X-1 Audio H2O Audio H3 Waterproof Headphones, Waterproof Headphones

Bought these last week as part of a product not yet offered on amazon, the ish-2, a h3 headphone coupled to a case for the shuffle. While the setup is slightly different (the ipod case attached to the back of the headband, very short headphone wires, etc), i read at least one review here that complained about their small ears not fitting the little rubber dohickey’s on the ear buds. The first time was a pain in the ‘r’ear (ha), the second time they worked great. I took the ear bud off of the detachable headband (i’m assuming this is the same on the standard h3’s, like the written description here) and attached them to the upper strap of my googles. I put the lower google strap over the little stem that comes off of the to hold them lightly in place in my ears. That works better for me than to keep shoving the water-sealing plugs. A little water will flow into my ear sometimes on a flipturn, but it will generally flow right back out after several strokes, and the sound returns to normal quality. Overall, i don’t have to mess with them very much, you can easily wait to adjust or mess with them until you’re done with a particular set.

Work great they come with two pair of bud covers. Careful when placing the covers on the bud, because they can easily tear. The sound is great, so long as you don’t try to push the ear piece deep down into the ear. I use them with h2o for the shuffler.

They work as advertised, couple with my otterbox for ipod nano. Would give five stars except the headphone speakers tend to pivot just a bit while swimming, requiring an occasional readjustment. The harness stays secure on my ears while i am doing freestyle laps and they are in no danger at all of coming off. I clip the otterbox onto the back of my shorts, and the coiled wire from the headphones trails down my back to the nano. Wires are out of the way and won’t get tangled at all. The seal seems to work for me, though sometimes it works a little loose–a small amount of water can get in the ear, but not very much. Again, a readustment seems to do the trick. Above water sound quality is tinny; when in the water, the water seems to make a seal on your ear and the quality is quite good, plenty enough to enjoy your music.

Key specs for H2O Audio H3 Waterproof Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Waterproof headset with silicone earplugs
  • Waterproof to 10 feet with H2O Audio Waterproof Housing
  • Modular design lets you use the H3 as a set of behind-the-neck headphones, or standard earbuds
  • Coiled cable for continually adjustable slack and elimination of tangles
  • Standard 3.5mm plug for wide compatibility

Comments from buyers

“Underwater headphones, understood
, These are OK.
, Great product – But be patient

First, a quick description of how i use the product: i swim every morning for about 30 minutes (at an average pace) with 10 minutes of sprint intervals at the conclusion of my workout. I also do some training using a kickboard. The initial problem you will find with the headphones is getting a snug/waterproof fit. The first couple days i was somewhat frustrated until i figured out a way that worked for me. I chose not to use the brace/headband that comes with it, i found it to move as my body moved, which pulled the earplugs out of my ears. Also, at first i tried ramming the plugs deep in my ear thinking this would create a better waterproof barrier. I then, stuck them lightly in my ears creating a slight suction, which worked well. Another thing i found helpful was to tuck the wire/clip from the headphones into the band of my goggles (on the backside of my head) so it wouldnt lay on my back/neck causing the wire to pull the headphones out when i turned my head. The bottom line, when fitting your headphones, is to remember that everyones head, ears, swimming style/stroke is different and it may take a little while to find what works for you.

Overall they serve their purpose. They are a bit tight on my head, and that makes them a little uncomfortable at first but they seemed to stretch out. They sound ok, but not great. They actually sound better underwater.

I have re-started swimming for triathlon training (after almost a 20-year layoff), and these have made the workouts tolerable. (i love biking and running – just not swimming. )the sound is nothing to rave about, but it’s certainly enough as your head is in and out of the water. Sometimes the sound is tinny. Sometimes you get enough water in your ear to completely block it out; then you just clear your ear and the sound comes back. I highly recommend these for water sports if you must have tunes. Don’t expect high-dollar, high-quality sound; that doesn’t exist in the water, unless you’re a humpback whale. You can expect to enjoy your tunes in an environment for which they were never created, and i applaud that.

