FIDUE A71 Dual Dynamic Drivers Hi-Fi Earphones – Sound very much above their price.

Listening to them right now. I’m an owner of many headphones-earphones. Over, on, and in the ear styles from audio technica, sennheiser, ultimate ears (pre-logitech), and akg. I read some primarily favorable reviews of these at head-fi and decided to give them a shot after the price dropped here at amazon. I listen through android portables, and when at home through an external dac connected to a mid range onkyo receiver. I do tweak my sound with eq. Comparing the a71 to the closest thing i own, the audio technica ath-im50, the fidue wins decidedly. I love the sound of the im50’s, but the a71 just sounds better. Fuller but not bloated bass, treble on par with the im50’s, but a noticeably wider soundstage.

Pros:great valuesolid packaginggood build qualityfull bodied, detailed soundstay put once you get them setcons:’fiddly’ fitpoor recordings or highly compressed files will sound even more terribleamazed at the sound they reproduce. Cliched but true, out perform iem’s for which i paid hundreds more. You will hear new things in favorite recordings. You feel the kick drum, bass is punchy without being muddy and fatiguing. Sound great with rock, jazz, and classical.

The more i listen the more i listen like them. At first i thought they didn’t have any treble after playing around with the tips i’ve uncovered enough treble to make me happy. What i don’t like is when i switch to a set of flat buds like my re-400 it’s like they have zero bass and it takes a long time to adjust. I need to listen to my havi b3 to find out if they stand up to these.

I can’t believe this iems cost only $80. In my opinion the sound quality is on pair with shure 846 which cost $1000.

Packaging of a71 follows their typical black and green theme, and you can find a lot of useful info by taking a tour around the box while reading highlights of the design and the sound signature (always found to be honest and accurate without marketing hype), detailed technical specification, and background history behind the company. It never seize to amaze me how much pride fidue takes in their product and wants to share about their company. Under the box cover you find a foam cutout with headphones hard shell zippered case and a71 in a display setting. Included accessories are very basic with s/m/l pairs of single flange narrow bore tips, two pairs of double flange tips, and a pair of foam tips. As i mentioned above, a nice zippered case was included but i wish it would have a been a bit large since packing headphones with a memory wire is a pita in a tight space. Headphones comes with a slim textured straight 3. 5mm gold plated plug with ‘a71’ model marking. Slim nature of the plug will work with any dap/amp or smartphone case and a durable strain relief is a big plus. Cable between the plug and y-splitter is a bit thicker but still very flexible and easy to manage. Y-splitter has a matching design as a plug and also comes with an excellent strain relief on both sides, including a small rubber chin slider going toward earpieces.

Excellent bass heavy performer with good midrange clarity.

  • Great Value Solid Packaging Good Build Quality Full bodied
  • Sound very much above their price.
  • Very nice.

Features of FIDUE A71 Dual Dynamic Drivers Hi-Fi Earphones

  • 10mm exclusive woofer & 6.8mm Titanium dynamic drivers
  • Full-range 2-way system design for two individual drivers
  • Excellent divider & Acoustic chamber design for accurate & detailed sound
  • Hi-end 7N-OFC, Single-sided cable for purer sound & better quality
  • Fascinating vocal & impressive sound stage performance

10mm exclusive woofer & 6.8mm Titanium dynamic drivers

Full-range 2-way system design for two individual drivers

Excellent divider & Acoustic chamber design for accurate & detailed sound

Hi-end 7N-OFC, Single-sided cable for purer sound & better quality

Fascinating vocal & impressive sound stage performance

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Grain Audio IEHP.01 In Ear Headphones, Brown/Grey : They didn’t sound bad, but not to my liking

Yet another product designed to work exclusively with iphones. Buttons won’t answer calls or stop/start audio. My rant: this seems to be a trend among high-end earphone producers which is frustrating and idiotic since the ios 2014 market share was a whopping 12% vs android’s meager 84% (and growing).

