson bestbuy didn’t carry them anymore. Naturally i visited amazon and found them for the same price. For ten dollars these perform well. They are very durable they’ve taken a beating and still sound good. I had a pair that lasted about a year and half before the earbuds slowly started losing tune in one side and eventually the other. For the money these can’t be beat.

Key specs for 2XL 2X-002N Spoke Nuevo Sonido In-Ear Headphones (Red, White, Green) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Compatible with iPod & iPhone
  • driver diameter 10mm
  • plug type 3.5 mm gold plated
  • max. input power 30 mW

Comments from buyers

“Awsome for ten bucks!
, Good Ear Buds for a good price.
, Great pricegreat set of headphones.

When my $40 v-modas broke (3 months after purchase) i was in best buy looking at headphones. These were the second cheapest and had a old iphone compatible plug, so i got them. They immediately blew me away. A week later, i still marvel at the sound depth, quality, and detail coming out of these things. They are by far the best ear buds style headphones i’ve ever owned, and that includes $200 shures. These don’t block out sound quite as well as the more expensive ones, but the sound quality is so high i don’t even care. I’ve rather have crystal clear sound than mud.

Going to have to disagree with these 2 previous reviews. I bought these after my surprisingly good philips she5920 headphones gave out after a good run(recommended if you want a cheap pair with good quality). My co-worker recommended i try this brand out so i walked to bestbuy n’ got them. Thing i noticed with the sound immediately is the lack of bass in these things. High & mids are perdy good but man there wasn’t much depth in these things which didn’t set well with me for the longest time. If i had reviewed these after i bought them it would have been a 1 or 2 star for sure, i disliked them but i didn’t have the money to just buy the phillips again so i kept them. Eventually i got used to these. They fit pretty snug, i’ve been able to go running with them on. These are not noise cancellations phones, when my music is off it does sound like as if i’m covering my ears with my hands (muffled sound) so it will keep some of the noise out but not that much. If your upgrading from your stock headphones that came with your mp3 player, sure get these i guess.

Okay here’s the deal: the stock in ear rubber pieces that come with these headphones are not very good. They seem to be too thin and it’s very difficult to get a nice fit that improves sound quality and cancels out noise. I have been using mine with the rubber pieces from some old pairs of sonys (went through about three, all of which stopped working for various reasons after a few months. ) i have had these 2xl headphones for almost three years now i believe; they’ve been through the washer and dryer a few times and plenty of other abuse, but they haven’t skipped a single beat. There is no sign of wear on the cord or plug after so much use and they still work fantastically.

From testing out different headphones this one has the clearest and deepest bass.

I was a little wary of the reviews on here, considering the price of these headphones. However, i figured that at about $5 a set, i wouldn’t lose much if they turned out to be horrible. I’ve had these headphones for about a week now and i have to say i’m completely blown away. The color scheme is great (mexico flag colors, though i’m not sure if the manufacturer did this on purpose). The sound quality is surprisingly deep and layered. Of course, you shouldn’t expect sound equivalent to $150 to $200 headphones,but i can honestly say that the sound is very comparable to that you’d find in mid-range headphones (i. , headphones that go for about $50 to $100 or so). One thing i did notice is that the headphones blare a little every now and then when the volume is to high or there is a lot of bass–but it’s nothing to cry over.

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2XL 2X-002N Spoke Nuevo Sonido In-Ear Headphones (Red, White, Green) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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