These were bought to go with the waterproof case and after reviewing the previous model i decided these were a better bet. . I found that if your head is slightly larger (7 3/4) they fit really snuggly. . They sound great and work well it just takes some getting used to.

Headphones work pretty well. They sound better underwater than out of the water. My exhale bubbles drown out the sound of audiobooks playing at comfortable volumes, but it may get better as i become a better lap swimmer. I haven’t quite perfected getting them to seal to my ears correctly. It is tricky enough that in the two attempts i have tried, i have had to fiddle with them both times. Construction seems good, although the rubber headphone seals will probably fall of and get lost at some point, so i will probably be looking for replacements before that happens. Overall, they make swimming enjoyable and allow me to get more done, which is exactly why i purchased them.

They serve the purpose i needed them for.

Since i havent tried these in wet environment yet, i cannot write review of thier waterproof properties. Instead i’ll review its indoor use. I tried these as an alternative to the expensive in-ear isolation earphones. Using the earphones with the silicone tips blocked most of the noise, and with music playing background noise practically disappeared — even blaring tv surround sound speakers in the next room. I found a better fit by turning the headband upside down so the frame is below the ears instead of over the ears. Also push the headphones in the ears so they make a nice seal and adjusting the graphic equalizer on my pc sound settings made a diference in the tone qualities of the music. The coiled wire is was way too short and i used a basic 6 foot headphone extention wire to use on the computer.

I was a little concerned after reading the reviews for the other h2o audio headphones. People said the sound got muffled when water got in your ears. I have not found that at all with these. They help keep water out of my ears and are very comfortable. I use them with the otterbox waterproof ipod case and i love that too.

I enjoy these waterproof headphones, the one and only problem that i have experienced; sometime the sound is baffled because the audio ear buds will get filled with water and the sound has a background effect. But all in all the headphone works great. I have been telling and showing other concerning this product, even the good service i received in the shipping of my order from amazon.

I use these headphones with an otterbox case — for swimming and water aerobics.

A little uncomfortable at first, difficult to get used to. But the best feature, is they stay in your ears no matter what. And the sound is pretty good, too.

I used these with my otterbox. They worked fine and sound quality as expected (didn’t expect bose sound quality), but i have changed to the finis mp3 player because i can never find waterproof earplugs that don’t hurt. I have little ears (5’4” woman) and although they adjust they still don’t adjust small enough around my head. Maybe they would stay on better if you could wear it like a headband?.Or they probably would have worked if you could take the plastic part off that goes around the back of your head, but you can’t because the wires are molded into it at the back. It was so big that it would flop around at the back of my head. Also the part that goes in the ear was too big and too long. I tried cutting the plastic down that goes in the ear and that helped some. Over all if i was a 6′ tall man they probably would stay on better.

I bought this as an upgrade from the h2 headsets (the white ones) – just as the previous generation these work well and appear solid (i use these kitesurfing and they stay firmly in place). The headset is comfortable overall. The sound quality is better than the h2 (more depth), but it is still not comparable to the apple headphones. There is a somewhat hall-like effect in it, that depending on your activity changes (sounds very different submerged). Overall a good product that does the job.

They do take some getting used to. Not the most comfortable headphones. But, they do get the job done.

I have the previous version of these head phones. The sound quality is better on the older headphones, but the comfort is much better on these. The strap is still uncomfortable. I use both sets without the neck strap. I do wish these had the ‘ear wraps’ that the other ones had, to hold them a little better. There are days that they work well and sit well and there are other days that they drive me crazy. I love the concept, and when the work well, i can swim twice as long. I definitely love having them for swimming.

I turn a lot of people onto the whole listening to music while swimming, the one thing i’ve learned is that every headphone works differently for each individual, what works great for one person may not work well for another. You definitely have to experiment with different units, so keep your receipt, make sure you can return it and be prepared to sort-out the mixthe h3 headphones are my favorite, but i immediately detach them from that ridiculous headband; the headband just annoys you as you turn your head (bilateral breathing) as you swim, so i get rid of the plastic headband and have them each individual. I then take the silicone rubber ear-pieces from another manufacturer and use those (i have a small ear canal). When i wear them, i have the stems stick upwards and tuck them under the strap of my goggles. This has proven to be the all-around most comfortable and reliable way to keep the headphones in my ear and water out. The h3’s have a rich all-around sound and the cord is very durable. Be aware that you should always avoid pulling on the wire/cable. This is where the units will eventually fail; you’ll notice one headphone not working and then as you jiggle the wire it’ll come on & off: your connection has broken and it’s over. So, experiement with different units, definitely don’t hesitate to remove the ear-pieces from the neck bracket (those brackets always feel bulky & annoying) and even consider mixing & matching components until you find what works for you.