First, let me say that my initial impression of these was good, not stellar. I used the ear tip size i had normally used on previous buds and figured why not try them all. Turns out trying the largest size created a full seal and suddenly the sound went from good to amazing. Bass started booming, without being muddy. The sound on these is better than any i’ve tried (i. A few beats by dre and bose). For $100, these are the ones to get, without question. The only con so far is lack of an alligator clip.Come on guys, thrown one in.

Grain Audio IEHP.01 In Ear Headphones, Brown/Grey

  • Paired each enclosure with our proprietary driver (2x8mm proprietary loudspeakers) that features a Neodymium magnet and a CCAW voice coil
  • Inline mic and remote is simple and intuitive to use
  • 3.5mm jack; fits all smartphones and most MP3 Players
  • TPE jacketed cable
  • FSC certified walnut housings with hand-applied oil finish

Sound is good, not spectacular. I like the design and ‘wood’ treatment. The rubber ends pop off easily. Luckily i haven’t lost them yet, but beware.

Pretty good headphones but good god lord almighty. This has got to be the most over-designed box in the history of the earth. Some guy probably jacked off to apple before saying he could one up the box designs they have.

I love bass-heavy earbuds, but these ones are overwhelming even for my taste. Fun for a novelty, but i experienced ear fatigue after about an hour of continuous listening.

Grain Audio IEHP.01 In Ear Headphones, Brown/Grey : If you like bass-forward sound, you need a pair of these.

Edit: wow 0 out of 3 helpful?. I mean, over 2 years later i see why, but i think my opinion on these still stands, many headphones later, these are definitely the best earbuds i’ve ever used and i like the sound even compared to some over-ears, and i actually have used good headphones, which wasn’t the case when i wrote the original review (beats?. Still, the sound is definitely not for everyone; they’re a bit bass-heavy, but i feel like they fit the sound that i like. Anyways, these are very good headphones and i’m actually surprised that the product of a somewhat shady kickstarter turned out so good. Way better results than the over ears for sure. However, i’m positive one can find better earbuds for cheaper, although i’ve been using over-ears almost exclusively for the last few months and haven’t bothered to buy new earbuds. Not to mention, they’re of questionable durability. I still shove my earbuds in my pocket and yet my cheapo samsung earbuds have lasted well over a year, almost 2. All edits and self-parodying marked in [brackets. ]

I’ve had my iehp for less than a week so far, so i’m likely to change my review in the future. Looks: they look pretty nice. I like the understated look with no bright chrome or shiny accents. The grey plastic and unfinished wood has a land rover-esque style and handsomeness. Functionality: as with most headphones in this range, they come with a variety of tips and sizes. I was able to find one that sounds and fits fine. The remote is nice, with a volume, start/stop, skip and go back feature. I like that the cord is fairly short. I’m about 5’10’ and the cord reaches from my jean pocket to my ear with just a bit of slack. If you’re much taller, it may not be suitable.

The base is very booming and the sound quality is very good… they are very comfortable and i can wear them for hours at a time.

Very happy with these headphones. Very light and comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. The sound out of the iehp’s is wonderful. The highs and mids are very clear, and does not fatigue. If you like bass in your music, you need to give these a try.

I purchased the iehp from grain audio along with the oehp. I expected the oehp’s to deliver superior audio due to the much larger drivers, but i must say that i was expecting more for my money with the iehp’s. The build quality is lacking a little bit to be honest. I like hte grey/walnut color combo grain uses, but the cords grain used for these headphones are rather small in diameter, and are round which means they will get tangled. I would have preferred they used a slightly beefier, rectangular cord so that they wouldn’t get tangled. For the money i paid, i was hoping for a bit better build quality (the build quality of the oehp’s is fantastic, much better than the iehp’s imo). When it comes to audio performance, i was let down a little bit here too. The iehp’s are definitely able to deliver the bass notes, but when you start mixing bass in with your mid-tones, it can get a bit muddy. I didn’t experience this at all with the oehp’s. The highs are pretty decent on the iehp’s, but again not up to the level of the oehp’s.