They work okay underwater but the connection from the headset to the base unit is rather inconsistent. I have to twist the cable and base to get to work correctly. It the connection stays put underwater you still have to deal with the muffled sound pretty often. The thing is there aren’t many underwater ipod nano 3rd gen units out there so i am happy that i own this one. Make sure to double check the seal before you close the unit and make sure water didn’t get in after your first daily soak because i did have it leak on the once during the first few weeks. Thankfully after a quick dying and praying it worked again.

I dont know what some of these people are talking about. The first time i used these headphones they worked great. Yeah, i had to make a couple ofadjustments at the end of the lane, but thats okay. All in all, i am thrilled that i can now swim and listen to music. Something i was not able to do before and made myself stay in the water just to get it done, but now its funit is important to note that these headphones are supposed be fitted below your neck and not around the base of your head, so there is plenty of movement allowed this way, or just remove the fixed part of them and use them as earbuds and they work, too.

I bought this to use during the rain. So far, i haven’t had a chance to use them that way. The sound is ok, but metallic and they are somewhat uncomfortable. You have to really work with the adjustments to keep them from feeling as though they are cutting into your ears, but if they are waterproof, i’ll be happy enough.

I would recommend the h20 underwater headphones. Just get them snugly in your ears before getting them wet or you might struggle with the water in your ears canceling out the sound a little. Very comfy and i can’t wear regular earbuds because they fall out easy.

I have both these and the aquapac headphones for swimming. I rated the aquapacs 4 stars because the sound is great, even though they pop out of your ears if you don’t wear a cap to help keep them in place. These h3 headphones stay in your ears, but they don’t keep the water out that well, so sound is not that great. The volume changes as the water moves in and out of your ear. The earpiece itself is comfortable to stuff in your ear canal, but on my head the plastic headpiece that holds the phones pinches on my ear after a while. Maybe its just too small for my fat head. And, as other reviews have mentioned, you have to wear the headpiece upside down, or it likely won’t fit at all. Still, these things work underwater so you can swim with music, and thats what matters.

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Bose Mobile in-Ear Headphones – I totally enjoy my little speakers 👍

I have for so long refused to spend so much money on earphones. But by far a great purchase,and they are sturdy, sound is amazing.

Bought it for a friend, he really likes it.

My wife is a musician and loves music. These blew her mind and were a perfect christmas gift. Buyer beware, beats headphones aren’t actually good for sound. If you really know sound well you’ll love these.

These headphones are amazing. This is my second pair (i lost my other ones). However, i could have bought any other pair, but these were perfect. I love the case that it comes with. I usually throw my headphones in my purse/gym bag and it never fails to get tangled with everything else. The case is an absolute lifesaver.

I am not a music expert by no means. With that being said i do know when i hear quality sound and these earbuds meet the bill. The highs, mids, and the lows are crystal clear. As for how they fit in my ears i have had them in for 3 hours and they don’t even itch, hurt, or fall out. By the way i am a custodian and have been vacuuming with them.

This is best sounding and most comfortable earbuds i’ve ever owned. The ‘stayhear’ ear tips are so comfortable it’s like there not even there, and they hold the buds in-place,even with abrupt movements. They have excellent sound, distinct with clarity and layers of separation. If there used for other then apple devices = the device must control all functions. The cable is 46′ from plug to ear, with a movable/re-movable clip for holding in place on cloths,and ‘slider’ for adjusting length of line behind head. Comes with three sets ‘stayhear® tip’ – color coded = small (white center – medium (gray center) – large ( black center)bose – zippered carrying case, holds complete set. (3′ – 5′ and 1′ thick)these buds are designed toward apple devices = so the inline microphone and remotework for easy switching between calls and music = but only with select iphone models. The set comes in black or white. Shown above at time of this posting is white. Both sets have combination black/white cable.