As far as in-ear headphones go, i can’t imagine they get much betted than these; especially at this price. These are the best looking, best sounding, and most comfortable iehs i’ve tried and i’m glad to have found out about grain audio. The clarity is really impressive, acoustics and cymbals are crystal clear—and the bass. The bass is just phenomenal; it brings out the bass in quiter tracks and really exentuates it in bass-heavy tracks without distortion or imbalance. I’m not enough of a hobbyist to call myself an audiophile, but i am very picky about audio quality and these ear buds meet all of my requirements and then some.

So i contributed to the kickstarter of this product, and i could not have been happier with the final product. These are a quality set of in-ear headphones that sound like they should cost much more than they do. They’re incredible, and i find myself listening to much more music than i had previously because they’re so amazing. If you’re a music fan, you can’t go wrong with these. The best bang for the price, hands down.

I got these because they were recommended by the wirecutter and i was not disappointed. These have a warm, pleasing, v-shaped sound with plenty of bass and roll off at the very top to the treble. They handle bass boost without becoming muddy like most competing in-ears at this price point. The wood accents are nice but build and material quality is average for the price. I also can’t recommend these for active use because i find they fit loose and have pretty awful cable microphonics (that thumping or rustling sound you hear from iems when the cables drag or band against things) so stick with the bose or yurbuds for your workouts. Despite their limitations, these are a great beats alternative for use with rock, rap, and electronic music and at a good price.

These headphones make my life more enjoyable. The subwoofer that comes out of them is unbelievable. I was just chillin tonight and i chose these headphones over my bose quietcomfort 15 ($300 headphones). Looking at all of the fools on the subway with the ipod headphones kills me thinking how much of the music they are missing out on. Thank you grain audio, keep doing what you’re doing.

Great design, and packaging. I’m not feeling the sound quality to match, though.

I never write reviews but i love these headphones so much i thought i should let other people know. Great sound quality with a lot of clear bass. I much prefer these over the klipsch s4-ii headphones i was using. The mic/volume controls only work with iphone so that was the only downside for me. Not a big deal though because not very many people can say they have wood headphonesmy headphones happened to come without a carrying case but i e-mailed grain audio and they sent one right away no questions asked. Show them some support and buy these.

I’ve had these for about 9 months after reading about them in a wirecutter review. They have been very durable with no sign of issues with the cables. The largest eartips didn’t quite hold firm in my ears, which was most noticeable when sweating. I checked with the company and these are compatible with comply brand 400 series eartips. I’ve now got the large comply size foam eartips and these sound even better than before (and the earphones stay in just fine–the nice wood aesthetic doesn’t get messed up by the foam since that part is in your ear). They have strong bass, which is one of the reasons i got them, but it isn’t overwhelming and just makes the bottom end of the music sound more full. I’ve been able to listen to them for a long time without any fatigue or other issues people have described. I can get the bass to be too much of the sound if i really unbalance the music via an equalizer, but don’t really see how that would be the fault of the earphones (i’m sure i could also make them sound very tinny the same way, but that’s hardly a characteristic of the earphones). Edit: after about 13 months, the glue on the the rubber insulation around the plug began to fail. Once the rubber cap on the plug had come completely loose, the static over the headphones made them unusable.

Awesome sound from these buds.

I have a external battery on my iphone 5 and this is the only set of headphones that have a small enough diameter plug to fit through the hole in the battery case.

I bought these through the kickstarter campaign and after using these for a month, i can tell you they are amazing. I upgraded from my klipsch s4 headphones to these and i couldn’t be happier about it. The quality of sound is on a whole different level. The carrying case is well designed and i carry these with me every day. The klipsch headphones came in a metal case that was way too big for my pocket. After a while without a case, the cables on the klipsch got damaged and the sound stopped in one ear. The case is flexible and fits in my pocket.

I bought this item to replace my klipsch s-4 headphones that i thought i had lost. For the price, these ie headphones are fairly decent. They come with several sizes of ear adapters, so i was able to fit them to my ears nicely. I did not notice any noise from the cables during use. I like the in-line controller, which is a little larger than most. The buttons are easy to use, and straight forward to operate after reading the owners manual. As far as the sound, i experienced a hiss during quieter segments of songs. I use an iphone 4s for my music while i exercise. I found the mid range to be adequate, but i really found the bass lacking. I primarily listen to classic rock, but also listen to blues, jazz, classical, and country.

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Maxell Digital Mahagany Wooden Timbers Stereo Earbuds : Somewhat lackluster digital. Wonderful Analog.

These are great depending on what type of music you listen to. If you like rock and metal, buy these. If you’re more into soft stuff, maybe not. I’ve had really good luck with the quality of these earphones. I have been buying them for 5 years now and each pair lasts me about a year of moderate to heavy use. With the eq settings on my mp3 player these headphones sound comparable to a standard pair of beats to my ear. I actually was afraid they might discontinue these so i bought like 7 pairs 2 years ago. Down to 6 pairs now (my previous pair lasted about 2 years) but i haven’t been using them as much as i used to.

I had these earbuds a little while back and i loved them. They had great sound quality and looked very classy, if there is a way for earbuds to look classy. The downfall of the earbuds, however, was the fibers wrapped around the cord. After a few months they began to fray, exposing the internal cord. This caused the cord to bend in an akward position, which eventually led to the earbuds shorting out. If you take good care of the cord and don’t bend it too much in a stressing position, they will last longer than a few months. I would definately buy them again and for that low of a price, who cares if you have to replace them.

Maxell Digital Mahagany Wooden Timbers Stereo Earbuds

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Natural wood housing provides clean, rich, and warm sound
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Comfortable, lightweight and easy to adjust for extended usage
  • 10mm drivers and Ferrous magnet
  • Includes soft silicone ear tips in 3 different sizes
  • Natural wood housing for clean, rich and warm sounds
  • 9.3mm drivers; ferrous magnet
  • Includes soft silicone eartips – available in three different sizes
  • Comfortable, lightweight and easy to adjust for extended usage
  • Lifetime warranty

I just bought these ones and i haven’t had the problem of the wood falling off the rest of the headset. The bass sounds too high though, maybe you’ll want to adjust a little your equalizer. Also a better manufacturing in the cable is needed as the nylon cord can’t be adjusted in lenght to you own needs. The issues i found are really not the big deal and it doesn’t interfere with the experience.

Okay so i bought two sets of headphones on clearance that looked midrange. I have the maxwell en-5 encore and the maxwell timbers teb-m (mahogany finish). Tried both on a nokia lumia phone and a sony tablet s. I have to say for under $10 these are much better than several earbuds i have tried for more $$. Both:+ have nylon protected cords of 4’+ 3 included silicon ear tips of small, med, large+ lifetime warranty16 ohm, 3. 5mm plug,en-5+ has a small carry pouch. Freq 20-24k, sens 110db, 10mm drivermax power 50mwtimber+attractive wood budsfreq 20-20k, sens 94db,min input 3mw, max 10mwsummary:better bass in the en-5, don’t know the driver in the timber, but the sounds are great. Both are worth the cost of a midrange earbud up to about $20, but if there was a $4-5 difference in price i would go with the en-5. The nylon protects both cords. The en-5 has a greater frequency.

I didn’t buy these from amazon so i wound up paying a few bucks more than i should have. That said, i’m happy with them and given their modest price, they deliver modest yet satisfying performance. Pros:inexpensivei had no problem getting a good, secure seal with the included silicone tipsplug housing is slender enough to be compatible with iphone caseattractive designbass and midrange are well-presentedcons:treble is lackluster, giving the buds a somewhat muddy overall soundfabric cord kinks and tangles easilyinferior build quality with obviously-plastic pieces attached to the otherwise attractive wood housingswish they made a three-button headset model for iphoneit is interesting to note that i chose to purchase a higher-end set of buds to replace these timbers because i wanted better performance, better build and a three-button remote/mic. They arrived today–defective–and cost 7x the price of these maxell earbuds. I won’t reveal the brand, but it rhymes with ‘locks’. :-)while i wait for the replacements to arrive, i will continue to enjoy the timbers for what they are: cheap, basic earbuds with decent quality sound.