  • Worth every penny! Much better than newer model.
  • Vacuuming for 3 hours and hear music crystal clear. WOW!!!
  • Outstanding Headphones

Best headphones i have ever owned.

Product came fast and as described. I totally enjoy my little bose speakers 👍.

These are the best earphones i had. The only problem that i found (hard way) is that connector pin (i. The thing that you insert into a device) can be easily broken. I broke connector on my previous pair when ipad fell while connected and this broke the connector. I glad that i bought that one from costco and was able to return it for refund. Unfortunately costco does not sell this model any more as this model seems discontinued. So i purchased 2 pairs from this seller. I tried newer and more expensive model ( http://www. Com/gp/product/b0117rfoeg – bose soundsport) – only to find that newer model is inferior in every way (sound quality is pathetic, wires are stiff, earbuds shape is uncomfortable). So i am glad that this older model is still available. Great sound quality, comfortable in ear, wires are soft.

Great sound as you would expect from bose, but beware, you cannot use them in an airplane jack. There is a warning in the manual that they might overheat or cause a fire. So, they are great for use with your apple products, but you will need to carry a different set of earbuds on a plane. If they were more universal, i would have given them 5 stars.

Features of Bose Mobile in-Ear Headphones with Mic

  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging.

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JVC HAFR36B Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones – Just buy them they’re amazing

Like many of us, i’m looking for a set of headphones with the following features:- comfortable- secure during a sweaty workout- above average sound, particularly bass (for said workout)- iphone music controls- reasonably reliable- under $30 (probably under $20)i was wary of these jvcs, but after trying bassbuds (awesome, but expensive when not on a groupon and prone to breakage in a month) meelectronics (okay, but awkward, remote rarely worked), gogroove (never fit right, broke really quickly) and countless others, i tried the marshmallows. The quick verdict:sound — ok. Pretty enhanced bass, pretty thin mids, pretty tinny trebles. But better than stock apple headphones. Maybe if i’d burn-in a bit, they’d improve. ) still totally acceptable for general listening/podcasts/workouts. Comfort and security — really good. The marshmallow buds fit my ear just fine, give me a good seal that lasts throughout my workout.

I got these on sale and figured for the price may as well get a couple of pairs. These are great earphones in the under $100 category. They sound super good through a portable headphone amp. Buy these buds and a portable amp and for less than $100 one can have pretty darn good sound.

But they could fitt a little snugger in ear. Also, foam cover tend to seperate from plastic body, i’ve superglued them and they last for a while untill i need reglue.

The sound quality is very good. I keep the volume on my phone as low as possible and it’s still plenty loud. I use these for work and i often ask how i sound on the other end, the reviews are very good.

These are the best headphones i have ever owned and i have purchased them for multiple people. I wear them all the time and i never feel uncomfortable and the sound it great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • About as good as you can get
  • Decent earbuds for a good value
  • Solid, especially for the price

I bought these to replace the older set of jvc marshmallow inner ear headphones that i had lost (don’t remember the model number). The hafr36b has a decent sound but the base was not quite as full as the older version. Most importantly, the marshmallow cushions on the hafr36b are not nearly as pliable and well fit as those on my old ones, so now i’m getting lots of outside noise around the edges of the earphones plus they sometimes fall out. On the plus side, the remote attached to the right earbud functioned as well as the dinky apple earbuds that came with my iphone 4 in terms of being able to single-click to start/stop, double-click to advance, and triple-click to go back.

The ear buds are really soft in a good way. They felt a little weird at first, but they get pretty comfortable afterwards. There are little symbols that indicate which ear bud is the left and which is the right. Didn’t really buy this for the mic, but i couldn’t find it when i was trying to use it to test it out.