Maxell Digital Mahagany Wooden Timbers Stereo Earbuds : These were not new as described. The cables were frayed, but they work,although i will keep and use them the way they are.

For a cheap pair of headphones these offer a very impressive sound. They are especially good with acoustic guitar, and provide reasonable stereo separation. They actually do give a warm sound. I don’t understand where the other reviewers are coming from honestly. I’m in my early twenties and i find that most people my age have little to no appreciation for vintage acoustics. I love my vinyl collection and old seventies wooden loudspeakers. If it’s not the nostalgia factor that’s not hitting the target, then it might also be a proper fit thing. These buds are unwearable to me with the larger silicone eartips. However, after attaching the smaller tips, the buds snuggled in easily.

Pros:-worked really nice with my older system-worked well after equalizer adjustments on mp3-lifetime warrantycons:-sound quality for mp3 not amazing-worked poorly with my computer-broke right out of the boxi purchased these at a local store, and after taking them out of the box they broke. The metal was separated from the wood on both earbuds. I managed to get them put back together, so i hooked them up to my computer and then mp3 player. The mp3 player was tolerable, but not really worth the price for, the computer was worse. They had way too much midrange on the mp3, and it sounded muddy. After reading another review on here about them working with vintage gear, i hooked them up to my pioneer sx-727 from the early ’70’s. Systems like my sx-727 have a setting to increase the bass and tremble on headphones. This is a feature of which some vintage systems included. After using it these things sound amazing, especially for the price. I plan to use the warranty on these by calling the technical support number on the box, or gluing them back together.

I have owned many headphones from beats & sol republic to skullcandy & sony. These are by far some of the best headphones for the price. These are just better than any skullcandy i’ve ever owned and almost just as good as my sol republic amps and at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend these headphones to anyone who loves to listen to music.

My wife picked up a set of the maxell timbers when i mentioned that having wooden earbuds might just be a nifty little addition to my earbud collection. The packaging states that the timbers have a warm, rich sound, and they do in fact, as the sound leans far more to the bass side of the music than the highs and mids. I enjoy many different types of music, so it’s pretty easy to listen to my collection over a couple of hours and preview them with different types. Classical crossover – these headphones gave my josh groban and katherine jenkins music a much warmer sound than i was accustomed to. Groban actually sounded like he had a deeper voice via the maxell timbers earbuds. Pop – katy perry selections were also a bit deeper and rich in sound. I began to notice that the more bass in a song, the more the bass buzzed. Country – george strait (check yes or no) was incredibly deeper than expected. It wasn’t a bad deep, just different as the bass was very pronouncedthe one song i really didn’t like with these headphones was ok go’s ‘this too shall pass’, and i’m not sure that’s the fault of these earbuds. I had never realized that the back beat buzzed so much. I tried a few other pairs of earbuds and realized that i probably had only played this song from my speakers and never the earbuds. I would give the maxell earbuds a 4 out of 5 which is based on what you get versus the price you’ll pay. They do a great job of producing a warm and rich sound for earbuds that are under $20. You can definitely purchase far better earbuds, but for under $20,these are probably some of the best.

I bought these after my dog chewed up my last pair which were jvc’s that came with my daughters hp laptop. (the only reason i miss them is because they had in line controls. ) i went to walmart, shopped and compared features and prices and i ruled out any under $20. You get what you pay for with cheapies. The ‘wood’ feature interested me because most under $100. 00 earbuds lack bass which i like. For the reviewers that said they had to use their ipod equalizers i say ‘why do you think it’s there?’. Everybody has different tastes in music eg tone, volume, etc.

The product reached on time and works really well. Would be glad to buy more products like this since the quality was great.

These headphones are very nice. They are stylish and are made with mahogany wood which seems to give them a nice deep sound. Almost like having a speaker mounted into a wooden box. Overall i think they are worth the value. They also came with some spare ear tips which was very helpful for me because i sometimes loose the originals. Maxell digital mahagany wooden timbers stereo earbuds.

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