I love the marshmallow headphones. They are so comfortable in my ears. This was the first pair i bought with a mic. The mic works, i guess, but whenever i use it, i get comments like ‘speak up’ or ‘you’re too loud. ‘ it bugs me that the mic is not consistent, but i still love the sound and comfort i get from these ‘ear’phones, so no complaints on that end.

These are my favorite everyday headphones. Good sound quality and they keep enough of the outside noise out without making you oblivious to what is going on around you.

These headphones sound decent and i like the fact that it has a remote/mic on it for when i get calls while listening to music but the memory foam doesnt quite fit my ears. Following all the instructions even the smallest one is just a bit off, not enough to fall out but enough so its noticeable. All in all im happy with the product as it fits my needs until i can get a better pair.

I have been wearing headphones like these for a couple of years now. Jvc tends to change the models around a bit, but i really love these headphones. I’m not a major audiophile, and for the price of these don’t expect to get world class audio performance. My only real qualm is they don’t hold up under constant use long term. I usually go through a pair every other month or so. The problems are varied between sets too, but mostly the problem is one of the earphones dying while the other works. Sometimes the microphone button dies too. My current set has audio in the opposite ear that has the microphone which is a little annoying, but these things are so darn comfortable that i just order them in sets of 3 so i can keep using them :).

I’ve been using the ha-fr36bs for about 3 years now. They have definitely withstood the test of time. They are still working just fine like they were brand new. The sound is excellent, better than the bottom-tier beats and sol tracks headphones. The sound profile seems very even and the volume is great. I love the ‘marshmallow’ foam pieces; they are a much better alternative to the dreaded rubber tips that most earbuds are equipped with. Although, they are starting to dry out a bit and flake, but this is after a solid 3 years of use, much longer than i ever expected these earbuds to last. The built-in mic does its job for making phone calls and taking voice memos. I never quite figured out the remote, however. I never use in-line remotes so i didn’t bother actually trying to figure it out.

Just buy these you wont regret itthese headphones rock, even the mic is greatmy only complaint is trying to skip songs w/ the mic button it works like 50% of the time, but thats not its intended use so whatever.

Not much in terms of sound quality. If they were $10 earphones, i probably wouldn’t complain, but i paid $20. Seriously, go with monoprice brand. Really cheap, and excellent sound quality.

Perfect earphones the best in the world i only buy this company i own like 5 piers.

I sleep in these with white noise and works out great because they don’t have the mic that i would roll onto and then would start playing somehting else and wake me up.

I bought these headphones as cheap headphones to wear at work. I have a lot of conference calls during the week, so the microphone comes in handy. The sound is just what you’d expect. I don’t have the best ears, but all of my music/calls sound great. The foam padding has always been great and comfortable. I’d recommend these to a friend looking for a cheap pair of headphones that actually stick in your ear.

Best set of headphones we’ve found. Our son has tried many and these are by far his favorite. We’ve bought multiple sets and should actually buy more in case they become unavailable some day.

The microphone and remote worked as expected. Sound quality is on par with other headsets in this price range that i’ve used and they have better sound isolation than a lot of other headphones i’ve tried. I’ve used other marshmallow ear buds for years. The only problem i’ve ever had with any of the marshmallows i’ve had is they only seem to last 8-16 months.

The best part of these headphones are the soft ear pieces. They are incredibly comfortable. Other things i like about the headphones: the wire is not rubberized. . Many other headphones i’ve tried have rubberized cords which ‘stick’ or ‘grip’ onto everything and end up yanking the cord outthe sound quality isn’t up there with the $100+ headphones but it is better than average imo. Given that these cost around $12 they are an awesome purchase.

For what these earbuds cost, they’re alright. When i first plug them into any device, there’s a noticable low hum for a few seconds. This goes away pretty quickly, but it is noticeable. Audio quality isn’t anything to write home about, but, again, they’re pretty cheap so i can’t complain. The playback controls really only consist of a pause/play button, but it works well on my motorola moto x. The buds themselves are squishy and fit comfortably in my ears, which is a huge sticking point for me with most earbuds as they tend to hurt my ear canal if they aren’t the right size. All in all, these earbuds are good for the value, but if you’re a stickler for audio quality, you are definitely going to want to spring for something more expensive.

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